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Hello members,

After thinking about it for quite some time, I have decided to make more general like folders, instead of giving every member his/her own folder. With the rate this group is growing, it's hard for me to keep up and many new members still have no own folder yet because I have been extremely busy.

The new folders are:
:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: Blackwork
:bulletred: Cartoon-like
:bulletred: Fanart
:bulletred: Fantasy
:bulletred: Holidays and Religion
:bulletred: Nature and Scenery
:bulletred: Other
:bulletred: Patterns and Logos
:bulletred: People
:bulletred: WIP (Work In Progress)

At this moment some members will notice their folder is gone. I've moved your work over to the right folder. Member folders that are still showable, will also be removed after I've finished moving your work.

Submitting is now subjected to vote, so please make sure you submit your work to the right folder, because I will likely deny your work when it's not in the right folder. You are allowed to submit two pieces of work each day at the moment. Feel free to submit to the feature folder, but I'll be more picky to what I put there.

Any suggestions, either for folders or anything else are welcome.

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FireWings26's avatar
I find having both "cartoon-like" and "fanart" confusing. I noticed Pikachu from Pokemon was in "cartoon-like," so I wasn't sure if Pokemon and other "cartoons" should go in there, or if fanart literally means ALL fanart. I would personally keep fanart and maybe make a folder entitled "Simple" for any cartoon-like or small or simple styled cross stitches.
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Sorry it took some time to reply, I had to think of my answer LOL.

I can understand your confusion. With cartoon-like I mean things like simple drawings of bears, people and things like that. Fanart entails all fanart, so that would mean pikachu as well. I guess that one slipped through. It's become a huge group and I simply don't have the time to really go through it all anymore. I'm sorry.
FireWings26's avatar
Thanks for the clarification, and I totally understand with slip-throughs. We're all human! Thanks again.
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Hermioneann, the voting to the categories is simply to determine the right category. I'll try and remember to send a message which tells what I find the right category for the piece. So far I as founder of this group am the only one whom can allow pieces to be added and I'm of the opinion that every piece has been made with lots of effort and therefor is worth of showing.

Quetzal-Zotz, as stated above to Hermioneann, I decide whether or not a piece of work will be added to a category. Most works will be added, if I decide it's not, it's because I think it's the wrong category and I sent a message in which category you are allowed to add your work.

Thanks everyone who reacted to the post. It is good to know that people are making this group 'live'. Like I said before, suggestions are always welcome.
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Great idea, but the album with Blackwork works contain not Blackwork works but Monochrome works, Blackwork is a bit different style. May be it's better to change the name?
tessa1981's avatar
Thanks for the suggestion.
Quetzal-Zotz's avatar
I don't understand this voting thing. Does the community then vote to accept each piece, or is it used to determine what category a piece goes in or what?
canadiankazz's avatar
This is a better idea.
Susiewan's avatar
Great idea! Keep up the good work! :)
Hermioneann's avatar
I do like the idea of the more generalized folder, but the vote, if based on anything more than being in the right folder, bothers me. Should we be banning people from showing off their work just because it might not be "good enough" by some people's standards?
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