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"That's a good little doggy, ain't he?" -Johnathan

Name: Nehshiiabon

Aliases: The Little King, Doggy, The General, Koten's Afterthought, Ugly Motherfucker, Rage, The Quaking Earth, Priest of The Murk, Sycophant, The Unfavorite, etc.

Species: God.  

Age: 6.7 billion years old.

Sex: Male.  

Gender: Male.

Powers: Super strength and speed, shapeshifting, durability, planetary manipulation (weather control, earthquake generation, gravity alteration, etc.), minor regeneration, teleportation, and Corruption.

Appearance: A bestial humanoid with long hair, claws, curved horns, a tail, and a hideous face.

Personality: Sullen and mercurial, prone to mood swings (typically rage and mania) and violent outbursts. Gravitates towards positions of political power.

Desires/Goals: Aside from serving his father faithfully, very little is known about his motivation.

Interests/Hobbies: Taking control of nations and watching them tear each other apart via Corruption, inflicting pain on those weaker than him.

Weaknesses: Mortal, incapable of completely bending reality or creating things out of thin air, and not very competent.

Dislikes/Berserk Buttons: Pretty much everything, but he especially hates being defied and hearing somebody speak ill about The Murk.

Origin: Nehshiiabon is one of Koten's many children, created via the supernatural augmentation of a mortal (implied to be a resurrected high priest of the Murkite religion from the Ago) using a specially-formulated sample of lap-un-kot (Trans: The Bile of Chaos ) permanently fused with the mortal's soul. Unstable and violent (probably insane long before the conversion occurred), Nehshiiabon is the weakest and perhaps the most incompetent of Koten's children, meaning that he is rarely taken seriously by his contemporaries like Johnathan and the Purple Pervert, despite the catastrophic danger he can pose to mortals.

However, what he lacks in strength or smarts, he makes up for in tenacity and loyalty to The Murk. Nehshiiabon is certainly the most obedient of Koten's children, following his father's orders to the letter and praising his name constantly. This seems to be largely a holdover from his days as a cult leader, or at least extreme gratitude for being made into a God.

Ironically, it is likely because of this fierce loyalty to authority that Koten (the embodiment of chaos and freedom) tends to treat Nehshiiabon with disregard (and occasionally contempt), almost certainly because he sees his son's obedience and controlling tendencies as a disgusting aberration and a hindrance to his "full potential" as a Chaos God. Despite this, Koten will sometimes assign Nehshiiabon to "menial tasks" like supplanting kings and throwing empires into disarray, or killing belief-generated Gods who prove to be too restrictive or intrusive in human affairs.

Nehshiiabon's strongest ability is referred to as Corruption (sometimes alternately called The Light), which is a type of spirit virus that he can inflict on mortals as well as other subsentients like angels and demons. Those infected with Corruption lose their minds to rage and bloodlust, though they can be controlled by Nehshiiabon if he so chooses. The fluids in their body glow white and become superheated, they develop a healing factor against mortal or even light supernatural weaponry (such as silver bullets), and they can spread the plague either via biting or whispering certain words into the ears of their victims. Corruption appears to be a form of parasitic life, as it is unable to infect psychopomps and other death entities (such as Deathdealers or Reapers), and those afflicted with it can be temporarily pacified by having their craniums destroyed or punctured, draining their heads of the glowing fluid. The few who survive Corruption long enough to have the process reversed describe it as "horrifically painful", particularly when the fluid builds up in their brains. Some describe the fluid as whispering to them inside of their minds, compelling them to act out in aggression. These characteristics, combined with Nehshiiabon's origins, lead many to believe that Corruption is a minor-scale altered version of the Substance.
Character bio for the Evil Angelic character Nehshiiabon. Nothing else to say, really. 


Nehshiiabon: (c) :iconcrookedalley: 
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Submitted on
January 11, 2015