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Some soft-shading, and environment practice with our favorite yellow pegasus. :)

Feedback is welcome.

(Edit: Still not sure why this piece is getting so much attention. Almost 500 views in 16 hours? That's a record.)
(Edit 2: Calpain called it lovely. :) Made my day.)
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What I like most about this piece is how much detail you put into the environment. Most illustrations involving Fluttershy would just place her in a plain old grass field in order to get across the idea that she's a nature pony. Maybe they'll place her under a tree or near a flower. However, that is not the case here. You included everything from flowers to to mushrooms to berries to miniature waterfalls. It's because of this elaborate designs that I really feel like I'm in the moment. I sense relaxation and tranquility. I feel in touch with nature. So much, that it almost makes me want to go outside, admire the scenery, perhaps even lay down on the grass, close my eyes, and take in the peaceful atmosphere, especially seeing how it FINALLY became warmer up north! In addition, I admire the hairstyle you gave her. It bares a strong resemblance to her "Crystal Empire" design, which also emphasizes her eminence.

Now I will make a few criticisms. Firstly, Fluttershy's mane and tail are too purple. They should have a lot more pink to them. Also, I would enlargen her pupil. The size it is at now makes her look a tad bit creepy. Furthermore, I feel that her wing is too large. While I can see this as a symbol for how majestic she is, having her wing stretch out from her chest to her flank would look a lot more normal. Lastly, I feel that there is too much shadow on Fluttershy's neck and hindquarters. Toning it down would suit the design far more.

Despite these minor issues, there is no denying that I love this drawing. It's probably one of my favorite Fluttershy illustrations on this site. The idea was clearly to capture her serenity and gracefulness, and it succeeds in doing so, thanks to its beautiful thin line work, special attention to texture including rocks and grass, beautiful coloring, and some extremely elegant designs of nature. You have an amazing talent, CRPonies. I strongly encourage you to keep up the great work!