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The Golden Ratio



This is a magazine spread project, which I had to complete for school...
This is the cover page of my article.

The article is about the Golden Ratio; it starts out with a definition of Fibonacci numbers and lists all the different areas in which we can discover the Golden Ratio, if we take a closer look.

Since the divine proportion has some kind of mysterious feel to it; the background, the stains, the faded handwriting brushes are all used to give the design a feel of mystery plus history:) I worked on all images used throughout the article to create a worn out/faded look.

I have used the golden spiral to imitate page separation. Page 2-3 include info about nature, art and beauty and the spirals on the left/right separate these different topics. But since page 4-5 are about the same topic (architecture), the spirals on the left and right frame the topics/pages like outer borders.
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Good evening!
Great artwork!

Keep up the good work!

Mats in Sweden