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Cat Mixer: Longhair Edition!

By Crowsmos
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Cat Mixer 2.0 (Genetically accurate cat designer!) by Crowsmos
Shorthair Version Here!



Say hello to the first expansion of the Cat Mixer-- Longhair Edition!
Consider this a second version of Shorthair. You can have one, the other, or both-- all future expansions will be split to include one layer set for shorthair and one set for longhair. Hope you enjoy!

Please read the following carefully so you can know if this is for you!


Upon purchase you will receive a .psd file containing 70 layers to turn on and off to create a custom cat. There are almost 500,000 different possible combinations. This creator includes basic coat genetics; base color, dilution, tabby, tortoiseshell, white, eye color, and albinism. There is a guide below to create a genetically sound cat as the creator won’t stop you from making mistakes: I recommend you save it to a text file for quick reference.


You will need an art program that supports:
- Layers and layer groups
- Blending modes (Specifically, screen— google this if you’re unsure)
- 70+ layers
- Layer masks (Google if unsure)

The cat mixer has been confirmed to work on the following programs:

- Procreate for iPad (created in this app)
- Krita
- Photoshop
- FireAlpaca
- Medibang Paint Pro
- Clip Studio Paint

If your program is not on this list and you find that it works, leave a comment so I can add it!

Terms of Service

- Do not take credit for my artwork.
- Do not redistribute the .psd file for ANY reason without my explicit permission.
- Do not attempt to profit off of my artwork, via adopts or otherwise. Free adopts are fine as long as you provide a link to this source.
- If you want to share a design you’ve made with this online, you’re welcome to, but please link back to here.


Please only choose one option for each group. Choosing more than one will result in demons and very large bats flying out of your computer.

This is the ‘black’ color of the cat and its variants. Cinnamon is very rare, while chocolate is uncommon. 

This is the ‘red’ color of the cat. You’ll notice there are only tabby options because red cats cannot be solid-colored. You can also activate the layer mask linked to any of the options to make your cat a tortoiseshell, or calico. When tortoiseshell is on, the eumelanin option you chose will show through.

This modifies the existing colors to make them lighter. A black dilute is grey, a chocolate dilute is lilac, a cinnamon dilute is fawn, and a red dilute is cream. This will work on tortoiseshells. The caramel dilute, or double dilute, is very rare, creating a caramel look to a diluted cat. 

This affects eumelanin only. There are four types of tabby: mackerel, classic, spotted, and ticked. Ticked has two versions: banded, where stripes show through on the legs and tail, and agouti, where the cat has no stripes except on the face. This will work on tortoiseshells, creating a torbie, or tabico. Don’t use this on plain red tabbies, as they already have stripes.

White spotting:
Also known as piebald, patched, or bicolor, this adds white in varying levels to the cat. It’s pretty self-explanatory. White always covers everything below it.

Certain color cats can only have certain eye colors, but it’s lengthy to explain in words. I suggest referring to this chart.…
Blue eyes and odd-colored eyes only occur when white spotting covers the eyes. In odd eyes, one eye is always blue. Cats with white over the eyes can still have any color eyes, not just blue.

Full white:
Dominant white is a gene that makes the entire cat white. The cat can have orange eyes, blue eyes, or one of each.
Albinism is extremely rare. Blue-eyed albinos are rare enough, but a red-eyed albino is extraordinarily unusual.

Leave these alone. Big bats, remember?

(c) Crowsmos
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Hello, so I made an account specifically to buy your cat makers and the short haired one is fantastic! but this long haired one still has the same issue of broken tabby layers and an absence of tortoiseshell layers. I don't know if you've fixed this or were planning on it, but I would just like to know.

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Hi! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it. I was not aware of this issue, I’ll look into it. It’s been a very long time since I’ve worked on these so it might take some time to figure out. Thanks for the heads up!

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Broke down and purchased points for this base as well! Really having a blast messing around with it!

The only wonky this is the tabby layers, that has been mentioned before. Other than that, having no issues with it on MediBang! 

Thank you for all of the great work!

(Is this version supposed to have the tortie layers? Or is that just for shorthair?)
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Can you describe the tabby issue more in-depth? I’ll check the file to see where the tortie went off to...
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I’ll send you a screenshot! All of the Tabby layers lighten the base Color with a shade of brown and put a ring around the eyes. 
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this works with medibang paint pro! it's essentially firealpaca but more streamline and dark
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Thank you for the info!
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Do you think you could make an extra somewhere in the future where one could color the tabby patterns? Like, only the striping/spotting recolored into whatever color the user wants? I'd find it really helpful as I'd love to mix around and sometimes don't want lighter underbellies etc! otherwise, this is really great!!
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Hmm... it’d be difficult, due to the way the layers are structured. Have you tried just changing the colors of the base layers? If your problem was with the underbellies, you could probably darken the stripe layer a bit too.
Hope that helps <3
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Hi just wanted to let you know that this works in Autodesk Sketchbook, but the tortie and tabby layers are broken because the program doesn't support masking. I found a workaround though, which I'll post here for reference: all you have to do is open the file in a program that DOES support masking and apply the tabby and tortie masks, save, then reopen in the program that doesn't support masking. It doesn't affect the look of the layers at all, and it makes them work. I can only guarantee this will work with Photoshop and Sketchbook though, as they're the only art programs I have at the moment, but I hope this helps. :)
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Thanks! That’s very helpful : ) 
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You're welcome, I'm glad ^^
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Hello, I purchased this and
1. The tabby options do not work, they simply make the cat a lighter color and give them a lighter color around the eyes.
2. I can't find the tortoiseshell/calico folder anywhere, so I can't make a tortoiseshell or calico cat.

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Sorry to hear that! What program are you using?
MisterRazputin's avatar
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Can you send me images of the broken layers? So I can see what they look like
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I've sent you a note with them inside
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How do you import this into Procreate on Ipad?
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Does it download as a .psd or a .zip?
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There’s an app you can download— I believe it’s called ZipArchiver— that will open it and get the .psd for you. From there you can import it into procreate. 

If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll send you the .psd through stash instead. 
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For some reason, it says I need the passoword to unzip it. Can i just get the .psd files through stash? Thank you!
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How much will the next edition be? I want to see if I can afford this one and the next one
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