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EQG New Shadaloo Dolls parody by kaiamurosesei EQG New Shadaloo Dolls parody :iconkaiamurosesei:kaiamurosesei 131 20 Remember who you are by FunnyFany Remember who you are :iconfunnyfany:FunnyFany 115 29 Rika pony by Emerald-Glaceon Rika pony :iconemerald-glaceon:Emerald-Glaceon 44 23 Rainbow Cloud by DrHikari Rainbow Cloud :icondrhikari:DrHikari 17 7 the bearded ponies of (title in picture) by kuren247 the bearded ponies of (title in picture) :iconkuren247:kuren247 50 49 poster parody by kuren247 poster parody :iconkuren247:kuren247 15 23 Charlie Cloplin by kuren247 Charlie Cloplin :iconkuren247:kuren247 78 37 (vectored) Ministry Of Silly Trots by kuren247 (vectored) Ministry Of Silly Trots :iconkuren247:kuren247 37 13 Dreamwanderer Luna by alaskaYU Dreamwanderer Luna :iconalaskayu:alaskaYU 606 71 Maud Pie by alaskaYU Maud Pie :iconalaskayu:alaskaYU 261 24 MLP-MC - Twilight Sparkle as Mike Chilton by worldofcaitlyn MLP-MC - Twilight Sparkle as Mike Chilton :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 23 1 Rainbow Dash as Sonic the hedgehog. by MonotoneInkwell Rainbow Dash as Sonic the hedgehog. :iconmonotoneinkwell:MonotoneInkwell 149 0 Rarity as Spy from Team Fortress 2. by MonotoneInkwell Rarity as Spy from Team Fortress 2. :iconmonotoneinkwell:MonotoneInkwell 103 0 TKoT Comic Short 1 by ReyJJJ TKoT Comic Short 1 :iconreyjjj:ReyJJJ 41 11
Unless there is a specific folder for your crossover.... please submit to the "General" Folder from now on.

Thank you.
Starting October 15th, going to start some Halloween themed contests, and on October 22nd, a Halloween themed Roleplay event! The contests are for artists and writers alike, so hopefully there's something for everypony! There will also be a few prizes given away just for Roleplaying!

There will be contests for:
-Best Halloween themed original character art
-Best Halloween themed single cast character art
-Best Halloween themed group cast character art
-Best Halloween themed story

Here's a link announcing the the events:… . Bronies should be watching the Contest forum and World of Equestria RP forum for when we kick off! Events start at midnight PST on their dates. There are a slew of awesome prizes, so no one will want to miss this! Come on down for the Harvest Spook-tacular!

See you in Canterlot!
Please remember to submit to the correct folder when you are submitting. If what you are submitting does not fit into the current categories then just throw it into the 'General' folder or if you think it deserves it's own folder go ahead and say something.

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A lot of people cross My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with other fandoms. Here's where you can submit all of your crossover pony art!
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On my notifications, I'm seeing crossovers that don't have MLP in it.
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Where would Warhammer 40k fit in here? I see there isn't a folder fir them (heresy!)

Or should I just add mine to the fan fic folder?
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Thank you for accept me!! w00t! 
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Oopsy! Could you move the comic "Benchwarmer" to the "Hand-drawn" section? That was by accident, due to a slow computer! Thanks
Brony-Commentator Featured By Owner May 10, 2015
How's this for an MLP/Mass Effect crossover?

The Normandy:

Twilight Sparkle: Commander Sheppard (FemShep) | Rainbow Dash: Ashley | Comet Tail: Kaiden | Spike: Joker | Fluttershy: Tali | Rarity: EDI | Big Macintosh: Wrex | Flash Sentry: Garrus | Applejack: Miranda | Vinyl Scratch: Jack | Pinkie Pie: Liara | Bulk Biceps: Grunt | Soarin: James | Sunset Shimmers: Samara | Cheese Sandwhich: Mordin | Derpy: Legion | Dr. Hooves: Thane | Braeburn: Jacob | Lyra: Kasumi | Troubleshoes: Zaeed | Zecora: Javik | Bon Bon: Kelly Cahmbers | Nurse Redhead: Dr. Chackwas | Octavia: Samantha Traynor

The Alliance:

Celestia: Anderson | Luna: Hackett | Fancy Pants: Captain Bailey | Hoity Toity: Admiral Mikhailovich | Mayor Mare: Ambassador Udina


Blueblood: Saren | Discord: The Illusive Man | Lord Tirek: Harbinger | King Sombra: Sovereign| Lighting Dust: Kai Leng | Trixy :Aria

That's just my opinion. If you have better ideas, you know what to do. All I ask is this: Please, do not freak out if any of those ideas don't suit you

FacelessSoles Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for requesting my art :D (Big Grin)
Funny-Star-Runner Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah yes, the one part of the fandom that is out to ruin everything we know and love.
Th3Anim8er Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for taking my poster into your group. :)
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Thanks for having my fanfic in your group!
animegx43 Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Does anypony here know of a game series called Boktai?

Because I've been writing a pony fic that crosses over with it.
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