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organiC 2.0 for Rainmeter



organiC 2.0 is everything organiC 1.1 isn't; which means:

-Easily customizable


-Easily customizable


-Your Comment:)


-This skin uses RainRGB4 by JSMorley ([link])
Visit JSMorley's dA here [link]

-wallpaper (not in package): [link]


Note: for Rainmeter 2.4 beta (r1578) and up.

To edit size, color, opacity and so on, activate the "options.ini" skin. You can either middleclick the skin with the title "organiC 2", or you can rightclick any skin-->organiC2-->Options.ini.

To edit a skin, middleclick on it. There you can click on various components to turn on/off.
Click on "measure:..." to select a different measure. (A list will pop up to the right).

To edit Applaunchers, middleclick the skin-->"Measure:"-->"AppLaunch", now you can edit the app's name and filepath.

NOTE, don't copy "" marks in the textinput.

If a skin duplicates itself on top of itself, simply rightclick-->deactivate; this can happen if changing between editmode/normalmode too fast.
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so much information put forth in such a fantastic manner, A thousand thank u's for this