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This is illustrations draw for one card game《Legend of the Cryptids》.Hope players will like it.
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North911Hobbyist Writer
Really could've done without the foot at the bottom. Still, very good piece.
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CelestialSpaceFishHobbyist Digital Artist
I adore this piece. Any background story to what's happening? Anything else you can say on it? I feel like I want to know more.
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TenshiaraHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I am just wondering, is it posible to make a female version of this one? Because I think your work is awesome ^^
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Wolfspirit1993Hobbyist General Artist
"And before him, he saw the wickedness of mankind. He saw the darkness within their heart, their greed. These who were also the children of the father. Thus he raised his hand and blade, to smite the damned, and all who harbors their darkness."

An amazing image :D Great illustration ^^ Know this may not be a christian thing (And by the elements, I ain't a christian myself) But I couldn't help it and had to write a quote that kept playing in my mind looking at this amazing piece of artwork :D
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Beatiful art work, congratulations!
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RebellingLemmingHobbyist Traditional Artist
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leonneoliveiraHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful *--------*
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SanacoHobbyist General Artist
How could the players not like it? It's awesome!!
This go to my favs right now!! La la la la 
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Beautiful in every way. 
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Wow amazing! I have no words for the epicness that is shown in this gorgeous picture!
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Robin1996ifyHobbyist General Artist
... *mouth gaped on this beauty*

Is he by any chance invented 'male beauty'?
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Wow...gorgeous!!! Love it
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burningrage8-13Hobbyist General Artist
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kot6Hobbyist General Artist
I love the seraphim portrayal of him, but the blood I also love. Beautiful
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Always liked when Lucifer is portrayed as an angel who has fallen and not just a big red demon.
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Fist-of-doomHobbyist Digital Artist
Most people forget that Lucifer is beautiful and make him ugly and demonic. He's a shapeshifter so he CAN look that way, but he was specifically created to be the point of perfection- that includes beauty.
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How do you know he is beautifull?
Some people really make a fool of themselves here.
He in fact, and I am not talking about appearance, is ugly.
Because he resembles the ugly side of our moral values.
It's the reason why we kill, steal and lie.
Romantisizing something that is in fact ugly is called fantasy, or escapism.
Just don't get blinded by it.
Have you ever been hurt by someone with a pretty face?
The moment you do experience something similair, you will not so easily state that the Devil is a 'pretty boy.'
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"And his wings beautiful, strong and great. For as long as his pride is his will, his pride will keep him chained. The winds of his beautiful and great
wings will forge a frigid wind and the ice will be his prison. Only when he abandons his pride and climbs out of the lake, may he return to the light"
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Wow!  That was awesome, where'd you get that from?
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it's not from somewhere. Its just poetic me saying :p

Lucifer was great and beautiful, and he fell down with his pride. His pride would be the prison to keep him down, and once he would abandon this pride, would he return to the heavens. However, as proud as lucifer is, he has never stopped trying to fly out of the lake, thus keeping it frozen since the beginning of time.
A misconception is that the devil and lucifer are the same thing, but lucifer is as much a captive in hell as any other.
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Art-EliProfessional Digital Artist
amazing concept! i love it alot :)
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