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After the rain

Another portrait of practice.
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Bittersilk's avatar
flawless, I especially like the way it seems that she has a slight underbite, it adds to her beauty and makes her that much more charismatic. Hands, pearls, everything, very beautifull
love this one!
alithking's avatar
Beatiful and amazing art work, congratulations!
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Sunniesaurus's avatar
Not many pieces of art do I find myself returning back to it just too look at it, but this is one I have always returned to almost weekly just to look at it and admire, and it's been quite a few months since favoriting it. 
DanielaIvanova's avatar
Beautiful practice! Have my 700th fav :D What you did with the hair is stunning
ChristopherWillmot's avatar
the flesh tones... aah, masterful
utomo-san's avatar
omg those hands /applaud
Satheby's avatar
JennyDoukan's avatar
i love your paiting!
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Phantagrafie's avatar
Your awesome work is featured in my journal! :)
svyre's avatar
Beautiful!! I like the softness in this ^^
Also the shading is very well done!
Babou-Shka's avatar
Very nice and delicate.
asemharun's avatar
awesome work!!
vandalk's avatar
The eyes are kind of big, but this is jus so beautifull!
eitherangel's avatar
How big is this picture? How many pix are you using and whats your secret to make her skin so smooth and soft?! :)
SEINICK's avatar
The skin is paint a way very special. Very nice. Good colors. Scatterin surface.
shebid's avatar
Wow.. this could be a top favourite portrait for me... absolutely beautiful
DJOK3's avatar
There is so much in her expression and the colours make the whole piece so poetic... I love everything in this piece.
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