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To be an Angel, part 3
Rain fell over Eden. The fields and the forests that had once been shining vibrantly under the sun were now cloaked in the watery blues and grays of the downpour. Mist was forming in the land's higher regions, and the steady rhythm of droplets pattering on the foliage lulled the animals to a sense of tranquility.
A cave was tucked away behind rows of olive trees, which provided Lucifer with a bit of cover as he stood near its entrance. As an archangel, he did not need to take shelter from the rain, but Blue was still sensitive to the elements, and he would much rather have his sibling in a dry, secured place. After all, given Blue's delicate size, a single raindrop might as well have been a boulder being hurled from the sky. And Lucifer was not sure what a direct contact with water can do to a newly-formed fledgling.
Lucifer held Blue snugly in his hands, and every so often he could feel his sibling twitching underneath, almost as if it was shivering from the cold. He looked up just in
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Star Catcher, part 16
Present day (10:48 P.M.)
It had been a long day, and despite the fatigue and the aches on his body caused by nearly getting beaten into a pulp, Dean strolled out of the warm motel room and into the chilly night. Sam, meanwhile, stayed inside to watch TV and munch on the Vietnamese takeout, which tasted a bit weird but it was the only place that was still open and served a relatively warm meal.
Of course, Dean did not wander far as he simply settled for leaning on the wooden railings a few feet from the door. The railings were supposed to add a sort of rustic design to the shoddy motel, but all they ever achieved was to make the building look as if it was trying too hard.
For a second, Dean considered heading back inside to fetch himself a beer, but decided that the nippy air would have to fill up his system for now. It was unusually cold tonight; his fingertips were already beginning to feel numb. Still, he welcomed the sensation and let the coldness filter through his
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Star Catcher, part 15
8:12 PM
"See that one over there?" asked Sam, pointing skyward.
Dean shifted in his spot on the blanket, as if the slight repositioning might make all the difference and reveal the secrets of the stars, sort of like bending one's head at a funny angle to make sense of a painting. "That one?" guessed Dean as he gestured to the east.
"No, that one!" said Sam.
"That's an airplane."
"Oh. No, wait, it's that one! See it?"
It started out with ordering pizza, or more specifically, it started out with Conner ordering pizza. To Dean, it had been entertaining to watch Conner panic while on the phone because of the 'someone trapped inside the small device' issue.
"How can we summon food if the person who makes it is imprisoned?" Conner had blurted out.
Once that had been cleared up, Conner went crazy with the toppings. From the simple and classic pepperoni, ham, and pineapples, he then fired off words that did not even sound like anything edible. Random spices from who knew what
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To be an Angel, part 2
The light of his newly-created sibling was not getting any brighter.
Lucifer had taken Blue to all the places in Heaven where he thought would be interesting to a creature as young as the one he was cradling. He brought Blue to the Prism Brooks, which was a living rainbow that gave birth to every color that shall ever be known in creation. He took Blue to the Silver Archives, a place which recorded all the life forms that had ever been conceived by God, and with each of them crafted out of liquid, three-dimensional silver. He took his sibling to the Hall of Hushed Crystals, a location where immense crystal shards grew and offered angels a site to help them clear their minds and reflect. Lucifer even brought them to the doors that led into God's throne room, in the hope that the residual presence of their Father would be enough to get a reaction from Blue.
Throughout that time, there had been no change in Blue. For now, Lucifer was just thankful that his sibling's condition was not dete
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Star Catcher, part 14
6:14 AM
"You either haul ass or I'm kicking you all the way there." said Dean.
It was morning. More specifically, it was the morning after Halloween, which meant that a lot of the people in the town were at home nursing severe stomach aches, tooth pains, and the occasional hangover, leaving the streets deserted yet peaceful in a way. After the noise and riotous activities last night, it was nice to have a bit of reprieve, and the fact that it was rather early gave Dean the feeling that the world was theirs for the taking, for now anyway.
Of course, he could not take full advantage of the practically empty blocks since he had to drag Conner along. His friend was groggy, for lack of a better term, and half of the time Dean felt as if he was pulling a stubborn, groaning sack of rocks. Actually, a sack of rocks sounded pleasant about now; at least a sack of rocks would not complain its way through several streets, demanding either to be returned to bed or to cu
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To be an Angel, part 1
It was pleasantly warm in the Hatchery, like the whole chamber was tucked underneath a soft, thick layer of feathers. Technically, the place was not called the Hatchery, not officially, since there were no actual eggs to be hatched, yet the name was somewhat appropriate so no one bothered to change it.
