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Trade - NightmareMajora

My half of a trade with :iconnightmaremajora:.
Thanks for doing it with me! :)

But a quick note about collaborations, and trades.
As much as I'd like to do it with every person that asks, from now on they will be restricted to friends only. ^^;
I hope you understand, I simply do not have the time.

Anyways to my trade partner, if you want the high-res version I can link it to you via. note. :)
And feel free to use for about whatever you want.
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Griffen Griffin Griffon
Pretty griffon OwO
But for real its awesome
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Heh, thank you. :)
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She is very pretty ^^ I do love her color scheme.
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Thank you ^^ it just piped into my head one day and I thought "that'll look cool on a griffen"
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Dude, this picture has been up for over a year!
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I know ^^; I have seen it too but I've never really gone back much to see what others have said ^^; hehe
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Wow, she's so pretty! I honestly wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly! Not that that's a bad thing! I was hoping to get A start on yours before I saw my half, don't worry I won't forget your half! It'll be up shortly! It's on the top of my art priority list!

thanks so much for doing this with me!! She looks absolute pretty and amazing!
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Thanks, it's no problem. :)

And I look forward to seeing your half.
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