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I was tagged by :iconforestwanderers: and they asked about my OC Goran.

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


Goran Thanos:
Goran redraw by cross-the-swirl

Fact 1: He is from the past, during Satsuma Rebellion in 1877. 
Fact 2: The loss of his wife is what made him build a time machine to go back and safe her from her death.
Fact 3: He was training to be a samurai sense the age of 12 and time traveled at the age of age of 30.
Fact 4: He went forward in time to the year 2077, robots are living with humans.
Fact 5: He owns a old fashioned Ramen restaurant, which is odd for its time. 
Fact 6: He built Juju, Virus and Augustus out of old parts he found. (My three robots. )
Fact 7: He has been living in a whole new timeline for 16 years so far.
Fact 8: He collects old Japanese artifacts in secret.

I'm not sure if I know enough people to tag 8.

Character named: Cynical, Cyn.

Mature Content

Nude Cyn Reff [+Info updated] by Dirtycynner

Character named: Tasty
<da:thumb id="636396420"/>

Character named: Arctic Night
<da:thumb id="597643906"/>

Character named: Carnosona (?)
He gets all poofy when hes happy [gif] by s1nrapt0r

Character named: Blue guy.
BlueGuy ROW ROW by SternNightGuard

Character named: Snow Flash.
SnowFlash Headshot by RoseJule

Character named: Basil (Really like your characters btw. )
Kai and Basil - Holding hands by Shadow-of-Destiny

Character named: Ange
SEVEN DEVILS fancover LIGHT n DARK versions by W-H-E-A-T

Wow that took forever. Hope I get to see some cool stuff.
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January 16, 2017


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