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I'm not a big fan of stamps here in DA. I don't really use, mostly because I don't have the time. Also there are stamps about anything and nothing and it can get a bit annoying after a while.

Despite that, a couple of years ago (I think) I did a few stamps for a competition of the Europeans group here in DA. I didn't win. I would like to  think that I'm a good loser, but still I can't say that I really liked the one that won. Sometimes here in DA it counts more, how many friends you have, than what you actually do.

Anyway, since then my stamps have proved to be quite popular with random users that are looking for them. They are actually the most popular pieces in my gallery in any way possible! I would like to thank all the people that favour them, collect them, and comment on them for their support, since I can't reply to every one of them! And all that from a guy that doesn't do stamps!

Thank you :)
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Pros and cons of working as a freelancer designer from home....

You can work in you underwear
You can work naked
You can arrange your own working hours - You can sleep all day and work all night
You get to meet people outside
All the comforts of home at the office

People don't take you very seriously when they hear you work from home (do you give an invoice?)
Even when you stop working, you are never away from the office
People call you at all hours no matter what day it is
You can't bring people at the office

I'll try and add more of these as I think of them....comment away!
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A few months ago I decided to upgrade my system. My computer was pretty old (5-6 years) and it was really making it difficult to work. So I decided to pay 1500-2000 euro to get a new pc. I placed my order in a well known online shop in Greece ( It took them about a month to send me, my order because of a mistake in hdd codes by the companies.....I said shit happens, but I was pretty excited about my new computer so I didn't complain. After a few days working with the new pc, one of the external hdd cases that I had just bought started to act up....I've returned to the local point to eshop to return it for service. It took them 10 days(!) to send it to Athens! All in all it took them 3 weeks(!) to send me a new one back. I could walk to Athens, buy a new case and walk back at that time! But I decided not to complain....

Quite soon I started getting some blue screens in my brand new computer (with freshly installed vista). I thought that there was some conflict, but before I had time to investigate, there was this major crash and I couldn't even log in to windows for a couple of hours. When I finally managed to log in, the network card on the motherboard was not working.....I tried different cables and modems/routers and no result. It was clear that the network card died and the blue screens also stopped.

So I got the motherboard (one month old) and the drivers (what else does a technician need?) and went back to the local point of the online shop. I tell them the problem and hand in the mobo. That's it? says the 20year old guy there? I hand him the cd as well. Do you give it to me like that?? he says and I look at him without knowing what he is talking about. The box? and all the rest? he replies. So I reply (I started to get annoyed at that point). Do you expect me to keep the motherboard box after a month that I have it in my computer working???? Why not? he says? Now he might be keeping the boxes of the pizzas he buys for all I care, but I want some space in my house for people to walk in. At that point I was just angry and started to raise my voice. It's not enough that after a month, I bring back a new mobo of 200 euro, with a major problem, you are giving me crap about a box????? He was still looking at me with many question marks over his head!!! Luckily his bossed stepped in and took the mobo. I filled in the papers about the network card and returned home.

After two weeks, Saturday afternoon (shops just closed) I get this call from the technicians in Athens. She says that they are sorry but they can't cover my guarantee because two pins in the cpu are bended. So I reply what cpu??? I've sent it back because of the network card. Yes she replies but the pins are bended and the company doesn't cover the guarantee and in this case we can't do it either. If the pins were bended the computer wouldn't work, I pressed in. Well it probably did, she says, and they should have checked that in the shop when you've returned the mobo, and here it says that you've built the computer yourself.'s not the first system that I've built and I probably know more about computers that she does, and I was already annoyed by the whole thing! So I started shouting! Does it say anywhere that when I handed in the mobo, the pins where bended???? No she replies! Then how the hell do you know that the pins were not bended after I gave up the mobo? In the shop or during the transfer? There is no way to know she replies...You should tell that to the shop! Yeah right, like the local shop is a different thing from you...Are you kidding me I say? What he is going to say? Sorry I broke it? Are you fucking serious??? Sorry but we can't help she replies...That's where I hang up on her while she was still talking.....

So I go to the eshop's website and fill in the complaint form they have with all complaints I have....from day one. At the bottom they had this option: Do you want us to contact you? I pressed "yes". That was about two weeks ago, maybe more....Of course they never contacted me...I had to go to a different computer shop and buy an new mobo for 275 euro.....

In a few  words, FUCK YOU ESHOP.GR.....
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I don't have a computer at the moment....I had to return my brand new motherboard because the NIC is not working....thank tou eshop for your crap products and for taking 3 weeks to check a bloody network card.....

In the meanwhile I'm working from my parent's  house, and from my mother's computer....oh what a joy!
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Only 24 hours in a day.....

I have to work (everybody not just me), pay the bills, go to the supermarket, visit clients, call clients, answer phonecalls and various other things from getting a haircut to cleaning my apartment....When I'm supposed to do all that, when I have to work most of the day just to pay the bills? Oh...I have to sleep sometime, and attend my personal life from time to time so people can still wish me goodmorning....

I also want to do some personal projects...I have three projects in my mind. Two of them for more than 3 years now and I just thought of another one...I also have to take care of my portfolio and other personal projects that need updating....

How the hell do you do it? Any suggestions? I've only managed to finish one personal project and that was a  couple of years ago, when I had some free time...How do you balance things?
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It's been forever since I've properly logged in here....Not time...lot of work, lot of commercial projects, lot of personal issues (bloody women!) lot's of client, not enough money, not enough time!

So...Sorry to all those that have msged and I haven't replied, sorry to all of those that favoured my work and I didn't thank, sorry to all of those that commented in my work and I didn't get back to. Thank you to all of you!

