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I’m a total neckbeard edgelord.

The kinda guy who would be a goth if he wasn’t too lazy to learn how to put on makeup.

The kinda guy who would be a hardcore gamer if he cared about video games.

A hipster within a culture of hipsters, a leftist who gets called a conservative, a hippie slacker with a mean streak as big as his penis is small.

I’m that douchebag atheist that makes atheists not want to associate with atheism.

I tell dead baby jokes and rape jokes as easily as I breathe.

I’m offended by nothing except the stupidity of my fellow man, to which I have grown jaded and numb.

I write asinine pseudo-poetic posts like this online because I think it makes me a philosopher.

I’m a contrarian, a non-conformer, a mocker of opinions, and a total fuckwad. I may also be slightly autistic.

I complain and rant about society, but I’m too lazy to do anything worthwhile about it.

My primary emotions are apathy and rage.

I like to say the word cunt a lot, just because it offends people.

I have a massively unwarranted sense of self-importance while simultaneously reveling in what a disgusting loser I am.

Did I mention how much I like the word cunt, because I seriously love it. You cunts.

I’m part of a culture that is growing, one that is enlightened enough to recognize the bullshit but gleefully uncaring because fuck you.

I mock weebs but I love anime.

I mock counterculture while countering culture.

I really, really love the word cunt.

I’m a champion of equal rights, but feminists fucking hate me.

Probably cause I say cunt so much.

I’m not a hero or a villain. That shit requires me to get off my fat ass and do something.

I’m not a revolutionary, because that requires a dedication that I don’t feel.

What I am is an argument, a living debate machine, and a tester of your personal boundaries. I exist to make you think, to keep you on your toes and remind you not to take yourself or anyone else too seriously. A reminder of the flaws inherent in all of you.

I am neckbeard. Hear me groan.

Pretty self-explanatory, you cunt. 
Slurch Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
lmao!  As you know already, I'm a Christian, (nondenominational) but it's near impossible to offend me.   XD
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May 16, 2017


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