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Urbex Unearthed: April

Wed Apr 17, 2019, 2:55 AM

It's time for another Urbex Unearthed - let us take a look at last month's Urbex gallery submissions, featuring the standouts and the ones that might have gone unnoticed :) (Smile)

Urban Exploration is about exploring abandoned or off-limit man-made sites and structures.
For more info see our first issue: Urbex Unearthed: January, or wikipedia: Urban Exploration

Forgotten chateau by SimonGresko

Ami 8 by 6nic Another Forsaken Factory III by AdaEtahCinatas
Untitled 14 by Aex-Photography Industrial Legoland by adi-cherryson
Deepest of grays by AlexandrinaAna urbex saturday by Alexaimephotography
Cava di Paterno by BelPaolo

 Rural Factory by BaileyB2002 A church in ruins by Zivichi
03147 by berlinermauern Il Banti by BelPaolo
Abandoned by BlackFluffyRainbows Abandoned Building Barnstaple 230319 by BlackFluffyRainbows
722 by BlancaAmane Pagoda Smiles by BlueOrph
Natural Light by ByrdsEyePhotography No Ones Home by coffeenoir
Vas vis et consomme by crossfading Fireclaw by DarthTepes
Long Way Down by DarthTepes Exterior Portion Of 426 Maryland Street by daveshaver
No Going Back by DecayAndDesign The ravages of time by DerBatch
Turbine by DerBatch Garage by DouglasHumphries
Citadel by Dystopia-Maxima Into the church of Our-Lady-of-Decay by Dystopia-Maxima
Sacred art - Stained glass by Dystopia-Maxima Coal Storage by EasternExploration
Residence avant destruction by eco-Photographie Gueldenhaus by Eisenmann1987
Wiskord by EmilyKimi Urbex by Gomezdnb

Force perspective by Feistykev
Abandoned 30 Day Storage Building 4 by FordPrefectWonTheBet Boat in the Woods 6 by FordPrefectWonTheBet
Chicken Express (11) by FordPrefectWonTheBet Img 20190225 180501 603 by Iphoto1997
Mill G. by ForlornTreasures The Wire Company by ForlornTreasures
Villa of the wooden horse by ForlornTreasures Villa of the wooden horse by ForlornTreasures
- Theater of Solitude - by inrvision
Untitled by isabelle13280 Cercle bleu by J-aka-Julien
Get to the Gone by JamesHackland Next Generation by JamesHackland
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled by jonkwasnyczka
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled by jonkwasnyczka
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Theatrics by Kellsworths
Rained out again by khvalis music is life by LumenDonas Silence Speaks by Lady-Schnaps
Abandoned rehabilitation facility by Lantret Maria from Nowogrodzka 14 st. in Warsaw by Lantret
Maria from ul. Nowogrodzka 14 in Warsaw by Lantret Pic 24.6 by Louve999
Last bus by lyyy971 Lost III by lyyy971
Verdanson by margot-prsn Verdanson by margot-prsn
Five star hotel by Ollumii Return to Cybertron by noan-manji
Overgrowth in Autumn by Ollumii From Dark to Rain Train by ondrejZapletal
Old School House Sepia by pauludowiesner Old Mining Building by pauludowiesner
the chromatography files by Pippa-pppx Blue ruin by Pixelmenteur
Descent by Pixelmenteur Lost by Psychodoctor208
Untitled-481 by RedlineHero  Dsc4420-hdr-8 by Pulchra-Ineritus
pretty in pink by sensitiva84 Grave in St Paul's Catacombes - Malta - 87 by silentmemoria
The lounge by SimonGresko Union by snomanda
 hjj by so-fannis
hsbs by so-fannis nhh by so-fannis
2dsc00691 by stalker034 Lordstar by Somethingguy912
3dsc01960 by stalker034 3dsc02039 by stalker034
 1.3.2019: Frozen Moments by Suensyan 1.3.2019: Slow End of Home by Suensyan 25.2.2019: Sleeping Things by Suensyan
25.2.2019: Viva la Muerte by Suensyan old Ford by tBeast
Daigle House by tfavrettoeggHDR2154 by The-Egg Telle Cathedrale by Tigrex-noir
 yet another wall in Berlin by tilianus Abandon castle House kitchen by UrbanExploringBFG
Fort Worden 21 by StudioSquidInkPhoto Abandoned holiday complex . by UrbanExploringBFG
Abandoned holiday complex rooms by UrbanExploringBFG Abandoned holiday complex stairs by UrbanExploringBFG
Forgotten Music by Viper-berry unread news from yesterday by vw1956
Castle by xexaplex Die etwas andere Kueche by xexaplex
Kinderwagen by xexaplex Untitled by zarcoh
green school. by zarcoh the bus to nowhere... by zarcoh

