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when :dance: & :boogie: just aren't enough

yupp, you can guess, I was VERY happy to get the Daily Deviation for [link]

thanks again to and :glomp:

well yeah, like many people who can neither sing nor dance, that fact doesn't stop me from doing it anyway, preferably without an audience, so when I realize someone sees/hears me, it's very embarassing and awkward ...

anyways, this is just a little something to celebrate the DD
hope you have some fun with it as well :D
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Ask-The-Otekki-Crew's avatar
(Haha, poor little emote got embarrassed.)
ExtraMedicationNowXD's avatar
I "daww'd" so much over this, made me so happy. Awesome work. :giggle:
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demondog-ninja's avatar
that's frickin sweet. does it work on DA??
criz's avatar
what do you mean?
demondog-ninja's avatar
like, :boogie: . can you do that with yours??
criz's avatar
I'm afraid not, it's not part of the emoticon legend...
demondog-ninja's avatar
boooo. XD it's so good, it should be.
MermaidUnderSea's avatar

Can I use this for a forum I'm making?
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sure :)

just credit me if possible ...
DarkTail67's avatar
ee! i feel pushed towards favving it! :lmao:
Rock--Angel's avatar
hahathats aaaawesome!
strongguy68's avatar
I'd be embarrased if someone saw me do that! Then again... Anyway, funny! :dance:
AnimatedSuStenida's avatar
Sooo cool :D I really love it ;) It´s cute :flirty:
wolfgoddess-kami's avatar
*does the dance* WHEEE! this is fun. ITS SOOO CUTE!

i get the same way when people see me dancing. cept on DDR but that's a different story. ^^;
kunoichi-kari's avatar
He plays air guitar!! How cool is that?!
Winter-Stardust's avatar
Oh yeh, get down, shake that money maker! Woo! :+fav:
Cookimonster's avatar
This is so cool! I love that happy dance...
reminds me of when i dance...:giggle:
LadyOCloud7's avatar
HAPPY DANCE! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :boogie: :dance::boogie: Gah! They need to make an emote for it now! :w00t:
invaderzebra's avatar
Awww!Tis cute!
LOOKIT HIM GO! All jiggly like!
:+fav: :3
bodom-angel's avatar
this is soooooooo COOOOL
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