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Name: Ragh-Ne-Rok, Ragh-nehroch, Ragnerock, etc. (The pronounciation is more important, and thus more consistent, than the exact spelling.)

Titles and Aliases: The Gray, Ambiguity, The Balance, Betweener, Mediator, etc.

Goals: To maintain balance between Order and Chaos, and to help Oballa and Koten come to some sort of agreement on a course of action.

Associated Colors: Steel blue, Orange.

Associated Elements: Wind, Smoke, Vapor, and Ice.

Positive Attributes: Caring and intuitive, more prone to considering things rationally than either of her brothers, and usually comes up with the best overall solution.  

Flaws: Often passive and timid, allowing her brothers to go over her head unimpeded and make decisions without her consent, leading to squabbles that later need to be resolved by her.

Common/Preferred Forms: A sentient cloud or whirlwind of smoke/fog, a female humanoid with blue skin clothed in dark clouds or fog, an amorphous and constantly-shifting mass of glowing orange orbs and ethereal tentacles, and a gigantic nebula or galaxy that contains its own interior gravity and atmosphere which sometimes houses one of her other forms.

History: Created by her brothers as a diplomatic go-between for when they disagree (which is often), Ragh-Neh-Rok is the end result after a number of failed attempts. Intuitive and empathetic, she often acts as the Ego to Koten's Id and Oballa's Superego, her goal and purpose being to reconcile The Murk's chaotic and impulsive (yet flexible and decisive) ways with The Order's stern and restrictive (yet safe and logical) ways. Because her two older brothers are hard-headed, they don't always listen to her advice. Sometimes they will actively ignore it if they are unsatisfied with a compromise.

Out of all three Ultimates, Ragh-Neh-Rauc is perhaps the closest to human in terms of morality and viewpoint, as her nature allows her to recognize both the benefits and drawbacks of either randomness or purpose, and she is often focused on finding the outcome that will mutually benefit everyone while causing as little destruction as possible. However, just because she is the closest to humans in terms of how she thinks does not mean that she is actually all that close. Her own morality is shown to be quite alien at times, evidenced in some of the seemingly-evil things she has done (destroying a universal cure for cancer, sending spaceships into asteroid belts, and erasing entire galaxies full of sentient life from existence) in order to maintain what she considers to be an acceptable status quo. Despite this, she is often very amicable and hospitable to the humans and other sub-sentient lifeforms she runs across, taking active measures not to terrify or drive them insane with one of her more unpalatable forms if she feels that she doesn't have to, and will often treat them to good food and drink while telling jokes and sharing tales. Her older brothers often see her as a nuisance and a meddler, but they realize that they would likely be utterly lost without her. Similarly, she considers them stubborn oafs, but realizes that she would likewise be utterly lost without them.

In the few universes where the Ultimates are directly worshipped (either due to residual memories of the Ago corrupting the believers' god-making abilities or due to these abilities and the Ultimates having been discovered), Rag-Ne-Roc is revered and acknowledged as the patron goddess of compromise, wit, equilibrium, growth, wind, fog, coldness, harmony, and/or truth. She accepts offerings of stone-carved idols, mushrooms, and bread baked with yeast. She can be called on to appear by a worshiper or priest who is particularly faithful and devoted (though she does not always answer the call), usually by the devotee or priest standing on one leg and balancing something on their head while chanting for hours on end. It is said that the more things that can be balanced without falling over, the more likely she is to appear. This has so far been unconfirmed.
Another Ultimate bio. 

This one is Ragh-Nerok. The Gray or The Balance. A mediator of sorts between Order and Chaos. Their little sister, if you will. 


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March 14, 2015


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