The Hatchery was in a perpetual state of dawn, as if it was to symbolize the welcoming of something new, as if the reign of cold nothingness was coming to an end and the gradual heat was affectionately tugging at life to just be.
All across the chamber, thousands of dimly glowing orbs were scattered and lying patiently. Each orb held a new angel inside, waiting to be fully formed and released into Heaven. These were to be the last – or perhaps one of the last – generation of angels. Lucifer had been told that God might make one final batch after this, but the matter remained uncertain.
Looking at the orbs, Lucifer noted that it would be almost time, that Heaven would rejoice in the arriv
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Star Catcher, part 13
9:46 PM
"I dunno, Dean," voiced out Sam, nervous.
After a quite fruitful round of trick-or-treating, not to mention gorging on half of their loot to lighten the load they were all carrying, the three of them found themselves standing at the foot of a mellow-sloped hill. At the top of the hill was a formidable three-story house, which was basking in its own unnerving solitude and chilly silence. There were no other people around, and somehow the night was blacker in this area, as if the lack of kids giggling in their sparkly outfits and bright neon lights turned the atmosphere aloof, almost vindictive.
It was amazing how many stories, lore and gossip a person can pick up on the streets, especially during Halloween when everyone was up and about and more than willing to share anything that was even remotely scary. While passing by the town hall, Dean overheard some older kids talk about a house that had been abandoned since the late eighteenth century, and how 'weird stu
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Guidance, part 3
Under a great pine tree covered in snow, Michael was remotely viewing the situation in Heaven. The other fledglings who had yet to receive their titles were becoming restless and were beginning to cause a commotion. Some of the custodial angels were doing everything in their ability to placate them, yet it was proving to be a losing battle.
Perhaps Michael should have ordered someone to temporarily replace him in his absence before leaving. Then again, there was not anyone around who had the same authoritative power and consideration as he did. The angel who was closest to his position was Raphael, albeit everyone knew that things would end disastrously if he was in charge of the fledglings.
He supposed that this course of action was the best. After all, the fledglings could use this time to exercise patience and humility (and maybe they would tire themselves out when Michael returned). The length of their waiting period, of course, depended entirely on Castiel's progress.
Right now, h
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Star Catcher, part 12
8:00 AM
"You okay, Conner?" Sam asked as carefully as he could manage.
"Yes, I'm fine." replied Conner, showing a smile so trivial that it was more likely to be a forced one.
The three of them were at the table, having an unusually quiet breakfast. The weight from yesterday had yet to leave their troubled minds, although the heaviness varied with each person. Sam was concerned because he had been there when Conner broke down in the playground. Dean, meanwhile, acted like his typical casual self, but deep down, he was absolutely tense, because there was no telling when Conner would be put in another lethally dangerous situation, whether he was aware of what was happening or not.
Dean did not tell Sam what took place last night; he did not dare tell him that Conner nearly fell off the rooftop in a crazed effort to reach his family. Sleep became hard to come by for Dean during the hours that followed. One reason was that he had to struggle to recover from the rush of adre
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Guidance, part 2
They penetrated the veil that separated Heaven and Earth, moving as seamlessly as a dream filling a human's subconscious. Michael touched down on a patch of dry grass near a stonewall that encircled a village. Castiel landed beside him a second later, though he made sure that the distance between them was far enough so that he would not brush against the archangel's glorious wings.
Michael scanned the area to check for any 'open positions' that his brother could take. "Tell me, Castiel, what do you think of human rituals?" he inquired after a moment.
The sudden question rendered Castiel momentarily flustered before he managed to compose himself. "As long as the rituals praise our Father, then I think they are good." he replied.
A faint smile made its way across Michael's face. That was actually a decent answer; the fledgling might have a chance in this trial. "Care to see if your calling lies there?" he asked.
All Castiel did was stare widely at him, and Michael assumed that he was rea
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Guidance, part 1
The city was ablaze with violent streaks of orange clawing their way out of homes and angry bursts of yellow detonating at the same rhythm as the villagers' panicked heartbeats. A once peaceful civilization was in utter chaos and the extent of destruction was irreparable. Michael watched on in dismay as the human casualties escalated.
He wondered how he ever became involved in this, because this was not – had never been – what he tasked himself with. His initial intentions had been good, yet somehow events spiraled so far down at a pace that was too quick to comprehend, even for him.
