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This is a completely digital community-run convention. Submit a livestream you want to host or simply join the fun on March 2!

Official Rules: CLOSED

Giveaway Summary:
Winners: 1
Prize: Used Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet, Pen, and Mouse (approximate value: $50). C. Prince's signature on the bottom optional.
Entries Open: 12:00 AM Dec 7 to 11:59 PM Dec 14, Atlantic Time GMT - 04:00
Winner Announced: December 15
Prize Area: USA, UK, Canada. Void where prohibited.
You must be 13 or older to participate.

Inspired by 1,200 submitted faces and featuring 700 artists: In a city of expressions, one face must figure out who killed creativity before everything falls apart.

Making this movie was a huge undertaking by a lot of people. If you liked it, please share it!

Remember the sale price for How to Animate in Adobe Animate: Complete Course ends on Saturday!

49.99 29.99

Buy here + video demo:

• 30 videos (2+ hours)
• 65 page book (text version of videos, a changelog, and links to more tutorials)
• 2 animation puppets
• discussion forum

This isn't something you will find for free on the internet. I look up free tutorials online all the time, so I'm aware of what you'll be able to find for free and what you won't.

Animation deadline: September 4, 2017. Use the form below to sign up!

► Form to Join ◄
I'm looking for animators of all skill levels. Not everybody who applies will get in.

► Rules ◄
1. Submit your part on time
2. To join, fill out the form
3. All characters & OCs allowed
4. Must be a new animation
5. No watermarks
6. No PayPal = No $$$

► Music ◄
Music: TheFatRat - "Fly Away feat. Anjulie" - "Psychedelic"

► Parts ◄
The list of parts still available is updated in the YouTube description.

Scribble Kibble is a show about animation. Find more episodes here:…
Now you can collect candy even if you're an adult sitting at home in sweat pants on a Friday night. EDIT: Which I am definitely not. Nope. Not me.


What is your color choice?

Day three and we have a name, a mascot, and a few panels. Panels are open to anybody - you just have to livestream something on Saturday, July 9. Here is the application:
Maybe someone who is selling these or buying them can explain to me why this is so popular?

It's very common on DA to see artists posting still images of characters (not even a reference sheet) and selling them. I don't get it at all!

For example, here is someone selling premade fairy characters for $40 each:  fairies - ADOPTABLE - OPEN by Fuki-adopts
People buy these and use them as-is? I don't know. Literally all the artist is selling is a character design. I guess the buyer then takes the design and uses it for roleplay? Hires other artists to do fan art of the character they bought? What's even more confusing is that the artist often puts requirements that you can't change or adjust the character design you buy.

Here's an artist who draws digital outfits and sells them for $50-100 each. You aren't allowed to change the design or colors of the outfit when you buy it.  Outfit design - 277  - closed by LotusLumino

This makes no sense to me! As a customer (who is a fellow full-time artist), a design I cannot adjust is utterly useless. Designs need to be slimmed way down for animation, or colors changed to fit different scenarios. On the flip side, as a person with no artistic skill, if I wanted to buy some artwork, I would hire an artist to create something customized for me - not some random adoptable that comes with a bunch of strings attached.

What are your thoughts on this?
Fruit Snacks: ???

Copyright and Fair Use Questions

Sat Jan 9, 2016, 9:37 PM
Next week's Scribble Kibble is going to be about these two dreaded things, and I'm having a Q&A section. If you've got a question about either copyright or fair use, write it here and I'll answer it in the next episode!

Mine was, "Can a style of art be copyrighted?" I had to do a lot of research to figure that one out. The answer is actually yes, it can. The person has to willfully have been copying your style to profit from people thinking it's you.


Hiring Voice Actor [CLOSED]

Mon May 11, 2015, 7:37 PM

Role: Narrator for 30-60 second fantasy trailer
Tone: Powerful, wise, mysterious, cunning, dangerous playfulness
Payment: $30 via PayPal or check (for checks, cost of postage will be subtracted from total)
Deadline: May 23, 2015 at 5:00 pm EST

---- Audition Materials ----
1. Recorded sample lines in .wav or .flac format
2. Voice demo reel, or link to its location online (optional)
3. Your website (optional)

---- Sample Lines ----
1. One needn't look hard to find tales of powerful artifacts and unimaginable wealth lost in the sands.

