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January 1, 2014
schizophrenia? by *atlas-ficta
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Literature Text

psychology defines schizophrenia
as an impairing, delusional disorder
borne in the person’s inexorable inability
to tell right from wrong,
hopeless fantasy from harsh reality,
or even suspicion from acceptance

but aspen is a lovely, flexible woman
with names of imperial animal races
that never belonged to them,
with the countless colors of her eyes that
she makes up with named numbers
written in cursive sharpie on her palms

she takes pills that seem to
dampen & take away those charming
things she always says to me;
the voices don’t haunt or tease her,
they’ve always respected the way she
counted with willpower & the way she lived

psychology defines schizophrenia
as a disorder in which one cannot escape
their head long enough to
stop the thoughts of self-destruction,
to halt the onset of war on their
bodies as the asphalt hits their head

but aspen is a star amid the wreckage
when she asks you to hold her
until she can’t hear the bad numbers
crunching her ears into little
poor, frostbitten pieces
& maybe she could fall asleep with her love

she has surmounted the galaxies
& has seemingly swallowed them whole,
stating they tasted like glass & the number 343
written in green like flowers eaten by
butterfly wings until the sunlight bites the dust
& nothing matters anymore (not even the bad numbers)

psychology defines schizophrenia
as a disorder where one cannot care
for themselves, let alone help out
& keep up with others who have a life to live
with the normality of the commonplace
household with such absence of color

but aspen, she knows life like no other;
she holds on like a lion to a broken gazelle’s
bones, & she knows the difference between
the night sky & the dark grass tickling her
flip-flop clad & sock bound feet
as she hums the alphabet to the national anthem

i don’t care what psychology defines
this horrific “schizophrenia” as –
there is no horror in her supposed disorder,
no fear in her diagnosed insanity,
no psychosis in her verdicts, & there is only
splendor in her insights that break set limitations

& are revised in my history, anticlockwise
until i can’t inhale under the vast
beauty of her strung-together decrees
of her discernments that just don’t seem worthy
of this indecent world that dares to define her as
Psychology's take on the disorder of schizophrenia, and then the narrator's. Do you see a flaw with the usage of the word 'diseased' being thrown at that girl? 

Edit 1: OH MY GOSH. 39 favourites?! Gah, you guys make me want to cry. Thank you so much for all the favorites and kind comments! You have made my day!

Edit 2: I AM NOW CRYING. Thank you so much, you all! 53 favourites. Thank you..

Edit 3: A DAILY DEVIATION?! :iconspazattackplz: THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR ALL OF YOU! :iconletmehugyouplz:

Edit 4: I just want to clarify that, for one, I am not promoting or romanticizing mental disorders. I was trying to make light of the disorder rather than just dwelling in its presence in a negative way. I realize that schizophrenia is nothing to romanticize and that's most certainly not part of my intentions. Both myself and my significant other have suffered from mental disorders for most of our lives (and hers matches Aspen's sometimes), therefore, I understand completely what I'm putting out there. 

Lastly, this is NOT psychology's exact, precise definition of schizophrenia, however, parts of these definitions are in the actual definition. This is more or less society's point of view on the disorder as they like to only point out the negatives rather than promoting the fact that there is a way to soften its affects. 

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As in Taoist faith, there is a yin and a yang to schizophrenia. The author clearly understands the yang of schizophrenia, in an intimate way, and is unafraid to present the yin as it reflects. A moving homage to the love of his life. The line about the numbers crunching in the woman's head is a beautifully tragic way of describing the confusion and extreme assault faced by people with schizophrenia when they're overwhelmed by more information than the human mind ordinarily processes on a conscious level. The author shows great promise, and I, for one, would like to see what the author comes up with in the future.
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Je suis personnellement touchée. Un être très proche et cher à mes yeux est atteinte de cette "maladie".
Très belle hommage, merci !

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je suis heureux que vous l'ayez apprécié. je vous remercie.
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I like this. You craft a nice alternative story to the preconceptions people have of mental health. Well done, and congratulations on the DD!
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I understand this so well! Thank you for saying it. I know first hand how scary it can get at times, it is a genetic thing in my family. But it doesn't always have to be scary.
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this is fucking beautiful mannn
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thank you, vladimir putin
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Putin  <- doge = u
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I am late to this party, but my goodness, this is a beautiful piece. You've balanced it beautifully, and encouraged the reader to question the 'received wisdom' on schizophrenia without shoving it down anyone's throat.

It definitely deserved its DD.

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Wow!!!! Loved Aspen!!
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This is beautiful, I come from a family of mental disorders ( i hate the word disorder, makes one feel stupid don't you think) and this truly captures schizophrenia as a whole. People describe people with schizophrenia as crazy and not wanting the see the person under the problem. So all in all, this is a truly beautiful poem. :3
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your welcome :D, I hope my poetry can be as good as yours!!!
crooked-clockwork's avatar
Merci, ah, you flatter me. :aww:
puddlethecat's avatar
Would you please check out my poetry ( started doing it today) and tell me your thoughts/suggestions? I want to get as much input as possible so I can get better :D
puddlethecat's avatar
I do because you deserve it , I try to write a poem about this kind of thing and it fails
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Sure. I'm sure you don't fail. :aww: 
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