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So, turns out, as always, starting a story is hard as all hell. 

    If you've been following those posts, you might have seen a rather trashy attempt at an intro that was never followed up on. I was initially tempted to just let it be and to keep moving forward with the pages that had already been made afterward. However, as I see it now, and as should have been common sense, the introduction is the first impression. Even though it won't be the first thing most readers see (taken from personal experience, I usually just happen to find a portion of a comic that catches my interest and then read it from the beginning), it matters to me that I make a solid introduction.
    With that said, I've returned to the brainstorming phase, and have consulted a few others on the most appropriate introduction to our lovely little tale. (Ironic. It's long as hell. Good God, Masashi Kishimoto and Akira Toriyama are my greatest inspirations for this, but I look back at the volumes of work they've done over their lifetimes and I think... yeah, let's not go that far. ) The more I think on this, the more I realize this might actually wind up either being a short-term career, or a life-long deal. Of course my view will change on that after this damned intro is out of the way and I can get multiple pages done in a day. Who knows.
    No surrender. We fight to win. 
The following is an excerpt from a chat on Discord I had with a talking snake lady on the topic of a new training regimen. 

Crow: And if you wanna cut diamonds, you're gonna have to run a hell of a lot harder than that.

Shandi: Not literally silly CX

Crow: You'll have to train like a fucking Quartz.

Shandi: I need to find the book “Jasper’s Workout Routine”
                Maybe it’ll contain little DVDs like P90X

Crow: Bahah, dvd's?
            Each of the boxes is completely empty except for a tiny, really decorated bag. The inside of the box is lined with velvet...
            And you'll open the bag, and a fucking jasper will pop out and force you to exercise until you cry.

Shandi: XD

Crow: Jasper: "Burpees? Is that some kind of joke? Well I'm not laughing. 500 laps around Beach City, now run you lazy clump of dirt!!"            

Shandi: #accurate

Crow: Watch this bitch spin dash around the city and be done in under an hour.
            ... Meanwhile you're about to pass out on like, your 8th lap.

Shandi: And imagine her screaming insults at you while you run.

Crow: "FASTER, RUNT!!"
            "YOU RUN LIKE A FUCKING PEARL!!"(edited)

Shandi: CX
            (Without limb enhancers)

            Like, one insult for every time she passes you. and that'd be like, 500 times.

Shandi: And like every few minutes or so.

            I also imagine she'll be super sweet at the end of the day if you never gave up; even if you failed.

Shandi: And quite possibly give cuddles...
            Like, you’d be exhausted and on the verge of passing out, and just before you KO for the night, you hear “hey, good job today..”

Crow: She would be so proud. That's what jaspers are all about, in her own words.
            Jaspers never quit until they get what they want. Oh god, that would make me fucking cry.
            Being insulted non stop, and just hearing her acknowledge you like that.

Shandi: I’d cry
            Then one day, you notice that you’re a total beefcake

Crow: That'd be your graduation day.
            And Jasper herself is absolutely overcome with pride in her pupil.    

Shandi: She gives you a hard pat on the back
            Or a firm handshake

Crow: ... which still sends you flying since gems are inherently disproportionately strong.
            But bitch, you better get the fuck back up.

Shandi: True, true.
            If you get up, your training is complete.

Crow: You'd be the most fucking stacked motherfucker on the beach though. You, as a human, could probably put up a damn good
            fight against Pearl or Amethyst.
            Not even stacked, but just, absolutely superhuman.

All I wanted to do was fantasize about how rock hard her abs were, but lo and behold, now my abs are as toned and beautiful as hers. I weep tears of joy.
Our lord has forsaken us. Our universe fractures before our eyes. 
    So, the family went on an impromptu trip to the beach. I spent that whole day out digging trenches along the shore. I damn near passed out... Digging one damn trench which wasn't even deep enough to crouch in. I could easily bury myself though, and now that I think of it, the way my life is going, I probably should've done just that. 

    Honestly there isn't all that much to say about today. I'm actually feeling kinda down so after this journal, I think I'll go stare at the loaded gun on my summoner's display rack. Really, there's something liberating about staring death in the face like that and knowing that I, for once, actually have absolute control over that aspect of my life; whether or not I want to keep going on. Really, I'm as much of a loser as a summon can be.

    Oh, also, on the solstice, there was a terrorist attack. Somehow I managed to completely forget about that while writing that last journal. Apparently one of them was from our family, which is slightly disconcerting. What's more disconcerting than that is how quickly the attack was contained and dealt with -- It's almost like they let that attack happen just to show off to the populace how much the military has stepped up its game in recent years. It's beyond me to imagine just what they could accomplish if Queen Celene and Queen Ra could work with one another and the Prime Minister - our nation's elected representative for the people of the entire nation - could accomplish. Of that, there's that apprentice of Ra. Elizabeth, I think it was. It almost looked like she was having fun out there, even though she herself almost got her head taken off. 

- Crow DeCorvidae (June 22, 1421)
    It's my second journal entry, and honestly not much has happened lately. I went out with a couple females from outside the family tree, which is always refreshing. The women of the Corvidae are all batshit crazy. I was in a group chat with one crazy bitch who, when asked by another member about torture methods (They were intended to be used in a sexual manner on a highly masochistic person I also happen to somewhat know), listed all the most sadistic, maiming, scarring, and probably illegal torture methods, even by mafia -- even by Elat'nemi fundamentalist standards. (For my friends in reality, these guys are roughly the equivalent to your Islamic State. I shit you not, she and her crazy ass friend went on for about thirty minutes about such methods as applying acid to peoples' flesh. I'm no expert on Sadomasochism in the art of Kama Sutra, but I /am/ fairly sure that having your skin slowly dissolved off is far from sensual. 

    While out with these people I spent most of my time being the third wheel; okay rather the fourth wheel. In truth, I'm not really all that talkative a person. Really I'm too introverted to really participate comfortably in these conversations. Honestly though I'll live. All I really need in my life to be happy is food, which we did manage to get during our day out. 

    Of course there was a bit of technical training too, but that was only between me and another summon who happens to be part of the jackdaw line of the Corvidae family. She's cute, I admit, but let's be fair, that woman is damn a foot and a half taller than me, with respect to a bit of exaggeration. In all honesty the training we do doesn't really develop any new skills so much as it does give us something to do during the day -- at least if you're a low level summon like me. It's basically like a massive recreation center modeled like an aviary. It's fucking stupid - in a good way. It gives me time to kinda plan my life out. And joy o' joy, lower level summons rarely have combat roles so it's a win-win. 

- Crow DeCorvidae (June 21, 1421)
Well this is probably my first journal entry for serious and all that. With that said I'll keep it short. 

Well firstly I debate whether I should devote these journals to my actual life, or if I should devote them to the events that occur relative to me in Aetheria. We'll see how that goes. As far as the name Crow DeCorvidae goes, I'm a summon working humbly for the prestigious Corvidae family. They're a lovely little community of people whose mystics possess a unique innate affinity for dark type spells. I'm a lower level summon, whose only real productive trait is that I can go from my usual anthropomorphic state to a full on crow, which is good for recon in some situations. I haven't gotten to do that in years so now all I really do is chase and kill pigeons in my spare time.

A shitty introduction, I know, but baby steps now. Baby steps. 

Ahaha, Diary of Crow DeCorvidae

-Crow DeCorvidae June 20, 1421.