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The Missing Sock

By croonstreet
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Daniel Whitaker is doing the laundry one day when he finds that one of his socks is missing. When he searches the dryer, he's thrown into a dark and spooky world full of old missing clothes. He finds his other sock, but not everyone there wants him to leave with it. This is the first animated short film by Austin Hillebrecht and the winner of the New Zealand Prize at the Hamburg Animation Awards in Hamburg Germany.
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Doubleslapped's avatar
This is amazing! Smart story, animations have great movement and the music is just right :) 
HasnulKarami's avatar
This is amazing. I'm going for college soon to learn 3d animation. May I know how long would it take to make an animation this long?
croonstreet's avatar
Thanks a lot! This took me about 5 months of straight work. I was most likely pulling 10 to 12 hour days while doing this. Even more near the end of things. Best of luck in college!
StinkyZoooooooNewell's avatar
this is really scary for socks like me..
Bassy4ever11's avatar
this was amazing you've done an excellent job.
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soniki360's avatar
I remember sometime when I was a kid, I saw a show on TV with a story very similar to this one.... nice animation :)
croonstreet's avatar
Thanks! I wonder what that show was...
soniki360's avatar
omg you replied to me. I know it had the exact same story, but I think it was live action. It was a long time ago, maybe even a dream. weird :meow:
and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you you're a cool artist okay bye.
croonstreet's avatar
Ha ha! Thanks. :)
MabelNoplz's avatar
So thats where my socks go....... hmmmmm.... I wonder..... (goes into the dryer and comes out looking like a fuzzball) nope he must have a magical dryer >:{O
GodFlavoredBagel's avatar
Kid: Yes! Made it out alive! I- wait... where's my... It's... Dang it, red sock...
An-Old-Feathery-hat's avatar
I always wondered what happened with my socks. Well now i know.
crystal-howl's avatar
So THAT'S were my socks go when they magically disappear in the dryer....
stormbullets's avatar
This makes me think of Tim Burton! ^^ Very nice animation! :icongoodjobplz:
R-Rochon's avatar
i-haz-a-doodle-plex's avatar
I love this concept. :D
The animation is really smooth, and the look and feel of it is really quite cool. C: Good work.
III-rEVOLution-III's avatar
this is so professional i love it! :D
TheReverendGates31's avatar
That's so cool. I like the character and inside the dryer. Great job!
Jasiri-lioness's avatar
You know... It's just awesome. It has a Tim Burton feeling to it, being creepy but not 'grown-up only'. And yet it has something unique, personal... Great work!
jsac38's avatar
that was fantastic!! Reminded me of psychonauts!
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