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Okay! There he is in natural, bright sunny light. Obviously still a wip and his markings are just basic blobs right now (not faded or smoothed at all).  His eyes aren't blank, they just have tape on them to protect them.
This picture is MUCH better then the previous crap one with flash on. Ewww.
Dragon WIP
So here is a tiny update on my current dragon mask project. First off I'm so sorry, I only have my ipod to take photos and this was taken really late at night so I had to use a flash, and flash destroyed this.

The marking aren't as bright as they seem in the photo and they are currently just the basic markings without any work done on them. The teeth aren't white, they are a beige / brown/  yellow with darker brown / yellow around the gum line / tops.

The eyes are blank because there is tape over them to protect them...though I think it looks kinda bad-ass with the blank eyes.

Horns and such don't have their colour yet.

This was originally a pointed nose dragon blank from DVC with heavy sculpting and sanding edits by me.
3 moo moon
More doodles from working at my hotel job. 
Left to right: Protector the pally, Thunder the Monk, and Dragon the Shammy
3 moo-tauren!

Tauren are playable characters in World of Warcraft, a Blizzard game.
Frost Derp
Moon is a special Tauren Death Knight. She never did quite grasp the whole "Frost damage" thing...
PS. That's supposed to be a piece of chicken in the bag >>
Silly doodle done at work one day.

Tauren are a playable race in World of Warcraft, a Blizzard game.
PVP Life
A picture to sum up my reaction when a flag carrier in PVP runs away from me (heals) then gets mad that they died.
"If he dies, he dies" -Ivan Drago
The flag my cow is carrying is the trinket faction flag so I can represent (I'm not the flag carrier. Hell no).

I'll color this in eventually. right now I just have a lot of line art floating around.

Tauren are a playable race in World of Warcraft, a Blizzard game.


Mikael Simpson
United States
I like makin' stuffs.


What an experience! Dragon*Con is SO massive and overwhelming! My wonderful husband help me through each and every exhausting day.
I entered the Friday Night Costume contest which focuses on craftsmanship (there were so many costume contests and I entered the one I thought was right but I think I meant to be in the Masquerade. Turns out I entered the most intense of the costume contests. Oops.)  I did walk away with the Best Novice award. I'm in such shock. The costume I went in was Otachi. She caused me so much pain and frustration. I hated her. She didn't turn out right, I made so many sacrifices, but she did teach me a lot of things I should NEVER do again. Turns out, she was something special. She got me an award at a major convention! My second costume I've ever made and she won! I'm still sitting here looking at the award plaque in disbelief, but at the same time I feel some guilt. The other novices were SO good and they were all so, SO nice to me as I spent 6 hours straight in Otachi and couldn't sit down for any of it. They offered water and if there was anything they could do for me. The group was just SO nice, I've never experienced kindness like that from strangers let alone in a competitive environment.

Having been to Anime Boston (about 25k) and ConnectiCon (about 18k?)  and then to Dragon*Con (about 70K) I can tell you that even though Dragon*Con is SO much bigger, everyone is SO much nicer!  I've experienced some awful people particularly at Anime Boston; People pushing me, hitting my tail or drumming on it, and just general disrespect for myself and my costume.  Even when I was out of costume at Dragon*Con, just you're average joe, people went out of their way to help me (and no, not because of the contest or anything, I was in full costume and my personal features were unknown). I had people part crowds to help me pass through or offer to get me water. Just SO nice!

I'd go again hands down. Dragon*Con was an amazing experience with seas of the friendliest people around!

Here is a youtube video by Branden Hartness. I can be found at 14:36 and 59:11  but if you have time I'd say hunker down at watch the whole thing. The announcers were pretty disorganized but the costumes were beautiful and the people wearing them are amazing and kind.

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what are you going to be this year for animeboston 2015? 
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cool! i look forward to seeing you there. I'll be a bald eagle with a DVC base too c: 
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I'll keep an eye out for you!
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Gonna keep an eye on you for your Otachi work. REALLY coming along. 
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