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How to Disappear Completly

Panoptika | 003

TABOO Darlings, brace yourselves! It's your resident curator of delicious deviance, Iris Obscura, back with the third issue of Panoptika. This month, we're delving into the ever-so-spicy realm of "Taboo." Now listen, I've got nothing but love for those raunchy brushstrokes and shots on DeviantArt that make you want to sin before you've had your morning coffee. But this month, I'm serving you some fine synthographic art that tickles your neurons as much as your... you know. Let's get Morgan Freeman-philosophical for a hot second. The works you'll feast your eyes upon are a masterclass in subtlety and sincerity, whispering sweet innuendos that make your imagination do the dirty work. This is what Iris Obscura was founded on - NSFW with narrative, baby! And oh, did I mention? From now on, Panoptika is all about AI-generated synthographic art. 'Cause if you're going to be sinful, do it with the technology of tomorrow. We're pushing this burgeoning genre from mere eye candy to bona
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I am an insignificant being who has tried to exist in a world that is running to ruin.

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So many... Raymond Depardon, Rothko, Pierre Soulages, Francis Bacon, Franz Kline, Antoine D'Agata, Bill Henson, Sally Mann, Josef Koudelka, David Nebreda, Nadav Kander, CBJ....
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Lost Highway, Joker, Shame, Melancholia, Lost in Translation, Virgin Suicide, Eyes Wide Shut, Les ailes du désir...
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Breaking Bad, True Detectives, Mindhunters, Better Call Saul
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Emika, Kode 9, Radiohead, Thom Yorke, Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk, Massive Attack, Portishead, Avishai Cohen Trio, Esbjörn Svensson Trio...
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Les fleurs du mal, Stigma, La possibilité d'une ile, La carte et le territoire, Sérotonine, Lolita, Le désert des tartares, Immediate Familly...
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Michel Houellebecq
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Shadow of the colossus, Silent Hill, Limbo, Super Metroïd, Machinarium, Gris.
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Playstation, iPad, laptop


Mon second livre est maintenant disponible sur le site Blurb :

Front Cover

Here is an argument someone made about how AI Art is an enemy of art itself. is nonetheless obvious that this industry, by invading the territories of art, has become art’s most mortal enemy...

Wait wait wait. I seem to have made a mistake. The quote above is not about AI Art. It is part of something Charles Baudelaire wrote in 1859. And he was writing about... photography.

He writes:

If photography is allowed to supplement art in some of its functions, it will soon have supplanted or corrupted it altogether, thanks to the stupidity of the multitude which is its natural ally.

To translate, Baudelaire means that if photography is allowed to be considered art, then everyone who takes pictures would have to be called an artist. And surely, that can only ever be a bad thing, no? He clarifies this in so many words later in his piece.

But if it (photography) be allowed to encroach upon the domain of the impalpable and the imaginary, upon anything whose value depends solely upon the addition of something of a man’s soul, then it will be so much the worse for us!

Ah! Man's soul. A thing to be fought for and protected for sure! The trouble of course is that before one sets out to protect something, one has to know what that thing is. I don't know about you but I don't know what man's soul is. I don't know anyone who does.

In every technological age, we have had people foreseeing the end of humanity and the destruction of the human spirit. It hasn't happened. The reasons behind this may be many. Perhaps we overestimate the impact of seismic changes. Perhaps we underestimate the human soul's ability to persist despite change. Perhaps we interpret challenges to the status quo as challenges to existence itself. Baudelaire certainly does.

Each day art further diminishes its self-respect by bowing down be­fore external reality; each day the painter becomes more and more given to painting not what he dreams but what he sees. Nevertheless it is a happiness to dream, and it used to be a glory to express what one dreamt. But I ask you! does the painter still know this happiness?

The truth that escapes this particular gatekeeper is that everyone dreams. Everyone escapes reality and yearns to express what they saw during their escape. The way to protect this impulse to escape is not to limit it to those who escape in certain specific ways. The way is to allow more people to experience and express that impulse.

Art is a human concern. Humans make it. Even now, using AI tools, it is humans who are making it. The day humans stop making art is the day humans stop being human. But for all practical purposes, that day seems to be a mythological one. A day never to come unless a passing asteroid wipes out all of us. As long as we feel happy or sad or angry, we will make art. And it doesn't much matter how we choose to do so.

Look at a photograph if you have doubts.

Vijayendra Mohanty

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