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year 120 - primitive cultures diminish and tribes form.
year 183 - first encounter of anthropic intelligence by human-kind
year 267 - first Primitive anthropic camp is formed
year 272 - First anthropic camp is seiged by wild anthro tribe
year 283 - wild anthro tribes begin selling their kin for trades and goods
year 329 - Humans begin forcefully enslaving and capturing Anthro-kind
500 years of primitive anthropic slavery
year 833 - Human anthro crossbreeds begin to appear across the Known world.
year 845 - mankind invents electricity
year 850 - Cross-kind beging to revolt from slavery and form secret tribes across the known World.
year 852 - First new breed generation of Human-kind is born, Elven blood is established by the northern Climate and mystical energy.
year 893 - 2 new human-kind breeds are born of bad climate control. Orcish Kind and Dwarven kind are born.
year 952 - War between Humans and Orcs destroys known electricity. Dwarves seal their mountain cities and lock away their technology
year 960 - Anthro-kinds and hidden cross-kinds establish separate breeds and segregate themselves. Anthropic slavery becomes halted under Elven martial law
year 965 - Orcs begin re-establishing crude technology and metals.
year 984 - Humans run first full seige against the Orcs.
year 993 - Elves step into the war and cause mishaps
year 1023 - Elven-kind establish a peace treaty between the Humans and Orcs
year 1035 - Anthro-kind begins being enslaved again against Elven-kind martial law.
year 1054 - Humans Establish separate kingdom and laws from Elven-kind
year 1056 - Orcs begin scouting eastward and establish a new homeland
year 1057 - Feline Anthro-kind head south and establish a desert homeland and kingdom.
year 1059 - canine Anthro-kind head north for the fabled Ice land bridge in hopes to escape human tyrany
year 1065 - Elven Kind begin to Separate in Bloodline again, establishing 2 breeds of Elven-kind. Nature Elves and High Elves are established.
year 1083 - Ape Anthro-kind begin to appear in the southwestern climates. Hidden Kingdom of ape-kind is found.
year 1090 - humans begin to research Science in attempt to re-establish electricity
year 1092 - human prime minister establishes Electricity redundant and orders research in Arcane Technology
year 1102 - War begins between Ape-kind and Feline-kind in the far southern regions
year 1123 - Rodent-Kind begin to escape Human Slave breeding camps. Evolutionary change, Rodent Kind begin to get smaller.
year 1133 - Reptilian-kind begin to evolve from Beast-like Reptilan monsters
year 1145 - Dwarven-kind re-open doors to their mountain cities and begin to establish contact and trade with Elven-kind
year 1152 - Dwarven-kind establishes Dwarven Technology a blood owned secret.
year 1156 - Dwarven-kind establish contact with humans again.
year 1163 - Canine-kind begins to establish nomadic camps and temples in the frigged northern region.
year 1167 - small Minority of Feline-kind flee north to escape war. Self established North Cat-kind begin setting encampments in the Taiga and begin establishing trade with Canine-kind
year 1174 - Ape-kind begin to recruit ape minority, Gorilla-kind is established as war breed.
year 1183 - Gorilla-kind begin to realize Greater Strength, still lacking in intelligence. Elven-kind establish false Alliance with Reptilan-kind
year 1192 - Reptilian kind begin to separate by magic and science
year 1200 - Orcs Seige human cities in mass and force Human-kind to flee west. Dwarven Kind Defend mountainous regions and establish dominance to the orcs.
year 1203 - Oldest known Elf finally dies of age. 194 years old
year 1207 - Nature Elves begin to re-establish civilization in ruined Human Cities.
year 1216 - human-kind nearly brought to an end by fungal disease in the west. Anthro-kind immune to disease.
year 1234 - human kind begin research into medical science
year 1245 - Bear-kind begins to evolve from remnant Canine-kind in the home lands.
year 1263 - War between Ape-kind and Feline-kind end with Gorilla-kind forcing an end to needless Violence. Gorilla-kind declares Independence from Ape-kind.
year 1272 - Elven kind Establish New Monarchical Rule.
year 1283 - Orcs begin building Crude walls around Orc territory and halt all trade with other kinds.
year 1287 - Orcish Shaman begins Magically fusing orcs and Captured Gorilla-kind. First Ogres Are born.
year 1289 - Orcish Shaman begins Magically fusing Orcs and captured Canine-kind. Orcish Stalkers are born
year 1293 - human kind cures fungal disease, humans separate and establish new homes along the western coast.
year 1304 - Canine-kind splits. New order of Sophos head's across the Ice land bridge and vanishes.
year 1315 - North Cat-kind begin establishing small Settlements.
year 1322 - Elven Kind Declares war against Humans for Enslavement of Anthro-kind.
year 1326 - Reptilian-kind discover Elven Plans against them.
year 1327 - Reptilian-kind form alliance with Humans against the elves
year 1332 - Dwarven King establishes Alliance and Kin-ship with Gorilla-kind after an honorary trade of Child wives between species'.
