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This journal is for those seeking or offering my designs.

I will be checking the comments and updating active/inactive journals every few days! When I do so, I will update this journal, so please watch this account if you'd like updates from here!

:bulletorange: Currently SEEKING :bulletorange:

LF Designs from these artistsAdded another designer and specified certain types of design I'm looking for from the artist!
Just a heads up-- I would prefer trading than rebuying things! But if its something I really wanted/want, then I'll be able to pay on/after the 20th LOL
gotta be responsible and wait for my current credit card payment date to roll over for the next month~ 
Curious to see what I could get in terms of offers!
Tentative journal in a way, as I'm offering designs from my TH! 
Mainly offering art/customs or USD!
(in no particular order, just typed as I thought of em!)
RaTTCate / Cate-adoptables BackwardsSnappyjunijwi (more recent and masc designs preferred but will look at anything)faios Queijac plushpon bedbugmochicorycatte WaschmittelpulverHellibeastsnarbs BYTE-Beast / SweetChimera (more recent designs preferred but offer away!)ba

:bulletblue: Currently OFFERING :bulletblue:


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