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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking of "redecorating" the gallery folders. Now everyone has it's own folder, which means I have to add loads of new folders for every new member that arrives. I'm thinking of making subcatergories in which you can place your cross stitch projets. Here are a few I've come up with. If you have more ideas on how to name the gallery folders, please reply to this blog. Help is very much appreciated.

:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: People
:bulletred: Nature
:bulletred: Fantasy
:bulletred: Winnie the Pooh
:bulletred: Patterns
:bulletred: The Famous Ones

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I still don't have a folder. :-(
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My apologies. It's taken care off
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You're welcome
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I think giving every member their own folder is a great idea - that way you can really get an idea of a person's work and style. I was wondering, though, why the two pieces I submitted to Featured haven't made it into my folder yet. I'll be the first to admit I'm not all that savvy about how DeviantArt works, but I just thought I'd ask. The two pieces are called Work Box Ensemble - Closeup and Peacocks in Rose Tree. Thanks so much.
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I think you're supposed to submit to your folder directly, rather than to featured. I might be wrong, though.
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