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Rogue Trader Conversion WIP by Crooked-Raven Rogue Trader Conversion WIP :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 30 19
An answer to a secret.
I don't really get the point of life. Aren't we all going to die in the end anyway?
Of course we are, and isn't that amazing?
Doesn't that make the time you have so absolutely, wonderfully incredible? The knowledge that your story shall end, and it could happen in a trillion radiantly different ways, yet the tale is told on. When we watch a play, listen to a song or read a book, we don't focus on the fact it shall end. We thrive in the telling, we relish the tale and all of it's sparks and pitfalls. To stop and appreciate the fact that even though our story is rushing past our heads, we can still enjoy it any way we like.
Life isn't short, life is longest thing you'll ever experience. Your individual never-ending story. The point of life isn't to prolong your tale, or to focus on the end at all.
You have to relish the epic of your life, so when it's published and printed you can say that yours is a story worth the telling.
:iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 2
Linearity of Smoke by Crooked-Raven Linearity of Smoke :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 2 2 Pillars of light by Crooked-Raven Pillars of light :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 0
Buy ArterialSpray!
ArterialSpray™ didn't want to kill all of those germs. It just wanted a nice, peaceable solution to the conflict. It wanted to spread democracy and simple capitalist ideals, which would free the germs from the unsubtle tyrants that ruled them.
But those germs left it no fucking choice.
Using it's super-murder-soaker technology and nanoscopic predator-strike drones, ArterialSpray™ is guaranteed to kill 99% of those terrorist germs. No germ is left un-murdered, except for the 1% with enough wealth to ensure ArterialSprays™ continued fossil-fuel investments. Trust ArterialSpray™ to completely eliminate any and all germs in a wide, arbitrary area- except those who understand its concept of bribery of course.
Huh, what did those germs do to us? ArterialSpray™ comes equipped with a built-in moral justification setting. If this is the first time you've sprayed an area in a while, just set the moral justification setting on and it's propaganda machine will do the rest.
:iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 0
Trevor by Crooked-Raven Trevor :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 0 Meow by Crooked-Raven Meow :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 0 Toxicity by Crooked-Raven Toxicity :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 0 The Blue City by Crooked-Raven The Blue City :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 0 Rain Rain go away by Crooked-Raven Rain Rain go away :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 4 Dragon head by Crooked-Raven Dragon head :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 3 Vivid by Crooked-Raven Vivid :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 2
Travellers first step
Jack had no reason to believe he was immortal. He had never died before, so how could he tell?
His older brother used to joke that Jack would outlast him, now it looks like that was a certainty. Immortality. The concept seemed so vast, so expansive. The sight of all those years ahead left him with a sense of vertigo, as if he had looked over the edge of a bottomless cliff.
His senses came back to him.
Sitting in the hospital, under the sterile white of the walls, he thought how his brother would react when he told him. He'd probably laugh, as if it was a joke, yet he'd believe every word. His laugh. There'd be that sense of fondness for his kid brother that neither death nor deathlessness could remove.
Everything was blurred. His vision was tinted red but becoming sharper. The dull noise of screams in the background.
His brother came around the corner, smiling as he did. There was a slight pain to the smile, like someone who had to find something serious funny to cope wit
:iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 0
You must be Kitten me.
:iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 0 2
Cracks start to show by Crooked-Raven Cracks start to show :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 4 Surrounded and on the run by Crooked-Raven Surrounded and on the run :iconcrooked-raven:Crooked-Raven 1 3


Feaux-rion by *Kitsuneko-Xenon gives a sense of childhood dreams broken by reality. The central crack appears to exist within the ficti...


Because journal.

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2012, 7:36 AM

Trying not to make this whole 'one day premium membership' thing go unwasted.

Not exactly succeeding.

Been pretty alright lately - there, personal life update checked off.

Uhhh, haven't been posting anything i've been doing recently on this here DeviantART. Which is a good thing, because i wouldn't want to burn your eyes with it :P

Journal progress
   // 100% //

Well, you heard the progress bar, get out.

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