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Been a crazy year.
I hope the next one will be half as interesting.

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Ahoy! Time for my yearly update! Apparently.
For whom it may concern, I am currently in exchange program in Prague until January.
Have been here since September. It's beautiful, as if I need to say, and I live right near the river.
School had a slow start, I hope it will change soon and I will actually be doing something.
Some lingual challenges, but my fellow classmates are really nice.
And lastly, beer. So much beer.

The weekend after the next I will go to Pixel (computer graphics and animation conference, in Vienna). Really looking forward to it, it looks great.


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School started. Had to battle an ant infestation, barely slept, got sick, almost broke my glasses, fell behind in homework. Great first week!
Meh. Just need to get through today.

In other news, our RATS fundraiser is two days from ending, check it out if you haven't already. Thanks!
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Hello fellow RATSketeers, if you like the art I've been doing for the RPG - RATS!, about the true masters of the Earth, and\or you like the idea behind it (or in front of it), then you really should visit our fundraising campaign at Indiegogo. It has more cool art by my fellow artist Yan Clayman, it has a cool video I made with cool voice actors and cool music by Peter Merom, it has more cool info about the game by author Uri Kurlianchik. It also has cool perks and stuff for contributors, but really just visiting and maybe spreading the word would be just awesome!

I've been working non-stop for the last couple of weeks putting this fundraiser together, so I have nothing else to say really.
I will upload a bunch of new RATS! art, but also stuff from during the school year, which I neglected to upload so far.

Till next time! Squee!
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Jeez. So my first year at Bezalel's Animation Dept. basically ended.
It's been awesome and hard and awesome (hardsome).
I won't do an elaborate conclusion of the whole thing, I do need to study for one last exam, but it's been truly amazing and I love my classmates and their sick minds.
I wish I could bother submitting shit, and not just update twice a year, but it's been a little hard to catch my breath. I'll try to gather all the good bits from over the year and overload you all with my shit soon.
Hopefully I'll manage it better during next year. If I won't, you're all welcome to ride my ass about it.
Next I would probably want to return to some neglected projects and find a nice job for the summer. And do a hell of a lot of chillin' as it were.

Animatically yours,
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I'm 23 since last last last Wednesday.
All is well with school.
It's cold.

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Okay I'm settled in, moved to Jerusalem officially. And guys... it's unbelievable.
Trampolines. It's got everything!
Where else can you party like Jesus?

Next episode: Pizza!
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Greetings humans and abnormally large insects in trenchcoats (you know who you are).
A bunch of things have happened. Most difficult of which would be my little brother being hospitalized for about 2 months some time ago. He's doing much better now and I'm very proud of him.
Most exciting would be that I got into both places I applied to for school next year (my 1st and 2nd choices), which means I will be studying at the animation department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem next year, and it also means I will be moving to Jerusalem. I'm very proud of myself but also feel immense gratitude to my friends (old and new), my family, and surprisingly kind strangers (with candies) for helping me in this whole long process. I'm pretty much paralyzed from excitement and wild thoughts of bloody carnage and baby animals (weird right? maybe it's something I ate).
Meanwhile I started a proper job at a T-shirts with funny prints store. A genuine working man.
I'm in the middle of a 3D course to grasp the basics of things, so I won't get a shock when I'll have to start studying it academically. Don't expect 3D submissions, I don't expect doing anything I would be particularly proud of in the near future.
What you could expect, hopefully, is me getting back doing RATS! (all the craziness of the last months didn't really allow for much of that).
And also, the local Animation and Comics Festival is coming soon and if I manage to do a comic of respectable number of pages until then I would be really proud of myself. I guess this is kind of a pledge. It will either drive me to do it or make me feel bad in a few months, both are perfectly acceptable.

Mmmmm... That's it? I suppose it is.
i love you


PS -
Mine and Urikson's project 'RATS!' has a new blog. It's in it's infancy but it's going strong
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I'm 22, dawgs.
Thanks everyone for your congratulations, you guys rock.
As this is my day, I grant you all permission to party.
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Okay, my three years have ended, as of today I'm a freaking citizen. I have the right to fuck up to a larger amount without getting penalized by the law.
I can grow my hair and ridiculous child-beard to whatever extant. I can quit a job if I don't like it. I can act like a total maniac and run over a 3 years old. Right? That's legal. They aren't really people.

Yeah anyway, I'm thinking this will sink in a bit later. Maybe tomorrow, when I wake up two days from now.