2. What happens to those adventurers? [tone becomes ominous, foreshadowing] Well...

---- Email Audition To ----
Auditions are closed.

Crowne Noir

Sun Apr 12, 2015, 1:39 PM
Events following an incident at "Hasbro's Headquarters" lead fox detective Zileris to a warehouse on the outskirts of town.

My identity is hidden under many layers. This is just another piece.
Apparently Hot Topic started selling a shirt featuring a popular artwork uploaded here on DeviantArt without that artist's permission. Tumblr Post

Okay then, reliable-fount-of-information-called-Tumblr. Does deviantART have the right to sell the art people upload?

Let's look at DA's Terms of Service and policies. I translated all of the relevant policies you agreed to when you started using the site.

Terms of Service

4. Copyright
deviantART is, unless otherwise stated, the owner of all copyright and data rights in the Service and its contents. Individuals who have posted works to deviantART are either the copyright owners of the component parts of that work or are posting the work under license from a copyright owner or his or her agent or otherwise as permitted by law. You may not reproduce, distribute, publicly display or perform, or prepare derivative works based on any of the Content including any such works without the express, written consent of deviantART or the appropriate owner of copyright in such works. deviantART does not claim ownership rights in your works or other materials posted by you to deviantART (Your Content). You agree not to distribute any part of the Service other than Your Content in any medium other than as permitted in these Terms of Service or by use of functions on the Service provided by us. You agree not to alter or modify any part of the Service unless expressly permitted to do so by us or by use of functions on the Service provided by us.
Translation: DA owns the right to the things it runs, like the website. The artwork on the site is owned by the people who made it. DA does not own your art.

16. Copyright in Your Content
deviantART does not claim ownership rights in Your Content. For the sole purpose of enabling us to make your Content available through the Service, you grant to deviantART a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, re-format, store, prepare derivative works based on, and publicly display and perform Your Content. Please note that when you upload Content, third parties will be able to copy, distribute and display your Content using readily available tools on their computers for this purpose although other than by linking to your Content on deviantART any use by a third party of your Content could violate paragraph 4 of these Terms and Conditions unless the third party receives permission from you by license.
Translation: DA can post the art you upload to the website. The royalty-free license DA has is "for this sole purpose." If DA sells your artwork, they violate the terms of the license and you could probably sue them and win. However, if someone else used the site to download your art and sell it, you would not be able to sue DA and would instead have to go after the actual person (third party) who sold it.

Copyright Policy

This page shouldn't be called a "policy" because it isn't. The page explains copyright basics. It has instructions on what to do if someone uploads your art to the site and infringes on your copyright.

Submission Policy

Lots of words.
You agree to the rules when you upload a piece of art. You can end the agreement at any time for any piece of art by deleting it from the site.

Each artist keeps the copyright and ownership of the art they upload to the site. By uploading a piece of art, you give DA a royalty-free license so that they can display it on the site without you suing them. You give DA the right to:

1) Electronically publish your art or pieces of your art.
2) Resize your art, make collages, and "alter" your art in similar ways.
4) Use your art to market and advertise deviantART.
5) Use your DA name, profile, and bio to promote and market deviantART.
6) Give any of the above rights to other people and companies through a sublicense. Note: This is probably so DA can hire outside advertising companies to make ads about deviantART and stuff like that. It does not allow DA to sell your art to third parties.

DA must get permission from an artist to use their art for any commercial purpose.

If somebody steals your art on DA and makes shirts out of it, DA has indemnity. This means you can't sue deviantART. Instead you have to go after the person who stole your art

So did Hot Topic steal your art? Go sue Hot Topic.
If you don't watch my videos on YouTube, this is for you. I can't post it on DeviantArt because of the film rules on copyright.

Also, if you like my crazy nonsense, you can make more of it happen by supporting me on Patreon:

I can't believe I'm doing this...

I haven't done one of these in several years. It's always good to revisit those low points in your life, and it's even better if you do so at 3:00 am.

