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Gormon reference by cross-the-swirl Gormon reference by cross-the-swirl
Without clothes -

(This is my gore blog oc, he will be used for mostly gore, and will be painted in black and white mostly too. )

I had to make this reference for myself. 
I kept on forgetting what his scars look like and his colors. Super bad of me!

Gormon is my french frog-human-anthro thing?

He does speak french and loves to give people pet names in french.

He LOVES pain. He would cut off his own arms and legs just so he can feel the stringing and throbbing pain for hours.

He cuts himself everyday to get a lil pain high.
He also likes to wear soft baggy clothing.

How did he lose his cheek? DON'T ASK ME.

Anyway, He was cutting into his cheek in his teen years and did not really understand the whole thing of cleaning knives and wounds.
It got infected very badly and ate away at his flesh. He is now disgusted by infection and overly cleans his wounds. Making them larger.

He has a hard time really connecting to people, he wants them to understand a whole new pleasure! Open wounds can be new holes to pleasure. (Creepy. )
When he has a woman, he will keep her locked up in his home for a few months, until she ether dies of blood loss (Of a open wound that can't stop bleeding. ) or she dies from infection. Infection is a lil rare but it can happen!
HistorianOfNukes Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Welp, just from reading the bio I have a feeling that him and my OC Wallace would be good pals. X'D

He looks great! Cool design! :D
cross-the-swirl Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! A lot of people have been liking this dude. I'm really happy!
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