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I have to admit, that I love Thresher...
Ok, not like the other characters but man, the concept that he brings as a king and character, is simply incredible! The story behind him is so complex and interesting that it doesn’t let me hate him, just think he’s a crazy guy for some reasons.
Don't hate me for liking him, i know most people think he is an asshole (in fact he is) but I don't think this is a bad thing, just an interesting concept. 
The drawing is a remake of his cover. Hope you like it. :D

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Very nice art!! He looks so cool and menacing.

I totally get you. I think Thresher is for sure a bad person, but I love him as a character. He's really cool and interesting. Love to see art of this bad man

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He is my second favorite, Sturgeon takes first place ^^

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Oh!! This is super gorgeous!! The lighting is so good and I really love your style!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad youre enjoying him as a character! (:

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Glad you like it ^^ <3

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I agree, this is so cool! Love the lighting

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