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Scribble Kibble Leap

By CrownePrince
Scribble Kibble is a weekly show about animation.
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Shadowkey392's avatar
Adorable!  *gives belly rub*
J-555ART's avatar
Love this show! :)
YuiKasaki's avatar
I just finished some art for you and posted it ^-^ you can take a look whenever you have the chance 
YuiKasaki's avatar
may I use this as a reference for the colors and markings? I want to make you some fan art  
YuiKasaki's avatar
awesome thank you ^-^
catafest's avatar
What graphic tablet use you ? I have a Huion WH . Just I started to test it . 
AnnaTheDrawer's avatar
theJfluffy's avatar
bubbles46853's avatar
I finally found you again, my adorable little animated wolf friend!  *hugs her gently*

You know, I thought you were cute before, but THIS video right here pushed me over the edge!!
SewedOn3gg's avatar
there she goes! Custom heart [Royal Blue] 
AllAboardTheAcheron's avatar
I love your show, it's informative and entertaining!
princebluemoon3's avatar
Must have this t-shirt. Must have this t-shirt. Must.... have..... this.....t........shirt!
YoshiRingo's avatar
is an adorable pupper i can wear ;o;
WatcherMagic's avatar
Definitely getting one of these :3
NickTheNightOwl's avatar
Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Scribble Kibble, it's a show,
About animations you need to know!Music Note Bullet (Purple) - F2U!  
FireHeartDraws's avatar
Whenever you need your Kibble, she's here to Scribble.  XD
TheAgentMyers's avatar
super adorable.~ owo
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