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Very nice, looks battle-ready for sure.
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If this Doesn't Belong to you Keep Away
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such an amazing work Worship 
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Incredible work with this, what an amazing character!
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(I apologize if this sounds a bit like an unwanted critique... having just read a book on covered-up real-life Amazons, aka Scythians, I'm on the lookout for things like skimpy armor!)
This piece of art is absolutely AMAZING and I wouldn't be able to do anything like this! This totally belongs in a video game... or on a wall.
This angel is a total badass... but I'll be a realist here when it comes to her sexy but very non-protective armor.
She is at an extremely high risk of death or serious injury. A sword could get her right between the... um... coconuts, or perhaps in the stomach or back. She could also be crippled if a sword cut her exposed bottom or thighs. But I do like that her neck is protected... at least the front. She could be beheaded from behind!
You may be wondering at this point, "Well, she has wings... couldn't she just fly out of the way?" Yet so many things could go wrong. She could have broken a wing. She could be in a fight with a flying demon. Who knows?
So when in doubt... cover up.

But other than that, WOW!!!
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Female warriors don't need practical armor; they have boobs of steel!
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Both this, and your other Michael depiction are brilliant works of art that I am happy to fave! Under my comment on the other Michael painting of yours I gave more detailed reasons why I adore these and my own bits of wisdom and knowledge regarding the nature of angels (as to how I know such things, that's my secret. *Wink*)... but in any event, I do rather like how you've chosen in these to portray the feminine sides of these divine beings rather than the more traditional male-oriented aspects. The background in this painting is breathtaking too, a very ethereal heavenly sky-scape with some nicely detailed architecture thrown in to show us that Heaven is an inhabited place rather than some nebulous domain where things just flit around. The notion of a more "civilized" heaven is something I adhere to spiritually, as well, so it is cool to see that sort of a take on the subject. That expression on Michael (actually I should say Michelle's) face is one of pure warrior determination, a look I'd know anywhere. It is a look that says you do not mess with the woman who holds that big golden sword. Love it! Amazing artistry.
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Such FemDomme "action stations", and it allows us to views a "double cleavage"... utterly unique AND breath-taking!
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My favorite by far.delightful!
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another amazing painting :) the wings are terrific, and i reallu like how you've made the sword and her armor! great work :D
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beautiful just beautiful
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I really, really, really love how you did the sword. The metal has that beautiful etching, and the way it changes colour with the light is quite impressive :D
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Your art. I want it on my wall. o_o
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Beautiful work!
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