year 1344 - Elven-kind declare Dwarves, humans, and Gorilla-kind primitive for abominable acts of Forced Slavery and Child marriages.
year 1346 - Reptilian-kind establish treaty with humans and Dwarves for alliance. Evidence found that Elven Kind practice arranged marriages and that their terms of war are of hypocricy
year 1352 - Nature Elves against war Flee South east and discover Crystal caverns.
year 1363 - Fast evolution of Separate Elven kind begins.
year 1370 - New breed of elves established and abolished with new-found thoughts and ideology. Faries are born.
year 1378 - Fairies discover Higher power of Nature magic.
year 1382 - Fairies establish Seclusion from the Primitive war-like world.
year 1392 - Elves declare Fairies a myth.
year 1401 - humans and reptilian-kind establish sea-travel
year 1404 - separate breed of reptilian-kind re-primitize and become more beastlike. Dragon-kind begins to evolve.
year 1410 - war between elves and the Human alliance comes to a sudden halt. explanation not found in records.
year 1422 - Fairies discover their physical age stops at 9 years old. Fairies appear child-like despite age.
year 1430 - Cross-kind begin to establish half named breeds for themselves while enslaved. Neko, Kitsune, and other such racial names for their cross-species'
year 1446 - Rodent-kind seemingly vanished. Rodent-kind has established small underground communities and homes in the walls of buildings. Rodent kind is now miniature in comparison to the rest of Anthro-kinds
year 1452 - human explorer spots a child fairy and is unsure of it's true existence and unaware of fairy aging.
year 1463 - Ape-kind begin establishing Pyramid-styled structures.
year 1477 - Elven-kind establish halted communication between themselves and the rest of civilized races.
year 1479 - Dwarven king dies, First son age 27 is declared king. New king chooses a 13 year old girl his queen by Total rule.
year 1481 - gorilla-kind Establish a prime minister with their Dwarven brothers. First breed of Dwarven-Gorilla kind are born.
year 1495 - Dwar-kind established from Gorilla-Dwarf crossbreeds. Dwar-kind found to have Fast maturity development.
year 1506 - Faries Establish free-sexuality amongst themselves.
year 1513 - Cross-kind begin to establish and Declare for human Rights.
year 1516 - Human/Cross-kind rallies begin to form for equal rights.
year 1522 - Human-kind and Reptilian-kind establish naval Exploration.
year 1523 - Cross-kind begin riots from slavery about how Reptilian-kind is treated fairly.
year 1529 - Reptilian and Dragon-kind establish the creation of man-made rivers for trade.
year 1535 - Human oppressionists begin to shut down against equal rights rallies and force slaves to work on trade rivers.
year 1540 - Human-kind begin establishing brothels for the sexual use of slaves.
year 1542 - Dragon-kind begin to create Arcane islands in the sky.
year 1551 - dragon-kind established Monarchy.
year 1552 - first Dragon king declares Dragon-kind master-race
year 1555 - dragon-kind secedes to the Arcane Islands.
year 1563 - Elven-kind sends treaty to Dwarven and human-kinds for peace alliance.
year 1564 - treaty received by Dwarven king, dwarven king is furious and refuses to relieve Current marriage laws for the Elves.
year 1570 - Human-kind recieves treaty and refuses to abandon work on trade rivers. Human-kind sends counter offer for the completion of the rivers.
year 1572 - Dwarf King creates counter proposal for the Elven Kind and sends it.
year 1573 - Elven king reluctantly accepts Dwarven counter proposal. Elven king sends his youngest daughter aged 5 to be wed to the Dwarven kind as his second wife.
year 1574 - Dwarven king establishes new marriage laws following his controversial marriage, Marriage from below the age of 16 is now established in the dwarven kingdom, exception is made for the Brother Dwar-kind.
year 1578 - Dwarven king is murdered after his youngest wife conceives a child. First dwarven Queen Takes rule and cares for her Half-Wife till the child is born.
year 1579 - The Elven Dwarf princess gives birth to a new breed of Elven Dwarf.
year 1585 - Human-kind begin to breed Cross and anthro-kind for extreeme work or sexual conditions regarding their slavery.
year 1586 - human-kind establishes military law to kill any resisting anthro and cross-kind.
year 1588 - Orcs begin to setup Trade between themselves and Dragon-kind
year 1589 - Orcs believe Dragon-kind are gods.
year 1592 - Fairies begin to mass populate forest regions and are re-discovered by civilizations.
year 1600 - Fairies are carefully studied by observation magic. Elves are disgusted to find fairies appearance so young and reproducing regardless.
year 1605 - Present year
A timeline of a parallel world to our own featuring Anthros, Elves, Humans, Orcs and more.

Feel free to use this timeline in RP and other works or stories, it is free to use anywhere for commercial and non-commercial use.
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Humans always seem to hate or enslave anthem kind. :/
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Have you met anyone? like really? humans are repetative and self glorifying d***holes who are even racist among their own kind. racism happens even in fantasy.
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