Had a hard few weeks... kind of exhausted. Not really waiting to deal with real world shit right now. Will probably put that off for a little forever.

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OkAY - couple of weeks till I finish my army service! And I'm on vacation until then.
Had a blast this week at Icon (a sci-fifantasygeek fest). Saw a bunch of movies there, met some peeps, played really funny games.
Scott Pilgrim rocks HARD! It isn't perfect, but it reaches critical, sometimes hazardous, levels of fun. Also I recommend the comic for anyone who enjoys fun.

So what's next?
What does the future hold?
Will I revert to my child-like old self? Will I bloom into a beautiful butterfly? Will I from here on live solely for the moment and consequently get arrested for pyromania?
Well I don't know old chaps. I just don't know. STOP PRESSURING ME.

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It's late.. this is gonna be ranty.

I'm not thrilled about the new dA. Some of the features are nice, but indicate a direction which is away from what attracted me to this site in the first place.
Just a few points:

-The restricting of deviation proportions - I get it. You wanna go all hi-tech, to make dA totally accessible on a mobile phone. Personally, I didn't sign up on here for people to be able to look at my works on their phones, large sized screened as they may be. I signed up to have a gallery that could showcase my works as best it can on a computer screen where, I feel, it can be properly viewed.
It used to be so that the artist could show their work as whatever size they wanted - as big-assed, unproportional, mammoth like, as they wanted them to be - with an option to make available the full size for download while showing an easier to view version.
In short, I don't like my stuff being conformed.

-The gallery link on deviations pages. I think this is a pretty important feature - I know that's the first thing I look for if I like a deviation and I want to see more from the same artist. Also, I would like to know that this is visible and easy to access for people viewing my deviations. In short, I feel it should be part of the "large" buttons that include 'Download', 'Favorite' and so forth.

-The automatic full-view. What was so wrong with this feature that it had to go? It's customizable, so it's only turned on by people wanting to see deviations as the artists intended them to be viewed anyway (and that don't care if it fucks up the mobile phone viewing or what not - there could even be a warning or something). I know the deviation now loads the full image even in the smaller view, making turning on full-view faster, but still, I find it a completely unnecessary stage.

-The "next deviation", "previous deviation" feature. I wish there was an onoff for this, it just isn't always necessary. If there could be two seperate ways to browse the pictures in this site - one that is a feature like the potentially nice Sit-Back, and another that is the traditional way, without needing to fear the left and right arrow keys, or all of the other negative aspects mentioned above.
Edit3: WIN. Much better navigation now.

-Llamas - What. The. Fuck. Seriously.

As a conclusion, if you're using Google Chrome, here are a few Extensions that I find useful as a dA heavey user.
dA Message Notifier…
Deviant Lister…
Deviantart v7 Fullview…
Hover Zoom…
- actually didn't use this one yet, but it looks cool.

-A very tired Stav.

Also, I thought of an idea that could've been cool. What about dual catagories? Meaning one where you select the genre, content etc. and another for technique etc. Maybe another one for Medium such as "comics", "illustration", "conceptual" etc. ...Maybe another one for style such as "anime", "realisim"...? That might be a bit much, but you get the gist. Seperating the different categorical types.

Also - People watching and favving just so you would visit their page, sometimes without anything to show, but just so you would give them a Llama. Looking at the comments on their page you'd see they get a "thank you" every 10 seconds, like they went on a favving rampage.
Favving used to be about being able to showcase art you appreciate on your own page - wasn't it?
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Nope. Didn't get in. Bummer.
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6 months to end of service.
2 weeks to receiving an answer to my application to animation dept., Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem, after an excruciating month of personal processes, working on assignments and general tension.
My lil' bro will apparently serve in the army doing something a little easier than was previously planned.
Uhhmmmm... These are some of the good things I'm currently thinking of. Thought I'd record them for future reference and historical merit.
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I feel like this guy right now…
A bit disappointed, I really thought it was like my turn to be happy :(

I can't believe my lil' bro's in the army... poor bugger's might gonna fix tank cannon barrels for 3 years. Which might be as bad as anything I guess.

I probably couldn't produce less art if I were dead. Which makes me think... has anyone ever thought of jumping from a 100 story building onto a huge canvas? Might make a nice SPLACHT effect I reckon.
Think about the LOGISTICS.
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Hey, I'm 21 today. What the fuck, right?
obviously, I got tired of the old journal entry.

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Just updating for whoever feels sadly unupdated about me and my misadventures.