Tagged by the insufferable :iconsmokeymcdaniel: - let's see just how many uncomfortable questions I will fail to answer for him, shall we?

1) Fill in questions as if you were your OC.
I am my OC. I am everything.

2) Tag 5 people, they will be notified when tagged.
Or what, I'll die in five days? Gosh, you can't expect me to do anything right without one of those threats.

1) What is your name?
Crowne Prince. Technically this is question #3.

2)Do you know why you were named that?
Isn't it weird that your parents get to pick the name you are stuck with for the rest of your life? It's even weirder that this custom seems to exist in every culture.

3)Are you single or taken?
I'm singularly unimpressed by your feeble attempts to woo me, and taken by the lack of consistency in spacing between this list's numbers and questions.

4) Have you any abilities or powers?
I don't have any powers. I have only superpowers.

5)Stop being a Mary Sue!
Hey, I'm the main character here; you shut up.

6)What's your eye color?
Brown. My dad always tells me I'm full of ****.

7)How about hair color?

8)Have any family-members?
No. I am an anomaly in space time, therefore I need no family to exist.

9)Oh? How about pets?
I have several human companions.

10)That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.

11)Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Definitely not.

12)Have you ever hurt anyone in anyway before?
I am a perfect angel that hasn't caused so much as a single teardrop of sadness.

13)Ever...killed anyone before
I got him! I got him before he could type that last ? mark! Muahahaha!

14)What kind of animal are you?
A wolf. Everybody knows that.

15)Name your worst habits?
Not sarcasm.

16)Do you look up to anyone at all?
People taller than me.

17)Are you Gay, Straight, or Bisexual?
Sexual orientation is now so important it must be capitalized.

18)Do you go to school?

19)Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
Sorry to disappoint, but it does take longer than a day to do both of those.

20)Do you have fangirls/fanboy?
So is there only one fanboy to go around these days?

21)What are you most afraid of?
Certainty. So death and taxes.

22)What do you usually wear?

23)What's one food that tempts you? 
Any food.

24)Am I annoying you?
Sure, why not.

25) Well, it's not over!
I can see that.

26)What class are you?(high,middle,low)
I am very classy.

27) How many friends you have?
How many fingers holding up?

28)What are your thoughts on pie?
My thoughts on pie: unfortunately, pie now reminds me of My Little Pony and one particular background character I seem to be attached to for no particular reason. Moving past that, pie is a dessert that I think about as I do most other desserts. Actually, I revoke that statement. Pie isn't a real dessert at all. It is a halfbred dessert, like a mixture between bread and yummy sugary things. A clump of gooey spiced apples doused in cinnamon and sugar qualifies as more of a dessert than pie does. If I had an option to eat just the pie filling and no crust, I would take that option. Why do we need crust? Is there a surplus of flour?

If we delve even further past ponies and food - admittedly difficult to do, I know - my thoughts on pie are that it is a good way to organize certain types of data. For instance, responses to a simple poll display well in a pie chart. Pie charts are also good comic relief. Make up random data and display it in a pie chart. In the time it took me to answer these questions, I could have made many pie charts. I guess this means my thoughts on pie are now sad because of all the wasted time I could've been using on pie.

29)Favorite drink?

30) What's your favorite place?
A fathomless sea of humor and idiocy. See also: the internet.

31) Are you interested in anyone~?

32)If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
I don't see how gender applies. The glass is half empty, and I'm a healthy weight. Maybe even too thin. I've tried eating pie, though, and it doesn't work.

33)Would you rather swim in a lake or ocean?
Obviously I'd rather be on my computer.

34)What's your type?
Comic Sans, 12pt. 1" margins each side.

35)Any fetishes?
/peers over sandbag barricade/ Looks like the coast is clear. I haven't seen them yet, but I'll keep looking.

36)Seme or Uke ?
I get the feeling this is a perverted question. Google search concurs.

37) Camping or indoors?
As a child, I would pitch a tent indoors next to our Christmas tree. That's real camping.

