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Autumn Fireflies - Farewell Summer


So I just wanna mention that, this is the first ever prompt I've participated in for a species. Ever. I'm a little proud of it? It was rushed due to the deadline but nonetheless I love it-

There's not much of a story behind it! Standing in the middle of the festival in the dark while they watch fireflies, pretty much. I wanted to incorporate the fact that they glowed in darker conditions. I'm not entirely sure if this is considered "autumn enough" but lets just say it's early-

Sorry for the small file size!

The Impim here belongs to p0ckett! I've already deposited it into their toyhouse :]

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"The stars!"


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oh thank you so much!! i didnt expect pocket to be used, this is a really welcome surprise

this looks amazing, i love how you drew him! tysm again :>

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yEEAAA NO PROBLEM! Absolutely loved their design the second i saw em and couldnt resist :D