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Jaiden Animations by Cromatic-Arbezora Jaiden Animations :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 0 0 Jealous Soarin by Cromatic-Arbezora Jealous Soarin :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 8 6 Before and After: Never Grow Up by Cromatic-Arbezora Before and After: Never Grow Up :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 2 0 Thinking Of the Past by Cromatic-Arbezora Thinking Of the Past :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 1 0
Scootaloo's Wings
After a long talk about gravity and how it affects pegasi, a question formed in Scootaloo's head. While everypony else was leave, Scootaloo stayed to ask Cheerilee a question.  
"Why can't I fly?" She queered.
"Well," Cheerilee began, not sure how to answer. "Have you noticed the wings on your back?"  Scootaloo facehooved ready to shoot a sarcastic answer at her. "I didn't mean it like that. I'm sure that you have noticed that your wings are very small for your age."
"So?" the filly deadpanned, looking at the objects on her back.
"You seem your wings can't carry you at their current size," Cheerilee explained before walking over to Scootaloo and placing a hoof on her shoulder. "I don't understand why you're upset, though. I thought that you accepted the fact you can't fly yet? And you have fun with your scooter. You will grow into your wings at some point."
"No! W-Why can Bulk Biceps fly, then? His wings don't fit his body!" Scootaloo vented, tears filling her eyes. "Why can'
:iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 0 0
Elysion Doodles by Cromatic-Arbezora Elysion Doodles :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 3 0 Snorlax  by Cromatic-Arbezora Snorlax :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 0 0 Happy Birthday RDcrystalheart! by Cromatic-Arbezora Happy Birthday RDcrystalheart! :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 8 2 Multi Media Mermaid  by Cromatic-Arbezora Multi Media Mermaid :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 2 0 Cottage by Cromatic-Arbezora Cottage :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 1 0 Diddalus Doodles Creepypasta by Cromatic-Arbezora Diddalus Doodles Creepypasta :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 3 4 Perdyx by Cromatic-Arbezora Perdyx :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 0 0 Diddalus Doodles by Cromatic-Arbezora Diddalus Doodles :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 1 3 Lil' Miss Rarity by Cromatic-Arbezora Lil' Miss Rarity :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 8 0 Never Grow Up by Cromatic-Arbezora Never Grow Up :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 0 0 Pinkemena Pie Die by Cromatic-Arbezora Pinkemena Pie Die :iconcromatic-arbezora:Cromatic-Arbezora 1 0


2 : 0 0 by Mikkapi 2 : 0 0 :iconmikkapi:Mikkapi 1,647 108 Polymer clay Yuri by CrazyStalkerLady Polymer clay Yuri :iconcrazystalkerlady:CrazyStalkerLady 453 33 Stay close to me by torakun14 Stay close to me :icontorakun14:torakun14 2,489 296 caught you by littleulvar caught you :iconlittleulvar:littleulvar 5,185 155 We'll be Warm Tonight by yuumei We'll be Warm Tonight :iconyuumei:yuumei 9,336 266 Yurionice by Mieoi Yurionice :iconmieoi:Mieoi 162 29 [YuriOnIce] by ShareeV [YuriOnIce] :iconshareev:ShareeV 76 16 Yurionice by EmilyArtStudios Yurionice :iconemilyartstudios:EmilyArtStudios 97 1 YurionIce by Girutea YurionIce :icongirutea:Girutea 404 25 Clockwork Crow Icon by PinkamenaCheshirePie Clockwork Crow Icon :iconpinkamenacheshirepie:PinkamenaCheshirePie 88 24 Star Vs The Forces of Evil by Zjlin Star Vs The Forces of Evil :iconzjlin:Zjlin 686 27 Birthday gift by Karola2712 Birthday gift :iconkarola2712:Karola2712 251 14 Selfie -Sunset Pie- by uotapo Selfie -Sunset Pie- :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,236 148 Say Ahhhh~ by AyuMichi-me Say Ahhhh~ :iconayumichi-me:AyuMichi-me 403 28



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United States
Hi! My name is Diddalus Doodles! (Despite my DA name..) I am on Deviantart to share my art with others, and I hope to inspire some of the people that pass by. I am a self-taught digital artist, (With some help from da YouTubes) and a mostly self taught traditional artist. (Thankss mommmm xD) I draw a ton of ponies, and anthros. I may occasionally draw other things such as non-pony ocs, characters from the "Percy Jackson" series, Miraculous Ladybug, and a few other fanbases.

My birthday badge

FanFiction writer by BlackRainbow2327 FanFiction Reader Stamp by TheSnowDrifter Fanfiction stamp by writerism I :blank: fanfiction by LizzieXAnime My FiMFiction page:…

On the note of Fanfiction, here's a list of some AMAZING fanfics:
Bride Of Discord, (And sequels) Can be found here:…
Just read all of RDcyrstalheart's fanfics:…
The Midnight Dance:…
A Heated Problem:…
Loyalty Doesn't Always Mean Staying:…
Photo Dash:…
Mirror Blue:…
Theres ALOT more, but these are the most memorable ones :D Heres a link to my FiM favorites list:…

NOTE: NONE OF THESE STORIES/ACCOUNTS ARE MINE. This is me supporting the authors.

Me expressing being a Brony/Pegasister:
:thumb337657215: Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer Keep Calm and brony on stamp by BOBBOBISON Brony Music Stamp by McNikk Proud To Be A Brony Stamp. by furywind Female Brony Stamp by Shiiazu Buck Sleeping Stamp by Sonic-chaos mlp equality stamp 1 by kawaiicunt-stamps MLP:FiM Over Age 10 Stamp by susieboo22 MLP Fluttershy Yay Stamp -Animated- by Stickaroo

Being a a fangirl makes you crazy:
MLP Stamp: Derp Trio by XxoOjunefoxOoxX MLP Stamp: BrainBrainBRAINS by XxoOjunefoxOoxX MLP Stamp: Murdershy by XxoOjunefoxOoxX

:iconinkmage07: :iconnortherious: :iconrainbows-in-reality: :iconrainbowhitter: :iconuotapo: :iconjaidenanimations:

Favorite Books/Series (Theres like, 30 books.. sooo...):
Camp Half Blood Stamp by QueenOfNewYork Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Stamps - Book X Movie by LitaOliveira Percy Jackson Stamp by AnnabethChase01

BEST SHIPS EVA (warning- lots of opinions and SoarinDash ahead):
.SoarinDash. by Mn27 SoarinDash Stamp by DemonKaizoku Soarindash Stamp by Dashiebrony SoarinDash Stamp by ComedianteEmo Soarin x Rainbow Dash Stamp by Pegasister28 SoarinDash stamp by Crazii-Drawing

Miraculous Pairs - Which One Is Your Fav? by endler ladybug x chat noir by yikz Ladrien Stamp by SonicLion92 LadybugxChatNoir Stamp by SailorTrekkie92 Perfect kiss. Ladybug and Chatnoir STAMP by Mistermisterio

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich stamp by KatieRose45 Stamp - CheesePie by leetle-pink-fudge I'll Love You, Regardless... (Includes Speedpaint) by MyLittlePon3Lov3

Fluttercord Support Stamp by Rosethethief Fluttercord Stamp by Roseyicywolf

Others that I like alot:
AppleSpike Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
RariPants -stamp by never-coming-back
Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle Stamp by PrincessCandra

Other Stamps:
freak Stamp by zilla774 Ladybug Fan STAMP by Mistermisterio Dorky Stamp by Trounced WEIRDO by PurpleJadePrincess



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