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..and have a working camera, I likely will not be back here. If this changes, I'll post about it, otherwise, unfollow at will.

It's easy to contact me, if you know where to look.

  • Listening to: holy fool --boondock saints
  • Reading: lethal marriage --nick pron
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set my world on fire
skin and bone
skin and bone
dust, ashes, lust

congealing at the bottom
of my glass.

pained, insane, scream
with me now .
  • Listening to: got the life --KoЯn
  • Reading: close range: wyoming stories —annie proulx
  • Drinking: tap water
[I'm] sitting in a cafe
down in Murder Central

Sweet women in jeans
with hair the color of honey
& soft smiles, cool blue eyes

How to live & get by
with dark knowledge of
the demons permeating the

To sleep at night w/out
a care or fear or worry

Would you give all
for that sweet


  • Listening to: back door man --the doors
  • Watching: the doors, live at the hollywood bowl
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Long time. To be honest, what do you say in a DA journal unless you're referring others to a piece of art or some such? As a non-subscription user, I'm not entirely sure how far I can go with journal customization or even linking up thumbnails to other deviations, therefore I haven't bothered with referrals and lists of art that is mind-blowing.

Go through my favorites or find some of your own. This site has blossomed into something entirely amazing since I first joined (many, many account names and years ago), and if you weed out all of the bad, you can find some decency.

*In no way am I stating snobbery, or that my own work is considered decency. Just sayin' ;]

I've bit the bullet and posted a political-esque piece which I'm sure will either lead to me being flamed, loathed, perhaps reported. . . but what happened to freedom of speech, expression? Saying what is on our minds? Why are others so afraid to do so? You will not be stoned (not in Canadaland, anyway), hanged or otherwise punished and before you point fingers, no I am not an anarchist, rioter, government hater.

Libertine. Look it up, I heard Merriam-Webster is good.

Also: welcome to DART, willow-kat, my love, my muse. <333
  • Listening to: L.A. Woman --The Doors
  • Watching: Entourage, season 2 (don't fucken spoil me)
  • Drinking: Nestle Pure Life water.
Relations. Creation. Incarceration. Determination. Equation. Humiliation. Reincarnation. Situation. Elation. Identification. Retaliation. Education. Inspiration. No substitution. Solution. Conclusion. Let the drummer kick, let the drummer kick that.
  • Reading: drugstore cowboy -alex fogle
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seriously. not much going on (who really cares? yer here for the art! =p) except for the embassy ( ) and the werx ( ) with moe & bill. without my shows (gossip girl - STFU - and spn) i've nothing to do with myself! i've been uninspired in the photography department, which is odd considering i used be taking stacks upon stacks of photos before. perhaps this is a phase everyone goes through? only time will tell, i reckon.

  • Listening to: 'you think you're a man (extended)' -divine
  • Playing: whorecrack, alliance-side
  • Drinking: nestle pure life bottled water
Strep, mono, tonsilitis, whatever the fuck this is, it better get gone soon. Sick of fever-dreams and hallucinations and not being able to swallow or breathe. It's fall! It's beautiful out. I should be taking photos, not laying in bed drowning in my own nose juices.