g by so-fannis


Skin by Dan Leveille

A Glimpse into Photography on DA #4

Sun Apr 14, 2019, 12:26 PM

Join us in appreciating some of the past month's most captivating photography on DA in this new monthly feature. :love:

CRP March Highlights

Tourments by StephanePellennec
Peru | Quechua Indigenous by slecocqphotography face to the wall by midgardart
Sweet the morning air by dashakern
Scots Pine + Scottish Sky: Bi-colour Reprise by Coigach Arwen Undomiel - Lady of Rivendell by Eleonora-Croft
TuLips V by jhps We were four by StephanePellennec
At Cross Purposes by Ragnar949
See more amazing March submissions here.


The IR.IS Project - XXXI color by DimensionSeven 
Untitled by aleksandra88
dance republic by BIOCITY2

Popular 1 Month

water by MartaSyrko
Vegan Living by Onistocke Sakura by LidiaVives
... by vvola
The Canvas by fae-photography fredvang by roblfc1892
Working with nature. by LawrenceCornellPhoto ever after by vampire-zombie
Freedom by LidiaVives

(Selection put together on: Apr 14, 2019.)

Skin by Dan Leveille

Hello all!

At the beginning of the month, we announced the start of a new issue of Comment Month! We have received a nice bunch of submissions in our folders here and here, so for the rest of the month, it's time to get to commenting! 

Of course, everybody is encouraged to join in on the commenting! 

Bullet; Blue 7th - 30th April: Anybody can comment on the submissions that have been sent in for Comment Month!

Bullet; Blue 1st - 7th May: This month's issue of Comment Month is over, but we are preparing for a new round! Everybody who has commented constructively will receive a feature in our round-up journal


Bullet; Blue It's important to comment as constructively as possible. You are encouraged to think about your comment, and make sure it does not consist of one sentence. 
Bullet; Blue You don't need to be a professional to comment constructively, a comment is already constructive when you tell someone why you like their piece! 
Bullet; Blue You are free to comment on as many photographs as you want! The sky is the limit!
Bullet; Blue When you're done commenting, share the deviations on which you commented with us in a comment on this journal! If you want to comment on a lot of works, please make sure you put them in just one comment.  
Bullet; Blue If you have questions, please drop them in the comments below! They will be answered as fast as humanly possible!

Submitted Photographs

For quick and easy access, these are all the photographs that were submitted to our folders.

Tower Bridge. 1 by MagicoffMusic Graphic Top by Daemare
Harz Mountains (HDR) by skywalkerdesign Daisy Mum by awildmiss
Cemetery by cristell15 Collared Mangabey by Berlin-Steglitz

March Round-Up

Last month was yet another successful Comment Month at CRPhotography and PhotographyGuide, and all thanks to you! Our photographers have received comments from the amazing people below, we definitely could not have done it without them! Make sure to give them some love! Love 

Spring has just begun by ugnip Winter still persists by ugnip Dawn's just a heartbeat away by ugnip

Tyrol by sannwald Mater by sannwald Rural remains by sannwald

Happy Holi! by VampireWarrior0303 Because blurry pictures say a lot sometimes.. by VampireWarrior0303 Neelu by VampireWarrior0303

Waiting for holiday season by kris-kelvin Life on Mars by kris-kelvin Relaxed tiger by kris-kelvin

We would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has participated in Comment Month! Our new issue of Comment Month has already started, you can find the submissions in the top section of this journal! We look forward to seeing your comments, and hopefully, next month, we get to showcase your work as well! La la la la 

Skin by Dan Leveille

The Great DD Round-Up: March 2019

Fri Apr 5, 2019, 1:12 AM

Hello and Welcome!
Welcome to this Feature-series at the home photography, CRPhotography in which all of this month's photography Daily Deviations will be included!