So, my deviant art page is getting in my new To Do list, along with hundred of other projects,pages and things I need to get back to....I've had a recent personal re-awakening, both on a personal and on a creative level. I just home the day has enough hours to help cover everything I want!

I hope to be in here more often and update my work! :)
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About time I've updated the journal....not much to say...Pretty busy mainly with website and stupid clients that one day are in a hurry and then they need about two weeks to turn on their pc to check if they like the design.... I'm also pretty busy with graphic design projects, mainly branding....I'm still broke though!
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I hate most of my clients...And that is a fact....
During my last day in my illustration course, a season illustrator and member of the association of illustrators in England, told us that most of our clients are going to be ignorant and stupid. Don't be afraid of them. They need you, you don't.

I now know that the above is true. Almost a year of professional work (and few as not a professional) and I can say for a fact that most of my clients need be shot on the head so they can spare the world from their complete lack of taste (and of course not spread their ignorance).

At the same time, I'm tired of listening to friends and families saying: "do it the way they want it! You will get paid. That's what matters!" Fuck NO! They work in offices or sell meat. If I need legal advice or meat I will go to them and do what they say. Why the hell should they not do what I say when they come to me? Ok, they have a say, and I take their opinion under consideration. But there is no way I'm going to do every kitsch idea they have in their completely peasant minds. At the end of the day, if I do every fucking monstrosity they want, what am I going to show in my portfolio??? Thank god I have a few clients that are willing to let me be creative.

Having said that, I'm feeling kind of strange. I'm doing more or less what I always wanted. Working freelance. I still have the dream in my mind of working from a creative office they way I want, with great partners in a great environment. A have a few decent clients for someone that has started only a year ago. I also moved to my own small apartment.

On the other side I'm seeing a few things happening that I always wanted to avoid. I don't really experiment in my work. My personal projects are getting fewer and not really creative. I'm getting sucked in the slow boring life of my little island. I'm falling behind and I feel that every time I open a creative magazine and I get amazed by all the work there (that is not mine and I have the feeling is never going to be). I'm getting paid almost nothing and I don't know about competitions or conferences, never mind participating.....

HEEELP SOMEONE! I just don't want to become another small time graphic designer (I'm not a bloody graphic designer) in an island designing business cards for the local butcher!
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It's been a few months since I started working on my own, basically as a freelancer. About four months I think....I can's say I'm disappointed but I also can't say that I'm extremely happy.

I have some work to do, from websites to business cards. Some of them are interesting stuff others are more boring than my socks. The good thing is that most of my clients are happy with my work and always return or send me more people. I only had one unhappy client and he was a jerk and wouldn't know taste if it hit him on the head...repeatedly....with a hammer....anyway....

I'm still working in Corfu, but I have a client in the UK and hoping for more....Why? because the market in Corfu (island in Greece) is not the best in the world....Most people don't have a clue about taste or design, don't know how things work and expect you to pay them for the honour of working for them! But I suppose idiots exist everywhere....

At least I'm working, got some money in my pockets to pay bills but I might have to postpone renting my own house...I don't think I can afford it.
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So I'm becoming a proper professional...In the sense that I'm working professionally now.....Now more being a more doing the national service.....nothing else to do than actually work.....

So I started looking for a job....I thought it would be nice to work for someone else at the beginning so I can get some experience and meet people...I've applied to a dozen of openings in Greece and the UK and sent out dozens of didn't work.

I did go to an interview though....A publishing house in Athens...It was ok....nice offices, nice studio....they actually publish a few decent books etc but that's as far as ti goes....The job was a bit crap....getting photos from statues and things like that and cutting off the background...I mean u have to start from somewhere, but 5 years in university so I can cut out the background of photographs of ancient greek statues? Well maybe if the pay was good enough.....but for 700 euros per month forget alone would be 300 euros minimum....

So I've returned to Corfu and decided to start my own business. Nothing spectacular...I'll be working from home, I don't have to buy anything yet. I just made some new and proper business cards and advertising flyers and that's it...Oh and I've also talked to an accountant and I'll be working legally...proving receipts etc!

And as things started to look strange and uncomfortable, walking into strange territory, I got my first (first professional) commision... It was completely by accident but I have to redesign and remake a quite big (for Corfu's standards) website for a radio station. And the next day an old customer rang and wanted some new work related with the branding I did for him last year. And after that someone else called for a website as well....

hey, I might be able to move out of my parent's house quite soon after all!
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Ok just to write something..I'm bored of the old journal :P

I've finished my national service, I've posted "new" work, I might post some more and I have been somewhat busy with some real paid work, mostly in graphic design and we design....btw working in Corfu sucks!
Ok I'm really trying to do constructive and creative things with my life....I'm trying hard..I'm also on a diet :S

Anyway, just to make a start, I went through my photos to find some good ones. The thing is that everyphoto in that stack, I see it as second grade work...anyway I chose about ten - fifteen of them and then I chose the final five that uploaded...

I want to do some more things in the near future, and I hope to upload them here as well :) it's a month since I joined the navy for my national service...It's been fun, and in about a month things will get even easier for me since I'm going to the naval station in my home town. My creativity and productivity are still near zero though...It seems that an easy national service doesn't help.....I've done some sketches etc but nothing solid or finished....I hope this will change when I get home and have access to my pc....Damn...I need a digital camera as well....anyway....In the following month I will spend in Athens, I  hope to do some more study sketches of human figures.....we will see....
This must be one of the less creative, laziest  and most confused periods of my life, and especially after a short period of creativity and clarity it seed even more pathetic......crap :S