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I got in as one of six finalists in the Slurpee Tee comp, with this entry...I actually thought my Slurpee Bot 3.0 was a stronger piece but they said they were looking for fun and cheeky which this one probably does a lot better...I'm still one happy boy though:)

EDIT: Turns out I won the top prize:) Woo!
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Great work! :L

I got the shirt free with a Slurpee.
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well done man, this is now in the wardrobe of a woman...mine!
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You are amazing. *BOWS*
I have this shirt. I love it to death. :)
All of it is so cute and works well together.
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Cool bananas, glad you're liking the shirt:)
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Oh, I'm loving it to death! :)
OMG dude!!!!
My Brother won this shirt the other day- and i have been drinking slurpees ever since in the hope i can win one!!!!
As soon as i saw it i was "this is rad"- had no idea it was one of your designs- top work!!!
any chance of hooking a sister up?????
I'll just keep Slurpeeing it up- it is Manna of the gods

cheers and congrats for this top design
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Glad you like the print:) They only actually gave me two prints of the tee, if I want another I have to win it too;P
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Cute design, I love it!

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you won this comp didn't you?! i just checked the site and it looks like you did. way to go man! yours was easily the best of the top 6, i'm glad they thought so too.
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Yeah I ended up picking up the top spot:D Pretty happy about it, just wish they chose one of my other designs that I thought were a little stronger than this one, but hey I shouldn't be complaining;P
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wow this looks like markers and highlighters.
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Yeah that was the look I was going for:) Made all just with brushes in Illustrator:)
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i love this! very cute ^___^
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Cool, I find out if I've won the comp on mon:)
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oh awesome, i hope you win! :D
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This made me smile XD
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I work at ikea and we have something quite simular, but I love this kind of work. Keep it up :)
Here is the link to the work from ikea: [link]
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