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:iconcross-the-swirl:cross-the-swirl posted a status
Please help out.
Hello everyone, I really hate to ask people of this.

As some of my mutuals know, I do not have a very good home life. I live with my adoptive mother and father who, in my later years, have turned very verbally abusive and narcissistic towards me.

Recently, it has been getting worse with them. A lot worse. To the point of them stopping me from leaving the house when I'm 18 (which is in 9 months),  going to college, getting a car, getting my drivers license and first, my learner's permit. They have threatened to burn my artwork, give my therapy cat away/throw him outside, break my tablet and other possessions of which I have paid for. I really feel backed against the wall by this point.

I hate asking of people, but if you possibly can, please consider commissioning me for a simple badge or donating to my:
 Ko-Fi (
Paypal (
Patron (… )

It would mean the world to me because once I turn 18, I have to leave. I cannot stay here out of fear of being controlled by them for the rest of my life. They controlled me for a large portion of it already.

Now Kit, you might say, "Why, you can just get a job!"

I do have a few jobs. As of right now I work as a ski instructor, but they take my pay. I know for a fact part of it goes to a savings account, but it is not in my name. I literally get nothing for the hours and hours of work I put in. I literally have nothing to leave on.

I have already started to sell some of my littlest pet shop (I was a big collector, and I still somewhat am, but this takes priority.) The ebay is KitsBitsStudios if you wanna take a look and see if there's anything you, or maybe a younger sibling would like. There should be listings up by tonight.

My dream is to be able to produce art for a living, and to create a youtube channel to make tutorials, and to make people laugh too. I'm currently working on making fursuits, and that's probably what I will be focusing on.

I appreciate every little bit of help I get. Even if it's just a dollar, its something. If you can't buy art from me or donate, the least I ask is to spread this along.

Thank you for reading this absurdly long post.

~Kit Galaxy

(If anyone does decide to donate, I'll do a little sketch of one of your characters. It's not much, but I thought it would be a nice little incentive.)

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