Rules of submitting art

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Deviation Actions

If you want to submit a deviation to the group's gallery, your deviation must be:
:bulletblue: a cross stitch project of any kind

How do you submit a deviation?
That's quite simple.
:bulletblue: Firstly become a member of the group!
:bulletblue: Secondly, you go to the gallery section and choose the right gallery for your cross stitch art. Then you click the "Submit to this gallery" button and there you can choose between "submitting a new deviation" or "Contribute an excisting deviation".
:bulletblue: Your deviation will be submitted once the administrator approves it is in the right gallery. If it happens to be the case it gets not submitted, you'll get a message stating in which gallery you should submit it to.
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AprilMoonshine's avatar
Curious if you accept cross stitch and needlepoint or just cross stitch. Some of my things are one and some are the other.
tessa1981's avatar
As it's a cross stitch group, I accept only cross stitch ;)
AprilMoonshine's avatar
Alright. I shall file you under selective then :)
canadiankazz's avatar
Hello. Just requesting my own folder. :)
tengokunotenshi's avatar
my own folder too please!! ^.^
Isiscat777's avatar
Hi - I'd like to request my own folder
Cera-Hime's avatar
Can I submit work-in-progress projects, or just the completed ones?
tessa1981's avatar
You can submit work-in-progress projects, in your own folder. I've no troubles with that. I myself am doing that as well ;) :D
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