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Mixed Up.One

I've got a while series of these worked up that I sketched out at about 3am this morning. These are kind of a follow up to a series that I had done a few years ago called "Fuglies"

I've been using a lot of brushes in illustrator but I went back to my old way of doing line work which I feel gives something that you just can't achieve with brushes...
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... reminds me of catdog...
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I agree with what you say about brushes.

love me some Fuglies!
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i like the cactus arm. :P
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fuglies :giggle:
great stuff
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hey dude thats dope!
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These would be cool disassembling toys :D I wanna give the goat a sludge head :D
cronobreaker's avatar
Yeah I tihnk thats where the idea came from orignially, crazy vinyl toys:)

Sludge head?
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
I have no idea where sludge head came from... I really don't. :D
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i love how this is so random
and makes no sense to me
yet i still love it and think
it's awesome ._.
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Yeah it's one of those really late night thoughts that keeps flowing and you have no idea where it's coming from!
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Te quedo muy bien.

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hey this picture is so cool! good job man!
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