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Taking requests :D - Closed

Hey guys! 
I did a pool asking what did you preferred for me to do to thank you all for 300 watchers. 
I will be taking requests until day 1, and then i will do the art ruffle okay?

So, the title says everything, i will do your requests and make them as sketches so they will look like these:………

To participate you just need to be my watcher/ watch me.
I will draw ocs, characters requests or scenes of your histories or rps, but i will only take one request for person.
After day 1 i will post your requests here on DA, the drawings will be yours and you will be free to use it wherever you want.

Thats all.
Let's go! And again, thank you all! 
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Woah! That’s an epic amount! Congrats ^^

Could you draw anybody from the following links? (I can’t decide and would like to see who catches your interest!)

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Could you draw my idol's OC Here?

New OC: Lucenda Loud

Lucenda Loud being hugged...

Lina Loud (Digitalized)

By lina loud and are cuddling as a sisterlyhood bond to another at your style my friend(Since i would love to surprise my beloved idol with these 2 precious characters he cherish much).

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By your idol you mean Javi?

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This is so sweet of you :'0 Also congrats for the 300 watchers! You really deserve them ^^

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Can you do her? Thx!

Evergreen, again

Yo! Thanks for the fav!

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Oh wow you are doing the requests and the raffle? That's so sweet of you 😄

I have two for you, since I wasn't sure if you prefer animals or people

RoE: Trainer Card

Whichever one you're more comfortable with/is easier for you, and if you don't want either of those I have other simpler characters if you'd like c:

Thank you for being so generous

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Can you do my lil boi cosmo? :0

And ty for the chance :3

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Could you possibly draw my main Constantine? I think he'd look amazing in your style!!

34973875 01eV0qCa2eY8uRk (1)
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Can I hold a slot? I’m still working on my sona ;-;

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Sure, you can reply here when its done ^^

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Here she is!

New aurora ref!

Could you draw her with a kawaii hoodie too? Of your choice? And feel free to simplify her design too!

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could it be something like the pink one here, but without the strawberry and zipper


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Can you draw him?

Amber Moon

Thank you (in advance)

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Possibly draw my oc?

Wolfsong, The RiverClan Deputy (yes two tails)

literally do whatever with him lol

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could you do my sona

Fursona number:1 TASHA
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Could I have a drawing of any of my OCs? Multiple, if possible? Refs:

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