PMDUnity Hunters Task 2: Froslass Protection

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Hunter’s Second Task: Guide service

After *convincing* everyone that everything was safe about Regigigas, Walth and Farron woke up early that day, because they read the Iaponose Ambassador would need some scout as she wanted to meet the place better. However some of the other rogue ninjas were at large and might try something against her. This time they were waiting at the door of the building where the Ambassador was living.

“You know… I wonder why the others are harder to trap” said Walth.

“Who knows… maybe they hide better and use other resources…” said Farron.

“I heard this time to make things safer Rowanhardt will come to act as a guide as well. Plus just in case something happens” said Walth.

“He is the butler of Sundance right? Despite being a Pachirisu he seems to have experience in battle…” said Farron.

Then they heard that both Rowanhardt and the Ambassador appeared walking, or floating, towards the exit and wer eintroduced to the Ambassador.

“Iaponese Ambassador… It is a pleasure you came to visit us to the humble town of Andalusst. I hope you do appreciate your stay and enjoy the places we will see with you today” said Walth bowing and so did Farron.

“You two despite, what I heard from Hunters you are actually polite to be honest…” said the Ambassador.

“As you can see we despite our actions, we sure have done our best to catch the renegades ninja Pokemon, but without forgetting about the mannerisms or the Pokemon we protect” said Rowanhardt.

“And to prove what my partners here said, I will allow you to ride me as we visit the places you wish for” said Farron.

“Oh that’s pretty nice of you… well, actually as you can see I can float so, don’t worry about it” said the Ambassador.

“OK… shall we start then?” asked Walth, as he wanted to start as the guide and they all went into the central place first. Walth and Farron explained about how all missions and other tasks are posted in the central plaza and also how nice is to have an access to all important places. Then they went right into one of the exits… to show also some of gardens of berries and the houses that were on them. To one of the stone formations that also lead to one of the dungeons…

“Isn’t dangerous to go into dungeons and stuff?” asked the Ambassador.

“Yeah, it is if not prepared but with training and the correct preparation… they can be pretty rewarding” said Rowanhardt, he then noticed something in one of the stones. Walth approached Rowanhardt wiithouth upsrising any suspicion and then whispered…

“Hum… sir…” said Walth.

“I know…” said Rowanhardt. “Farron, could you please take our Ambassador back into Andalusst and show her some of our famous restaurants and take a break. I need to take care of something along with Walth”

Farron nodded knowing there was something going on. “Here, your highness let’s go” said Farron guiding the Ambassador back to the center of the town. But as they did, a kunai appeared trying to hit the Ambassador but Walth quickly acted and deflected it using a Metal Claw and making sure the ambassador didn’t notice it as they left the area.

“Get out of there, please” said Rowanhardt.

“I guess you must be quite angry with us since we captured your partner” said Walth.

“He was not important to be honest… he was reckless and careless, and actually a hinder to our mission. On the contrary, I am glad you captured him” said the Greninja.

“Guess your target was now the Ambassador…” said Rowanhardt.

“You said it, was… but to be honest fighting you now will be a waste… Farewell for now” said the Greninja. Walth and Rowanhartd didn’t know what that meant but they hurried back to Farron and the Ambassador.

Both Pokemons were now at the plaza of the town apparently safe but with the Greninja following them closer. He was about to launch another attack butsuddenly he noticed Walth and Rowanhardt quickly appeared and were looking at his position with a serious expression. The Greninja thought it was a bad idea to expose himself like that especially that day, and decided tor etire for the day.

“Is everything all right?” asked the Ambassador.

“Yeah… just a little nuisance we had to take care…” said Rowanhardt.

“Now, let’s go and have our meal for today…” said Walth. They all had a peaceful meal and after that everything were smoother than expected, despite the intervention of the greninja. The ambassador was impressed and had a fun day, thus thinking the Hunters’ Guild was actually capable and well-mannered despite the name and the other s apparent reaction.

“Keep doing your good work… and thanks for protecting me from the Greninja” said the Ambassador upon returning home, thus impressing the Pokemons that accompanied there.

“Well that makes a job well done you two… thanks for your help…” said Rowanhardt telling both Walth and Farron to retire.
And the second task done very well... I just can't get enough inspitation for my stories ;_; Xd

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