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Enter the Dreamtime Wilderness

By crotafang
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Your dreams represent the true you. They are the visual manifestations of your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, your wishes and beliefs, your fears and hopes.

When you sleep and enter the Dreamtime Wilderness, pay attention to your dreams, the things and people you see in them, and the things that happen in them. When you wake up, think about your dreams objectively and ask yourself what your dreams mean to you.

Fractal made in Apophysis 7X
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ZoeUna's avatar
Oh, Oh, this is gorgeous!
crotafang's avatar
Glad you like this! :D :D
Very *much* like!
crotafang's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like it! And thanks for faving! :D :D
ozplasmic's avatar
This reminds me of the day I lost my bearings!
Now I see the way!
Awesome stuff!
crotafang's avatar
Why, thank you! :bow:
Kibikayuki's avatar
crotafang's avatar
21citrouilles's avatar
A unique design with wondrous colours. :)
crotafang's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like this! The coloring was the hardest part. :D :D
ZombieReaper's avatar
oh this is terrific, especially from the standpoint of someone who loves dreamlike pictures (moi ^^) DD most DEFINITELY deserved my friend, amazing job!!!
crotafang's avatar
Thank you very much! :D :D
ZombieReaper's avatar
very welcome, as always ^^
kathlaidaprincess's avatar
Agreed completely to the artist's comments ;P
And gorgeous picture as well!
Takiouttio's avatar
This is what dreams should look like.
alyksirrom's avatar
This is very calming to look at!
I love how you used the colors!
SimplyNevaeH's avatar
i clicked on this because it was bugging me since i couldn't figure out what the heck it that i'm here i still can't--this is really cool!
and i love dreams ^ ^
BarryChoppa's avatar
Vaguely reminds me of that Quantum Mechanics video on the String Theory...

Very nice, it's strangely pleasing to to the eye and mind.
Sonya-chani's avatar
Wow, this is so beautiful. I've never seen anything like it, and when I look at it, I feel like I'm there.

I love the tranquil background and foreground effects you did.
ForestDanceOfAleKai's avatar
I think this is the most abstract fractal art I've ever seen! The colors are incredible and the whole thing looks like a fantastical stgae. This is an amazing piece!
WeilderofExistance's avatar
4feekssake's avatar
:wow: :woohoo: tropo trip'n, very cooooool =D
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