38)Are you still wanting this quiz to end?
Will you be wanting the foods here, or for to-go?
Anybody can submit Flash animations, GIFs, and some types of downloadable files. The special case is video files.

If you want to upload .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, dot-whatever video files, you need to apply to DeviantArt's film community.

I repeat, here is the link that explains everything: How do I become a submitting member of the film community?

It doesn't cost anything. I applied with my animation Cyn Wolf: Down and got in that way, so the quality doesn't have to be spectacular, but it should be decent. When I applied in 2009, it took 4 months for them to process my application.

Before you apply, note these special rules for submitting videos:

- You cannot use copyrighted music. This is why my DA videos sometimes have different music than the YouTube versions.
- You cannot submit music videos or AMVs, unless everything in it is your own original video/animation and you have permission to use the music.
- You can use royalty free music. Remember to give credit if you do.

In short, only apply if you are making your own original animations or videos.

Finding people in a crowd of 8,000 turns out to be not as easy as it sounds.

Thankfully I got to meet up with Axis of Rotation, otherwise I'd have been a lone wolf for almost the entire convention!

Waiting in Line for Registration
I didn't believe the things I'd read that said to get there early. After three hours of waiting I now know better.

Monty Monday, Snowdrop/Steel, Friendship is Witchcraft, and the PMV Contest were easily my favorites. I regret not entering the contest. The videos were fantastic. Especially the one where Fluttershy is D'awgonborn.

One way to make any panel more fun is to ask a question. I did have a serious question to ask at the Animator's Panel, but everyone else was doing that so I changed my mind in line and did a fun one. Before I got to the mic the moderator asked me what my question was. I wasn't expecting that, so I completely blanked for 30 seconds and could only remember the serious question. It was horrible. I can't recall who the moderator was, but he must have thought I was crazy.

Which I am.

I'm looking forward to the full-length feature animated solely by :icongalaxyart: featuring some guy's OC getting married to Twilight Sparkle.

Bronycon completely changed my opinion of cosplay. Had I known it was so interesting, I might have been more show-accurate about my Luna outfit. I made one that I could actually wear in non-brony public - and yet some of you still wanted my picture. I was shocked. You made me happy. Thanks.

My friends treated me to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday, where I wasted three perfectly good napkins on the drink I spilled. You can't take me anywhere.

The final four hours on Sunday I figured out what I should have done the entire time: derped around Quills & Sofas.

Axis and I sat at an empty table with paper on it. He ended up finding Sunchaser, the fimfiction writer he'd been looking for, and I wound up at a full table giving some of the younger MLP fans animation tips and sharing OC stories. Eventually everything fell apart into drawing churro ponies and Sweetie Bot in 30 seconds. I didn't even bother to go to Brony Breakdown because I was having fun. (Another note: during the popular panels is a great time to go to something that would otherwise be crowded.)

Before things got crazy, :icongodzillalikespie: drew Big Macintosh and when I saw it I asked (aka shouted with excitement) if I could have it. I had him sign it too. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

The Only Thing I Bought
I saw this image and instantly fell in love with it. The print is by :iconspainfischer: and :iconkenket:. Soarin's expression is perfect.

I want to feel like that every day.
This will be my first convention ever.

So, here's the plan: I have a general idea of all the events I want to go to throughout the three days, and it's your job to totally distract me from them. The thing I'd like to do most is meet people. I'm not on any panels, I'm not moderating anything, and I have no planned meet-ups - at least not at the moment, unless one of you wants to set something up.

If you spot me please come say hello. (Do it!) I'll be the only one with my name on my butt.

My friends were joking that I could pose as an overzealous Crowne Prince fan, but that would be quite silly, yeah? Exactly the sort of thing I would do.

Also note I will be wearing something different during Grand Galloping Gala hours Friday night. Hopefully. It's kind of in pieces on my floor at the moment.

The reason I'm around Baltimore that week to begin with is to visit two of my best friends, so I am staying 30 minutes away from the Convention and not at the hotel. Unless someone convinces me otherwise, I likely won't be around past midnight on any given day.

Depending on how well this goes I may attend something else next year. The more insane this year is, the better the chances of me doing so.

Hopefully I get to meet you in person!