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Daybreak at the lake

DD Round-Ups

@Yuukon puts together all the outstanding photographs that were featured as DDs in April. :fella:
This collection rounds up the captivating APN photographs featured by @JenFruzz.
@Queen-Kitty rounds up all the gorgeous photographs she featured as daily deviations this year. FYI in addition to her usual fashion photography features, she's now also selecting DDs for other types of photography!
Are you a fan of cosplay? Below is just a snippet of the stunning DDs @pullingcandy featured in May.
Love City
Ice Plains of Kislev IV
A Preacher for the Templar Order
Bloodborne: Good hunter's workshop

CV Articles

These sparkling beauties were unearthed in the DAscape just last month. Hidden Gems by @Queen-Kitty features photography with fewer than 100 views! :fella:
In this feature, @ElyneNoir shared some of the finest imagery she came across in April ⁠— and they are stunners.
In the mood for a bit of fantasy? Prepare to wander through another enchanting escape by @ElyneNoir.
With escape in mind, how about a visual journey through these abstract and surreal pieces collected by @JustACapharnaum? :fella:

Features and Interviews

Plug in your headphones or turn up your speakers to take in these delightful musical features by @Mouselemur:
background check
The Great Blue Heron

So many beautiful features we found this month are APN-related, so if you love nature, this section is for you!

The Talent Tuesday feature below may just blow your mind. In an interview for @NaturesHaven by @Mouselemur, we are introduced to @CharlyJade, a multifaceted artist gifted in photography, drawing and painting.

Contests, Challenges and Projects

@seniormentors is continuing their ABC contest with the next letter, C: Cathedrals.There are awesome prizes to be won. Deadline: June 27.
As you might have noticed, seniormentors is back in full swing!
Butterfly Beauty
Next, if you're in need of inspiration, be sure to pop by @PhotographersClub where they have a new theme to challenge you every week. Check their blog for more information
And make sure you don't miss the 25 semi-finalists for the Still Life Photo Challenge. A preview below:
Photo Challenge Still-life
The House
La Dolce Morte
Fight yourself
After the rain

Educational Resources and Tutorials

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Mao In Istanbul


Passerculus sandwichensis
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Urbex Unearthed: May

Sun May 17, 2020, 6:50 AM

It's time for another Urbex Unearthed - here's a look at last month's Urbex submissions, featuring the standouts and the ones that might have gone unnoticed :)

Urban Exploration is about exploring abandoned or off-limit man-made sites and structures.

For more info see our first issue, or wikipedia's entry on Urban Exploration.


~ ABHOLSCHEIN ~ by imagophil
Die Holzwollewerk by adi-cherryson Keep rolling by adi-cherryson
Rot and Rust by adi-cherryson Special Delivery by adi-cherryson
Stay Tuned by adi-cherryson The Little Shoemaker by adi-cherryson
Vielen Dank fur Ihre Bestellung by adi-cherryson Destroy your own universe by AlexandrinaAna
Sitting watching it all pass in silence by AlexandrinaAna Without fear by AlexandrinaAna
Spring winter by aloner777 God, where are you? by Annie-Bertram
Isolation by Annie-Bertram Disarray by AntiquityEchoes
Skeleton Bed by AntiquityEchoes Still Life by AntiquityEchoes
discarded by BlackFluffyRainbows
Forgotten Classic by boldfrontiers Mistakes by boxingcl3v3r
Across the Hall by ByrdsEyePhotography Dairy Decay by ByrdsEyePhotography
 Silo X by cameraflouSilo XIV by cameraflou Ange by crossfading
Img 06 04 2020  by crossfadingImg 01042020 (V2)  by crossfading Img 02042020 5 by crossfading