Amidst the pandemonium, the fledgling currently under his supervision got himself in an accident as well. Castiel was trapped in a ring of holy fire. The flames had devoured a wooden shelf that happened to store the right ingredients for concocting the special oil; when the shelf crumbled, the jars broke and spilled their contents onto the ground, and it did not take long for the fire to slither
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Star Catcher, part 11
11:55 AM
While waiting for the take-out to arrive, Dean had been carefully monitoring Sam and Conner the minute they stepped out into the playground. Initially, the worse thing he could imagine happening to them was to fall off one of the dilapidated equipment; he did not expect this.
The slide obstructed his view, but once the two of them went down, Dean realized that Conner had been crying, and judging by Sam's close proximity to him, he was doing his best to console him. After that, hugging was involved. It was not a happy-hug; it was more like a please-don't-cry-anymore-hug.
What had the two of them been doing? Why was Conner miserable all of a sudden? Dean felt an urge to go outside so he could know what was going on, but from where he was watching, the situation looked far too fragile to handle any sort of interference. Nevertheless, he hated seeing his friend like this, he wanted to do something to help.
"You plan on joining the hug-a-thon out there, or are you
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Star Catcher, part 10
He was in a field, where the long stalks of grass had the same color as butter-cream and the way they swayed in a non-existent wind was eerily similar to a cookie batter being stirred counterclockwise. It would have been a peaceful, delightfully inviting sight if it was not for the fact that everything else around him was enveloped by shadows.
As Dean continued to stare at his environment, he received the notion that he was actually deep inside a beast, right in its belly, because the darkness was shifting and churning, sort of like how a stomach would digest food. The beast must have thought the field looked delicious, and swallowed Dean along with it.
He had to find some place safe; he did not want to be digested. Dean searched the field for a hole that might lead somewhere, a couple of stones that he could equip himself with, or even an insect he could follow to safety, but he saw nothing useful. Finally, his eyes landed on a house in the distance. Having no o
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To Work, part 3
It had taken a while, but Castiel and Persephone managed to locate the soul Castiel had been sent down to find. As it turned out, the information Zachariah wanted was about a clarification on a chant of a certain spell, since the soul had been a soothsayer back when he still needed to breathe. Drinking from the River Lethe had made him forget about almost everything, but his mind still had some semblance of clarity for the occult, which was a relief.
With that task out of the way, Castiel and Persephone had to look for Zachariah next. They traveled deeper into the Underworld, avoiding the rivers and the banks as much as possible, although what for, Persephone did not say. Soon, the two of them started talking, to fend off the pervading loneliness that seemed to be present everywhere. It later led to Castiel, inadvertently, venting out his frustrations, because there was finally someone who could listen to his grief and not chastise him about punishment or duty.
"…and this one time
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Star Catcher, part 9
10:18 PM
From the threshold that led to the kitchen, Dean snuck a glance into the living room and sought out their target. As he expected, an oblivious Conner was situated on the sofa and was preparing to go to sleep. Dean chuckled and signaled for his brother behind him to switch off all the lights in their motel room.
Once darkness fell, they heard Conner yelp in confusion (or was it surprise?) and that urged the brothers to step out of the kitchen with their loads held proudly in front of them. A pair of flashlights lit Sam and Dean's way and also announced their presence to Conner as they approached him. From there, the two of them started to sing.
"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"
In Dean's possession were his and Sam's presents, both wrapped in newspapers with a bit of crayon design to make the covers look a little fancier. Meanwhile, Sam had with him a blue cupcake that had a tall, burning candle on top.
The instant the song ended, Conner was, yet
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To Work, part 2
Throughout his life, Castiel knew that the humans prayed to God, that they had faith in the same Being he lovingly called his Father. He liked to think that taking some of their prayers into account made him feel closer to the humans, and he grew ever fonder of them at their devotion and trust to the Creator. However, he did not realize just how many humans actually prayed, or just how bulky a single prayer can reach, until he had been assigned in the organizing section in the Library.
Stacks of prayers piled up all around him, and if Castiel was not careful, he could get lost in the semi-maze he had arranged. There were prayers from people begging to be healed from a sickness, from people wishing for a solution to their problems, from people wanting forgiveness and redemption, love, safety, more material things, restraint, peace, an epiphany…
And these were not merely the recent prayers. Zachariah ordered him to organize every prayer that had ever been conceived. The prayers of t
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