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Zombie Cakes

By cronobreaker
So this piece was inspired by a strange situation. I was contacted about one of my designs that had been taken by yattawear dot com (or by a designer supplying to this brand) and while I was there I came across some pretty cool pieces. I had a look around to see if they had taken these pieces in particular [link] & [link] from unsuspecting designers or if it was original piece, but no luck...I'm hoping that if it is the former someone who knows the original artists can please let them know their work has been used by the site. I have the feeling that there may be more than just my piece that has been used unlawfully.
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Cool  and thnx so cute
can I print up a few posters with your design for a zombie festival and sell them if I credit you as the artist?
you can message me at  I can give you the run down. Thanks.
Can i print your designs on t-shirts?? i'll include ur name cronobreaker to every design....please mail me for your permission
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Hi would there be any chance I could buy some images from you to put on a few products would be appreciated if you could contact me at kind regards.
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oh mergod. i vant z0mbiekaek
Prove-Design's avatar
Incredible. Love your style buddy!
MonsterKapas's avatar
haha.... what a cutie
I would like to buy some of your art could u email me
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Hi, just to let you know your design is being sold here on merchandise like mugs:…
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once again T-shirt.... Yes!
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Could I get permission to reprint this on fabric?
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Your color palette is very beautiful, I really enjoy the graphic quality you give to your pieces.
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great, the dessert that eats instead of being eaten!
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Glad I could help! And I have no idea about the other designs, but most of the designs up there are similar, yours stuck out. I hope there aren't any other stolen pieces, but I'm sure there is :/
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