Img 02042020 6 by crossfading
Bows by callmenotwo Reconstruction by DarthTepes
Small hike 11 by DARTVENOM Small hike 17 by DARTVENOM
 The second trip to Kirensk 30 by DARTVENOM
Concrete Canvas by David-Will Last Leg by David-Will
Wasting Away by David-Will Heating Boilers Room by DeseymFotografia
Abandoned Mineral Wagons [1] by DingRawD vii. by EADodd
Arch by EasternExploration Attic by EasternExploration Bunker by EasternExploration
Buttons by EasternExploration Hallway by EasternExploration Miniature by EasternExploration
No Escape by EasternExploration No Floor by EasternExploration Ramp by EasternExploration
Relief by EasternExploration Separate by EasternExploration Take Your Meal by EasternExploration
Tunnel by EasternExploration
Untitled by EasternExploration Wash Your Hands by EasternExploration Which Way? by EasternExploration
Workshop by EasternExploration Write by EasternExploration secret hiding spot by Eerieseelie
Insignia III by Erdbeersternchen
Forgotten touchdown by Erdbeersternchen Paper memories II by Erdbeersternchen
sekretna kryjowka by Erdbeersternchen Catmill by ForlornTreasures
Upper State Travel stocks by FairieGoodMother Hint of Pink by FicktionPhotography
Catmill by ForlornTreasures Catmill by ForlornTreasures
Catmill by ForlornTreasures Catmill by ForlornTreasures

Roscigno by Fra01000110 Volte Face 0348 by Frostschock
abandoned 60' buildings 1 by GILZUR Near Fort Sumner by greystarlight
The last rays on Aincourt by Heurchon Under the Sanatorium by Heurchon
Sideways by Erdbeersternchen the light in the end by Heurchon
 ... will sink by J-aka-Julien

Burn Out by JamesHackland Everything but the Kitchen Sink by JamesHackland
Hopper by JamesHackland Pyramid Place by JamesHackland
The Courtroom by JamesHackland Abandoned by Jim-News-Photos
Colorful Light Painting In Abandoned Factory by jnarose Tea Cup Light Painting Abandoned China Factory by jnarose
Spring is an awful season by Jungmon St Dunstan in the East IX by jorjalinotype
St Dunstan in the East II by jorjalinotype abandoned interior by Kinfolk
Abandoned by kiniamew Abandoned Mill by kiniamew
Stairs by Kuradisiim pink room by Kuradisiim
Acta Sanctorum by Lady-Schnaps Forlorn in Formol by Lady-Schnaps Soliloquy by Lady-Schnaps
 Weeping Past by Lady-Schnaps
Tenerife Stock 329 by Malleni-Stock Tenerife Stock 327 by Malleni-Stock
Lost Factory by LivanaS Private Property by mattbattey
Tagged by mattbattey Building in the woods 3 by MayGoldworthy
Old windows 2 by MayGoldworthy Brick view by Natarii-san
 Artillery guidance bunker by pe0s
Rainy sunset in the dunes by pe0s Underground 2/4 entrance by pe0s Underground WW2 personnel bunker. by pe0s
Gdynia - Polski by PhilippeMargeault666 Another Tunnel to the Unknown by nerdynightowl55
KRAN 1 by photographiclady GAS by Poromaa
Gloss by Poromaa Pain by Poromaa
Shady by Poromaa abandoned locomotive in Triagem Paulista by RafaelJavaro
Transportation - Pt II by SIUCAR Old Shed-12Apr2020-S01 by SkyfireDragon
rj by so-fannis Playtime by Somethingguy912
Wall by SpiralNoose bad zombie protection by staerzmaux
meh by staerzmaux 10.4.2020: Waiting Summer to Come by Suensyan
1dsc08960 by stalker034 4dsc02332 by stalker034 Untitled by stalker034
 13.3.2020: Ford Taunus by Suensyan10.4.2020: Last Look by Suensyan
10.4.2020: Fragile Rose Garden by Suensyan 13.3.2020: Here Were Reality Breaks by Suensyan
13.3.2020: This Colorful Oblivion by Suensyan 3.4.2020: In Silence by Suensyan
27.3.2020: Slow Ending Days by Suensyan 27.3.2020: These Pains by Suensyan
21.3.2020: Lean on Me by Suensyan 29.2.2020: This Ghost-Like Silence by Suensyan
3.4.2020: Wartburg by Suensyan 4.4.2020: Rust Rules by Suensyan
4.4.2020: Note from the Past by Suensyan death by speculation by tanyusha1984
Corrosives by tearoffherwings Small by tearoffherwings
Like a crypt... by thewolfcreek eggHDR2781 by The-Egg
 eggHDR2786 by The-Egg 
eggHDR2793 by The-Egg eggHDR2782 by The-Egg
eggHDR2814 by The-Egg eggHDR2816 by The-Egg
Skoda vs. Nature by TOneil
~ beauty salon ~ by twindisch ~ capture the flag ~ by twindisch
 ~ gutted ~ by twindisch
~ love song ~ by twindisch Untitled by VonWegen77 ~ chairity ~ by twindisch
~ morgue 27 ~ by twindisch ~ ready for takeoff ~ by twindisch ~ secession stairs ~ by twindisch
~ single cask ~ by twindisch ~ sunscreen ~ by twindisch ~ trio nucleare ~ by twindisch
Dilapidated Warehouse - cadet blue by valmont1702 Abandoned house with amazing views by UrbanExploringBFG Art Deco factory pictures I never posted by UrbanExploringBFG
Abandoned garage pictures I never posted by UrbanExploringBFG Green Mountain Racetrack by veyliant
down by veyliant serene by veyliant
 Gimnasio by voodooprowler
Mascaras de Gas by voodooprowler Te vi en la Ventana by voodooprowler
On The Edge (WAB777) by WayneBenedet Wheels of Time (WAB7875) by WayneBenedet
Ferme Hiboux by xNatje Untitled by zarcoh
cindrella by zarcoh the room by zarcoh

