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Watercolor Fern
This took entirely too long and was entirely too tedious with the repetitive details, but the end result is pretty satisfying. I was attempting to make a subtle color gradient from darker closer to the stem to lighter toward the tips. I didn't manage to make the fronds very similar, but I'm still getting the hang of controlling my paints and this was good practice.
How is it so cold in april
Description for screen readers:
A 4-panel comic with a human and a cat.
Panel 1: The cat jumps up onto a desk.
Panel 2: A human opens a window for the cat and cold air comes rushing in.
Panel 3: The cat happily sits in the open window while the human shivers and looks put out.
Panel 4: The cat is still happily sitting in the window while the human is now bundled in a blanket. The human asks, "are you done yet?!"
End of description.

A comic portraying something that happened to me this morning. My cat Luna loves to sit in the window, regardless of the weather. She'll come into my room as soon as I've gotten up and come back from the bathroom and she'll shuffle around on my desk until I open the window. The area I live in supposedly is temperate, but it's more like the weather is chosen by roulette wheel from day to day. Today it was cold.

Luna usually sits in the window for just a minute and then leaves, having had her fill of fresh air and chattering at birds. I was sitting in my t-shirt and underwear waiting for her to leave so I could close the window. But today she decided to spend several minutes in the window, so I eventually wrapped up in a blanket and exasperatedly asked her if she was done yet. I thought it was kind of a funny situation and decided to share. :)
Watercolor Night Sky Sketches
Just some watercolor doodles I've done over the past week or so.

The lightning bolt was done with masking fluid, but for all the rest, I used white watercolor for the white parts. I keep hearing back and forth about whether white watercolor is useful or not, so I wanted to try it for myself. I like how it worked with the cloud - it definitely isn't completely white, but it mixed nicely with the background color and I could build it up in some spots to achieve a nice range of tones.

The sketch in the upper right was originally intended to be stars, but I think it ended up looking more like a flurry of snow. I used the tip of my brush for that one, but for the lower right corner, I used a toothbrush and flicked smaller droplets onto the page. I had a bit of a leak happen, where a couple big droplets of white paint fell out of the toothbrush, so I ended up trying to turn the resulting splotch into a sort of galaxy background.

The planet was a straightforward little sketch, just with a bit more purple on the top half of the background and blue on the bottom half, with white watercolor on top for the planet.

The aurora was a challenge to do, because I wanted the background to be fitted up against it without white showing through, so I painted the background first, but that meant doing a lot of lifting to get the brighter values of the aurora. I think I overworked the page a bit. It probably would have been better to just paint the aurora and then paint the background slightly overlapping the edges of it.

That experience led to me wanting to try masking fluid for the next doodle - the lightning bolt - which I think turned out very nicely. I especially love the layering of colors that aren't quite blended, and the fact that I didn't have to worry about painting over the white spots gave me more freedom to play with the background.
Peacock Feather
So I inadvertently shifted style in the middle of painting this, causing a weird clash between the solid shape of the central part of the feather and the wispies around it, but I feel like this was progress, so I'm posting it. I'm getting a lot more comfortable with watercolor now that I'm using better tools and materials. I almost regret the year I spent with cheap brushes and paper. But it's very satisfying to be able to sit and just paint now that I'm not fighting my tools. :)
Ctesiphus Blessiphus
Some Caves of Qud fanart I've been working on for a couple of days.

My sister and I have been co-playing Caves of Qud - that is, we take turns at the keyboard, but the person watching will sometimes suggest a course of action, and we're both cracking jokes and laughing at the ridiculous stuff that happens throughout. We both fell in love with Ctesiphus, the ray cat in Joppa, instantly. But it took us a few hours to discover that you can pet Ctesiphus and doing so causes your character to glow for a short time. We felt blessed by Ctesiphus and started saying "Ctesiphus Blessiphus" whenever we see Ctesiphus. We basically play as a cult of Ctesiphus. :D


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