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Urbex Unearthed: May

Fri May 17, 2019, 12:09 AM

It's time for another Urbex Unearthed - let us take a look at last month's Urbex gallery submissions, featuring the standouts and the ones that might have gone unnoticed :) (Smile)

Urban Exploration is about exploring abandoned or off-limit man-made sites and structures.
For more info see our first issue: Urbex Unearthed: January, or wikipedia: Urban Exploration

El Regreso by G-Glussthars

La toilette by 6nic Which floor? by adi-cherryson
 Le mur by 6nic Hidden Ruin by Solace-Discordia
Waiting For The Carpenter IV by AdaEtahCinatas Old House by AdaEtahCinatasstripped car by 7turdie7
 Trapped by AimeeDouglass Black and white II by lyyy971
Villaggio residence Fai da Te by BelPaoloBeauty in disrepair by AlexandrinaAna When nothing remains by AlexandrinaAna
Usine cathedrale Levavasseur by BD-76  Dsc0341 by Estupendity
22.03.2019_8a by AliceGothic All hope abandon, ye who enter here by Dystopia-Maxima
Urbex 1 by Calidris555 Windows 3.1 by DerBatch
Unleashed by DarthTepes Poolside Manners by dk-photology
Through the Doors by dk-photology Abandoned Building Entrance by Draw-n-Snap
Main Hall by EasternExploration Oven by EasternExploration
The city | Spring set 2019 by elenastupishina The city | Spring set 2019 by elenastupishina
 Old House R 2018 047 by Forgotten-homeland
 Dsc0403 by Estupendity castleofglass2 by Hearthazard
Empty Chairs at Empty Tables by FicktionPhotography Urbex 04-03-19 (52) by FordPrefectWonTheBet
educational by Kuradisiim Agnus Dei by ForlornTreasures
Little White House by ForlornTreasures Shining Coin Hotel by ForlornTreasures
Shadows by GreenAnnDroid
20190317 000041511 by hexagon013 Abandoned-Drive-Thru-Liquour-Store by KRDPhotography
 20190317 000041642 by hexagon013 20190317 000041543 by hexagon013
- Just another Piano - by inrvision - Warm and Cold - by inrvision Cercle d'or - pile by J-aka-Julien
Fagaceae by J-aka-Julien La chute by J-aka-Julien
Souffrances by J-aka-Julien See no Evil by Lady-Schnaps
Post Mortem by JamesHackland Pretty (and) useless by tammar-in-wonderland
Yellow Concrete Eater by JamesHackland Sinking Feeling by JamesHackland
Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled by jonkwasnyczka Untitled by jonkwasnyczka
Abandoned asylum by Kiwiicongirl Abandoned asylum by Kiwiicongirl Abandoned asylum by Kiwiicongirl
Abandoned cottage... by Kiwiicongirl Abandoned cottage... by Kiwiicongirl Abandoned cottage... by Kiwiicongirl
Abandoned House by KRDPhotography Classroom by Kuradisiim
Maria from Nowogrodzka 14 st. in Warsaw by Lantret Old boiler room of Bielanski Hospital in Warsaw by Lantret Old boiler room of Bielanski Hospital in Warsaw by Lantret
Old boiler room of Bielanski Hospital in Warsaw by Lantret Old boiler room of Bielanski Hospital in Warsaw by Lantret
bad dreams by Ludacriz
Kyrko Mosse 7 by Jeddan Abandoned van III by lyyy971
Outside Toilet by M-Hutcheson Broken dreams by Lukaszxbox
Havana Decades of Neglect VI by madlynx Reclamation by MisfitMiles
Abandoned office building by Nalivo Dead Kitchen by nickeynickers
Love Songs by nickeynickers Kampung Teko by penyutanpasayap
Entrance cannon bunker abandoned since ww2 by pe0s Topview cannon bunker abandoned since ww2 by pe0s Underground tunnel exit by pe0s
Vf1a bunker abandoned since WW2 by pe0s
Desired image for urban lovers 4 by photographiclady Abandoned 1940's barn by PNWDronetography
Remain by Somethingguy912 The Abandoned trains by photomani4c
Kitchen by SkylerBrown
Untitled by prettyspiders Inheritance lost by tammar-in-wonderland
Creepy Building-13Apr2019-S12 by SkyfireDragon Abandoned Shack by Randamu-Chan
urbegy by so-fannis urbketto by so-fannis
eggHDR2196 by The-Egg Corte del Ceppo by steffyDi
13.3.2019: Still Standing by Suensyan 22.3.2019: Ultimate Steampunk Machine by Suensyan
eggHDR2184 by The-Egg eggHDR2172 by The-Egg eggHDR2175 by The-Egg
eggHDR2215 by The-Egg
The king is dead by tiefengeistLe Fier by Tigrex-noir
Office by TheManWithTheHat666 Beyond Repair by TobyWoby36
Abandoned factory  by VonWegen77 Liverpool by travelie
The Chapel by xNatje Untitled by VonWegen77
Sitting by the poolside.. by webmasterlc 30.3.2019: White Room Blues by Suensyan
Old movie theater by YgsenddPhoto yellow bus by zarcoh

ex Asylium by steffyDi


Skin by Dan Leveille
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