So... I got drafted about 4 months ago, right?
And to the Military Police no less, the most unwanted of military applications. Synonymous in the minds of the general population with daily reporting hard working soldiers for merely not following dressing codes and with generally being hated and disrespected. While innocently a year and a half previously I said in a military interview that what I probably most want to be is a graphic designer in my military service.
OK so 2 months of military training, of which the specific mind-fucking Military Police trainees have to go through to make them understand the misconceptions about the MP force, the importance of their job, and the other jobs it has to offer other than policing (like investigation, security diagnosing in inter-province passages and commanding military prisoners) and generally try to make them not run away, on top of the regular military mind-fucking, was the hardest part. Also non of the jobs seem fit... either too demanding, too different, too scary, too bumming, too unfulfilling blah blah blah etc. etc.
In short, 2 months of worrying too much whether I'm going to be able to manage in whatever job I'll get for the next 3 years, and be content with it.
Finally I'm promised a seemingly easy and undemanding job as a "ceremonial manager" at the job distributing by the end of the training, but I'm told I'll still be needing to go through the Policing course, or at least some of it.
So another month goes by, in which I have completed the entire Policing course, all-the-while not knowing what the hell is going on with this mysterious promised job no one can tell me anything concrete about, gathering more and more evidence of being an utter sham.
Turns out it was. Until this day I still don't know why I was lied to so straightforwardly.  
In any case, the day they give everyone in my course their positions, they tell me I'm going to serve in the MP commander's base as a graphic designer. In some ape-shit crazy turn of events I've been the only one chosen by the MP force's computer department in interviews it held for a bunch of guys throughout the courses of the MP.
In this job I get to be home almost every evening, while most of the soldiers in the MP spend 11 days in their base and a weekend home, and the base is about an hour from my home.
I was so astounded and relieved for being given this role, I think I was in a complete euphoria for about two weeks.

So now I've had some time in the department, trying not to forget how incredibly lucky I've been to end up where I have. Plus I'm glad to say the people in the department are very nice folks, time goes by fast and the environment is pretty fun most of the time. Not to say the experience I could take with me to future jobs... although I'm suspecting I'm going to get reeeeaaal tired of desk jobs by the end of my service.
The only thing not disturbingly in my comfort zone, I guess, is the constant dealing with people, as part of the job is also to help people with computer problems, mainly on the phone. As little as I know about computers, a lot of the problems are common-sense originated, so I do get to help people from time to time in that department also.
However lucky I try to remind myself I am, I still feel quite envious of people taking their military service to the more challenging end and further away from their comfort zone, experiencing new and different things and still being able to manage by whatever force they happen to drive on. They might ultimately gain more than I by the end of their service.
Anyway, these kind of thoughts fuel depression I largely don't feel I have the right to, so I try to remind myself not to give up on any challenge being presented to me at the least, which is not as "easy" mentally as not being given a choice to.
Never mind...  I have a stupid mind. Stops me from having fun wherever the fuck I end up, the fucker. In any case, I'm a lucky bastard, and that is... fucking great. So yeah!
By the way, I'll probably draw more when I adapt to my daily routines as time passes, and submit stuff even, I hope.

Good night! And God bless your poor soul if you read all that.

I'm going. see ya later

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Okay so... let's update you guys. Let's do this thing, come on!! Yeahhh!!!
Okay, you guys... I have one month from today until I am drafted to the army. I don't know what I will be doing there at this time... but apparently I'm not going to be any kind of fighter.
Okay so... that's it for army news.
Ummm... Oh I have this paper to do for school (although I'm not in school) so I could get the 5 units in philosophy which I partly already did... it's a real big deal, and with only a month left until the draft, it's a really lame situation. But I'm trying to manage... Or you know... supress. Whatever.
In much muchly positive news, I contacted my old drawing teacher from school who in his much coolness agreed to help me improve my art in the little time I have (if I will be in a position that allows spare time, in the army, I hope I could continue working with him).
It's not a lot of time, and I probably won't learn much, but it's better than nothing, and I really have been feeling lame with my art lately, so...
Also, my girlfriend got posted where she wanted to be in the army, and probably will go home daily and noonish, which is really good, I am super glad for her.
Hey and I'm gonna be 19 this weekend, which is... almost inconcievable. I feel like I should still be in fourth grade to match my current mental maturity.
Anyway, buy or draw me stuff, you don't want to look like a total dork after I wind up killing myself in the army, do you? Exactly.
  Well, see you around. Byezorg