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Gears of War Raptor Team Logo

This is a logo concept for Gears of War fan fiction. I got the idea from the Gears official forums after they had a contest for the header/footer graphics for their web pages.

I may turn this into a wallpaper set if enough people are interested.

The image is 3000x2000 px The original logo is high res at 3000x3000 px but was downscaled for this image. The background is a faux leather creation.

Update - You can download the wallpaper here: [link]
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Very nice art work.
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Thank you very much.
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very cool ..
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very good work .
I think you got generaly 2 layers( or set of layers) for blades
Back and forth have different style and paintings
İnner honeycomb texture is very good looking
if you tell little bit about how did you did this it will be very helpful.
if you can share style settings that would be even better :)
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Actually, the effects/textures on the blades took about a dozen layers. The back blades are a slightly modified layer set on purpose. Perhaps it may take away from the uniform look of the over metal texture, but I wanted to prevent a monotonous feel to the piece. The final image consisted of over sixty layers, many of which included merged layers, so it would be impossible to get you all the styles I created and used. I will see if I can dig out the original project, as I archived it last year.
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thanks it would be very helpfull
mean while if ı find time I will try to construct somthing like your work just to get close
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Its a very cool logo, exellent, good job
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Thank you! Sorry to respond so late, just saw the message today.
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could I see the original logo?
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Sorry, but I am not sharing the resource by itself. I have already had issues with some jerks on eBay selling this artwork as a huge poster without my permission.
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That sucks and fair enough, I locked up my photobucket account for similar reasons
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Excellent work! :thumbsup:
this is sick please tell me what you used and how to make this i want to make my own.
yo man i love gears of war and when i saw this i was amazed you got to tel me how you made this what did you use photoshop. it's amazing i want to make something like this mind giving me a hand
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Wow, thanks for taking a look at my artwork.

Yes, I did use Photoshop to create the over shape of the logo. I them created many layers using various layer style overlays, as well as homebrewed textures. The leather background came from custom techniques and some stock imagery to enhance the effort. After I had the textures, colors and layout set, I then imported the project into Adobe Lightroom to give it dynamic lighting and other tweaks for better realism. I would venture to say that I spent about 50 hours on the project.
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waow so cool! u happen to have the logo without the leather bg?
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Thanks for the compliment. I'm not sure I want to give away the logo only, as this is a personal creation. May I ask what you intend to do with it?
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I wanted to print it on a shirt for myself (Bigtime GoW Fan), haha) Though I can understand if you don't want to ;'(
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cool as always. :)
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Thanks man. I'm honored.
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