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im cooler now i promise 
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N: I'm only a bit through Part 2 of Genius Squad, but while venturing YouTube, this little shot came to me. I need to calm down with my constant writings about rape and child abuse, so I felt that writing this would be more chipper, more lighthearted, and more fun.


This takes place in the first book, when Cadel is at his supposed "birthday party," (Miss Piggott's excuse to just let herself go and have some fun or whatever)

This is the song used in this shot, just so you have a good idea. It's supposedly the hardest song in the world and IMPOSSIBLE to play by only 10 human fingers, so here we go;…


Thaddeus' attention perked curiously to the grand piano in the corner of the room. Cadel, who wasn't necessarily paying attention to his psychiatrist, rather to the cup in his hand, didn't seem to notice Thaddeus wander off. He glanced up, and, noticing that Thaddeus was no longer at his side, glanced around, and found the older man, pulling off his gloves and cracking his knuckles a bit. He ran a few scales, and Cadel stood along side him. 

"Do you play?" Cadel asked. 

Thaddeus leaned back and thrust his face closer to Cadel's with a smug smile. "You decide."

And suddenly, the bass keys of the piano built up into a pleasant, intense introduction. The introduction was followed by decently higher notes, the contrast perky compared to the lower register's intense background. 

The song echoed through the room, and heads turned towards Thaddeus. His full focus remained on the keys and his aching fingers, but from the corner of his eye, he could see Cadel's eyes expanded in awe and total shock, looking almost as shocked as when he was seven and Thaddeus had told him he knew who his father was.

Shouting over the music and with a clearly entertained smile on his face, he told the boy, "I HAD TO TRANSPOSE A BIT. THE REAL ARRANGEMENT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE PLAYED BY MERELY 10 HUMAN FINGERS."

Thaddeus' stiff fingers pounded stiffly onto the keys, and he failed to suppress a chuckle when Cadel dropped his cup and the contents spilt onto the floor, forming a puddle everyone was too awestruck to attend to. Everyone was mostly silent, but few whispered amongst each other. The occasional child would perk up and giggle when Thaddeus' hand moved to the higher notes and slide down the piano in a fall.

The song concluded when he started from the lowest note and, rising up, hit every black key to the top of the piano, and rose from his seat, using his entire body to strike every single key. Clapping and cheering emerged from the audience, and children laughed, having to be pulled away from the piano so they wouldn't throw themselves onto the keys. Cadel still appeared shocked, and his gaze stayed lingering on the piano. 

"Earth to Cadel." Two fingers snapping in front of his face pulled him out of his trance and he frantically knelt down to pick up the cup he had dropped. Cadel stood up straight and looked up at Thaddeus. 

Thaddeus laughed and ruffled Cadel's hair. "If you keep making that face, it's going to get stuck like that."

Cadel rolled his eyes and stepped back, so Thaddeus couldn't touch his head again, and then proceeded to bring up his hand and smooth down his hair.
  • Listening to: vitas
  • Drinking: tea
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