Neon Love by burningmonk


Skin by Dan Leveille

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

Deviously Mature #14

Fri May 15, 2020, 11:40 AM

Deviously Mature is a monthly feature series showcasing Mature Content creators and their photography across DeviantArt.  A selection of CRPhotography admins will be posting it in rotation, so be sure to devwatch the group so you don't miss future issues.

Denise 4 by DPAdocAngel of scary things 19 by amelkovich



Featured Artist

Russian artist Dmitry Laudin has nailed the genre of nude women in water, but his photographic and editorial visions encompass other milieus as well, all to spectacular result. 
Tatyana by fly10
Flowers at sunset by fly10Living marble by fly10Ocean shore by fly10Hard and soft by fly10Autumn by fly10

Skin by Dan Leveille

A Glimpse into Photography on DA #17

Wed May 13, 2020, 1:07 PM

Join us in appreciating some of the past month's most captivating photography on DA :love:

CRP April Highlights

Lazy Sunday Basics II by IndigoSummerr
Lucifer's Exile No. 10 by yeouyeou FLORA by Kosataya
Across by jlxp
Glen Etive by newcastlemale
Black-winged stilt by Sergey-Ryzhkov plant pot by ARIANA1985

See more amazing April submissions here.


B by RealKilroy Lioness by MonsterBrand
Under the Uthah sun by KlaraDrielle
Anna by Tanz-Teufel dramatic by douzocosplay
Dandelion Happiness by Wolfskuss

Popular 1 Month

Untitled by aleksandra88
Passionate by Mishudo Consumption by NataliaDrepina
You Made Me Jump! by snomanda
RGZG x KIA by TGazhang Persona Cosmetics by michellemonique
Near Dark by bliXX-a
Black XXI by Waldes
HAMMER Prduction S MG 2193 Kopie by Ultimax-Photography Baby Please Don't Go by AimeeDouglass
Social Distance by seniorfrohwein
empty room by leadbirdie St. John by GothicNarcissus
A natural ruin. by LawrenceCornellPhoto

(Selection put together on May 13, 2020.)

Skin by Dan Leveille

Recent Journal Entries

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