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Ah my friend. You've returned

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Dunno, that line at the end of Myst is jus stuck in my head and i love it "ah, my friend. You've returned!"

I guess this is my entry into the "stranger than ever" competition at the :iconmyst-fanclub:
Didn't feel like competing at first, but then i wanted to draw something Myst. Hope this entry is okay :)

My Stranger here, is in no way really MY Stranger. Mine would probably be sympathetic and quirky. But i thought i would probably make it completely unoriginal and he'd be just one generic stranger amidst a bunch of other similar but much better ones...
So i decided to make him a kind of stranger i'd totally hate. At first he had an overworked intern with him who had solved all the puzzles and stuff for him, but it'd add too much text (as i seem prone too), and it'd turn him into the actual stranger. Also Atrus used to come out overwhelmed and losing to this guy, so i added the bit about trapping the Stranger.
I don't think Atrus would actually be like that, but then again he did make you trap his father and didn't mind have his sons imprisoned for at least a decade
This is as you might recognize, set at the end of Myst, in that one room i can't remember it's name of, on the island K'veer in D'ni in our very own age Earth.

also i seem to suck at drawing atrus/rand... damn
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Felicity-MoepHobbyist Traditional Artist
What an idea. Really good ^^
i like the Sucker-End :D
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This is funny, I really like it.
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dragoncaretaker92Hobbyist Digital Artist
that coporate bastard gonna get screwed :)
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Mystery-VoiceHobbyist Traditional Artist
:rofl: What an idea!
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E17o4Hobbyist General Artist
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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

"Don't bother with the red pages, just use the book" :XD:

This is awesome, and probably one of the most original strangers indeed! :D
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ZuonHobbyist General Artist
Atrus seems to be the only video game character that seems to actually interact with you. Probably because he's played by an actor, but still. It's unbelievable how realistic the games can seem.
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Ohhhh!!!! Atrus is totally about to own that guy! This is hilarious, great job :)
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R-H-MacLanahanHobbyist General Artist
Tis is too great. I think you have the most assertive stranger of them all. He definitely knows what he wants XD.
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
Wow, this could actually be the most original Stranger ever! Though I like the idea of his overworked Intern too.:XD: Kind of reminds me of Zapp Brannigan and Kif, from Futurama.
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ooh i'm so going to scan the intern i hade made and make a slightly different version(a second panel?) with some Zapp/Kif quote! not going to submit it to the club though, i think.
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
Oh oh oh, come on! You can submit it to the club, there's a whole section reserved for Stranger art, whether it's particularly Myst related or not.:nod:

Hmm, so does your Zapp character think that Catherine or adult Yeesha has a thing for him?
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haha! those'd be great set ups for this guy. But this'll mean he won't be trapped at the end of Myst... then again this would explain why Atrus tells him to jump down the star fissure at the end of riven, knowing that it'd be a loooong fall :)

mmh, i think this stranger needs a name!
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ArtoveliHobbyist General Artist
I agree. Something corporate. Perhaps just a "Mr._____" sort of thing?

And no, he can't end up really trapped at the end of Myst, this guy will be too much fun!

OH! I've got it! If he goes into the trap book that Atrus is giving him in your picture, that means that when the poor Intern actually gets Gehn to link in later on, this guy will come out again!:XD:

Of course, Gehn only links in after you link in yourself, so I'm not sure that'll work...
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hyenacubHobbyist General Artist
LOL This guy's a real slimeball! Fun!
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JohannesVIIIHobbyist Traditional Artist
Go Atrus, trap him in a book. NOW. He's annoying :XD:
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yeah, i somehow don't want him to win the competition... any competition, that's how annoying he is! :P
i'm happy that i managed to make him annoying enough

and thanks for the fav
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Awesome work, very funny :D It is certainly something I can visualize in motion in my head, heheh.
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hehe why does everyone imagine it in motion? :P
well i'm glad it's good :)
thanks for the fav!
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Because it is a very fluid setup you got there. Well drawn, nice action-y pose on the part of your stranger, it just lends itself to people with crazy imaginations to take it and run :D
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RobertMakesProfessional General Artist
HA HA HA HA HA! I totally picture this animated.

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I'm glad it was fun! was afraid there was too much text. i'd usually do it in probably more than one panel
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I laughed when I saw this. A very unique stranger indeed, and Atrus is just right. That's the thing about Atrus, he's so nice and quiet, but he is crafty! Only a devious mind could have come up with all those puzzles.
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hehe true, thanks, I love Atrus but i'm also afraid of doing him wrong. :P
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