But what is a Daily Deviation? Allow me to introduce you!
A Daily Deviation is feature which is selected by Community Volunteers (also known as CV's). CV's have their assigned galleries, from which they pick outstanding pieces of work for this special feature. A DD is a special feature any deviant can receive once per 6 months.
Of course, you can also suggest artwork for Daily Deviations to the Community Volunteers. In fact, we encourage you to do so! That way, the CV's might see artwork they might have not seen otherwise, which means your suggestion might make a huge difference in whether the artist gets a DD or not! And if the CV ends up featuring your suggestion, you get a cool tag underneath it, that says it was suggested by you!

For more information about DD's:

Photography Daily Deviations - March 2019

Glorious Day by MimiReaves Before The Light by akki64
Resident Evil 2 remake cosplay part3 by mayuyu0405 *** by oprisco
Jasmine and Aladdin Cosplay by Rei-Doll KC-8543 by effjot
Lara Croft by Queen-Orange GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) by Odango-datte
The Witch of the Woods (Freya, God of War) 4 by niamash tea plantation - Ella by Moophlon
On the look out by stefwie Iris story WITCHER 3 COSPLAY (frame 10) by Lyumos
Lost by Erdbeersternchen Dragonborn, The Elder Scrolls by AmazingRogue
eggHDR2098 by The-Egg Bastion and D.Va from Overwatch by dandlit
Whilst dreaming by MegapixelMasterpiece Dissidia NT: Cloud and Noctis by Paxfield
Lich Queen | WoW by Dzikan Phidippus mimicus by ColinHuttonPhoto
Liberty by Devi-Eurynome Neon - Pt II by SIUCAR

jusr another day on a daisy... by clochartist-photo Euphemia li Britannia - Mutuality by Cat-sama
[Love Live! School Idol Project] Koizumi Hanayo by NatsuyakiRina Spring time by LucreciaMortishia
Aloy I by RizzyCosArt Raven [DC Comics] by FaerieBlossom
sand by CHAOKUNWANG Ange de desolation by Azaleos
E.K. Dishonored 2 cosplay by ArisRUS Going Out by silvia-giuli
 Traffic Island by CaveCanem42 The perfume by Mrs-Durden
Valeera Sanguinar - World of Warcraft 4 by Hidrico Lemon Cake by Catlaxy
Impressions from Lisbon IX by FeliDae84 Circus Nozomi by Double-Spark-Cosplay
~ Steering Wheel ~ by rufflesandsteam Creeping shadow by dihaze
Peniche by EintoeRn Caitlyn by JubyHeadshot
Lia de Beaumont by MC-Neko Endless Story by UsagiChiba-Selenit
Untitled by kopalov Nebula cosplay by F. Lovett by FLovett
Walk the Rundetaarn by amipal Misc047 by ov3
My hatred, my resentment... by FranXcos Kyoto Nights II by DanielZrno
fructis... by mirandaarts

Skin by Dan Leveille

Hidden Gems - April 2019

Thu Apr 4, 2019, 2:31 AM

Hidden Gems is a monthly feature at CRPhotography, bringing you a selection of photographic delights with fewer than 100 views.

Heart Camera

the designer's anger by LucaBianco1993
w a t e r f r o n t - t h e s i n k i n g r o a d by ra-gro
Stone flower {7} by DewFrame
Silver Age. by Daykiney
the world in monochrome .16. by MWeiss-Art
Swanky 4 square by JJPoatree
278, Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. by thespook
White day Nico by Double-Spark-Cosplay
Clean up by SublimeLightWorks

Skin by Dan Leveille

Recent Journal Entries

Send us your favourite recent photographs so we can include them in our monthly feature! 

4 deviants said Send a MAX of 10 THUMBNAILS to Mrs-Durden via NOTE :D
1 deviant said Photographs must be by OTHER deviants
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