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SBD Start Orb v1.5 - Windows 7



A basic Start orb for Windows 7 that allows the task bar color to show through, allowing for it to be used for any theme.

Looks great with my SBD themes!

Enjoy! :D

---How to change your Windows 7 Start Orb---

1. Turn UAC off or as low as it goes security wise.

2. Take control/Ownership of your Explorer.exe File in C:\Windows\

3. use program called Resource Hacker "Available at" to open and explore Explorer.exe

4. Open Bitmap folder

5. you will need to right click and replace 3 bitmap resources in all. 6801, 6805, 6809

6. right click and select replace resource and goto the folder
you have saved you new start button to and select it then hit replace!

7. now do that for all 3 files "6801,6805,6809" then goto menu bar and save.


a. No need to back up files resource hacker does this automatically for you-you can find the original in the windows folder named: Explorer_original.exe

b. Make sure you have saved this image as a .bmp file jpeg's dont work!

how to take control of explorer.exe file:
1.goto C:\Window\
2.right click Explorer.exe and click Options options click the security tab
4. click the advanced options button
5. inside the advanced menu click the Owner tab
6. inside the owner tab menu click edit and select your user name as the new owner.
7. now back out to the first menu you were in after you first entered the explorer.exe options security menu.
8. now click the edit button and inside this menu click the user name you just made as owner to the program and check all the access rights in the box below and apply.
9. make sure explorer.exe is not marked as read only.
10. complete. you now control explorer.exe.
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Looks beautiful