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he gave me music
He gave me music
sloppily stacked in a dusty box 
stashed in the corner in the basement
he put it on the coffee table with a grunt
and opened it up
and we coughed as the dust escaped into the air
He gave me music
between sheets of stiff paper
smelling of age 
worn out at the corners
"my gerbils probably got into them"
but otherwise in good shape
He gave me music
a staticky sound at first
I held my breath 
and swooned at the baritone 
of a familiar voice
as he figured out the speakers
He gave me music
but one was broken
"snow, cement..."
"and ivory young towers"
"and ivory young towers"
over and over again
He gave me music
six for ten bucks
among hundreds dusty papers
stacked on tables
British invasion, 80s jams
he didn't like them, but he liked me
He gave me music
that waits for me in a cube
speakers unplugged
it works better on the computer
not scratchy or dusty
am I ungrateful?
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 3 0
You and I tried to navigate this polluted blue planet, with no luck.
You jumped out of the box, despite everything,
And eagerly pulled me out with you, despite everything.
My life is lonely; we're not entirely the same.
But I'd trade my lace for your spandex any day of the week
If only you had asked...
I'll try to forgive you for abandoning this polluted blue planet without me.
There's no way you're dead.
You're immortal, don't even try to deny it!
I've wanted off this world since day one.
Sometimes you took me on a tin can of a spaceship,
Where we'd float far above the moon.
I'm afraid to go on my own now,
It's not the same without you.
I believe that after this eternity,
I'll see you on another planet. 
Sometimes I want to cut this eternity short,
To abandon the pain in my back, my ankles, my head, my heart.
To leave this polluted blue planet for what's said to be a better place.
I hear your voice every day,
But I'm insatiable.
It's never enough.
I know you're fr
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 1
The Falling Of A Legend
The whore punched him like a dude, beneath the weeds with Sue
He went home, he just said home
He was free, just like that bluebird
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 1 0
Cognition? by crocodilerocker Cognition? :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Making Faces by crocodilerocker Making Faces :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Rico! by crocodilerocker Rico! :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Sassy Rico by crocodilerocker Sassy Rico :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Golden Light by crocodilerocker Golden Light :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 4 1 Majestic Fireworks by crocodilerocker Majestic Fireworks :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 2 1 Wish I Could Be... by crocodilerocker Wish I Could Be... :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Treasures Untold by crocodilerocker Treasures Untold :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 0 0 Ariel Reading by crocodilerocker Ariel Reading :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 3 0
Stars live forever
Distant in the sky
Coming out at night
Staying inside all day
Hiding behind clouds
When they want to be alone
Until the clouds drift away
They're vulnerable
The stars live amongst each other
And no matter how much you try, you'll never reach them
Protecting each other from intrusion
But there's no running away
There are so many stars!
Some can recognize them all
Some have a few favorites
And some don't like them at all
Do stars ever really die?
They just fade away
Then new ones shine brighter
And it just goes on and on again...
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 2 0
Tell Me Lies
Tell me lies
Schmooze me a bit
Bat your big brown eyes
Behind your thick glasses
Tell me you care
Sugarcoat your pain
I've had my share, you know
You just have to compete, don't you?
Tell me of tragedy
You're hopeless, I know
You're fragile, I know!
But I stopped loving you....sorry.
Liars don't go far
I know that for a fact
I know where you are
You haven't changed a bit.
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 2 0
Tears Of An Elton John Fan
Get back, honky cat
Slow down, Joe, I'm a rock and roll man
Come over and see me, come over and please me
Let us fight our parents out in the street to find who's right and who's wrong
I think it's gonna be a long, long time
You're living your life like a candle in the wind,
and I guess that's why they call it the blues
You are the fox, like it or not
Wait for the fog around this spooky little town to clear
Where it's cold as Christmas in the middle of the year
:iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 2 0
Adventure Is Out There! by crocodilerocker Adventure Is Out There! :iconcrocodilerocker:crocodilerocker 1 0

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i remember so vividly a day 
about around a year or so ago 
when i read a poem 
by a person 
whom i didn't know 
but loved so deeply i couldn't believe. 
it shattered my horizon and footholds on emotion 
and touched me in a way 
and a part of my heart i didn't know could exist. 
it was probably the first time 
i'd experienced such beautiful, hidden tragedy 
(or that was what i took away from it at least) 
by someone(else)'s expansion 
of meaningless unnoticed details into beauty 
and into the closed eyes of reality. 
i knew at the first four lines 
that was it. 
this would be it. 
this would always be it. 
this would be the thing (i feel disrespect 
addressing it as such...). i wondered 
how someone was capable of
shattering my universe with words 
and i wondered if i would ever 
be as beautiful as them. ~<3 
(i was drowning.
i loved someone
:iconfloydpinkpinkerton:FloydPinkPinkerton 13 13
Everybody likes grabing Tony Stark by Mushstone Everybody likes grabing Tony Stark :iconmushstone:Mushstone 616 70
But It's Cute! [Tony Stark x Dyslectic!Reader]
To say that any girl would feel very self-conscious about themselves while dating Tony Stark, was not even an a joke. Even a model, someone who was always on the front page of a magazine or shown on the large screens of Times Square would start doubting if they were even allowed near this genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (as Tony calls himself).
Now imagine, you, a normal girl with a normal job, actually dating this man.
Pfft yeah right, a normal girl like you dating the Iron Man? What could Tony-freaking-Stark see in a girl from a small town, who works at a flower shop, owns a rude cat and doesn't even know the difference between red wine and white win -excluding the colour of course?
Apparently he thought it was adorable and that you must be protected like the sweet and precious cinnamon roll you were.
Alright so yes, you, a normal girl was dating Mr. Stark. The fact they the two of you had even met in the first place was a miracle itself. And to even think that Tony woul
:iconnixdex:nixdex 482 39
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Hullo. I'm Julie. But you can call me Julie. I'm a college student who does a lot of weird stuff sometimes. I like to write, take photos, make jewelry and fangirl over stuff. You can see all of it in my gallery. Enjoy.



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